March 12th, 2007


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Has anyone here lived or currently lives in The Dresden on E Burnside and 25th Ave?

edit: you can email me, or request that I erase the comment immediatly, as to protect your address from the community of strangers.


Has anybody here ordered from the website
My boyfriend showed me this website for this awesome 42" plasma tv for only $599.
This seems to good to be true.
Could this possibly be a fraud?
Any info will be most appreciated.

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My career needs an enema.

I already have a useless four year degree and nine years experience with various manufacturing, civil and survey\mapping CAD jobs, but going back to school looks like a good option right now.  As I'm gainfully employed in a soul sucking craptastic cube job for the man, night school will work best. 

There are some classes at ITT tech that look like they might be beneficial to the kind of shift I'm working towards (green building, woo!), but I'm leary of them as an institution.  Have any of you ever gone for an interview with this school on your resume?  Did the employers scoff or is ITT tech a credible school?  Might I get better results from say... PCC or something?  Which schools do local employers seem to prefer?

Thank you, damn portlanders, for your opinions and snark.
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I want to commit to buying a motorcycle within the next year, but I thought it might be good to get some opinions about owning a motorcycle in Portland. What are the pros and cons of using one as your main form of transportation, other than the obvious? Have any of you done the Team Oregon motorcycle training course?
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Gamestorm 9

The Gamestorm gaming convention is going to be held at the Portland Airport Sheraton Hotel on the last weekend of this month (March 29 through April 1). I’m going to be there to run and play games as well as participate on a panel on indie RPGs. I haven’t seen much in the way of exposure about the event, so I’m thinking that by posting on damnportlanders, some of my fellow local gamers might learn about it and join in on the fun :).

Gamestorm has a web site that gives you all of the information at It costs $30 for a pass for the whole weekend.

I think it’ll be lots of fun, whether you’re into board games, minis, LARPS, or tabletop RPGs. I’ll be running demos of Beast Hunters, the Roleplaying Challenge Game of Blood, Tattoos and the Hunt. You can freely join in without having to reserve a spot in advance.

Several other local game designers will be there as well, including the folks from Atarashi Games with their notorious game about psychic Japanese schoolgirls, Panty Explosion.

Hope to see you there!

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I got this from KATU's website:

Starting Monday night, the Broadway Bridge will be closed to vehicles three nights in a row for the filming of a Hollywood movie. The bridge will still be open to bicyclists and pedestrians.

Any idea which one? Inquiring minds...

Keeping Portland Weird

From those who bring you Santacon yearly comes another annual event:

Beware the
Brides of March!!!

Read that one again, if you don't get it the first time. We don't care if you're George Clooney.

If you aren't in a white wedding dress, you aren't coming with us.

Grooms are fair game for any heinous acts of random violence. Yes. It IS your fault, mofo. Everything.
So men, time to find a wedding gown to wear!

Show up in your finest white wedding dress to
Pioneer Square at 6pm on Friday, March 16th

You will be married to one of Portland's finest landmarks. Much crying and pomp and ceremony. Then time to kiss the brIde(s). And then the best part—the reception!

Repeat ad nauseum. The last reception will feature a lovely Bride-Off, where the winning Bride will be crowned Bride of the Year!

(Underwear and garters optional)

This is a bar crawl, 21+ obviously.
House - Coffee Love
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Food question... Roti w/ Curry Beef?

My mom, when she was little, travel a lot and one of the places she went was to Trinidad and Tobago. At the time there was a lot of people from India and thus was introduced to Roti. Inside it had beef and potatoes with curry sauce.

Now I'm trying to make my mom's dream come true to once again eat Roti and I could not find anything. Obviously I searched on-line (I'm searchus googleus Impareus) and found out that Roti is the bread and that what goes inside could be pretty much anything.

Any one of you have found a good place in Portland / Vancouver where I could find Roti with curry beef???

...that would explain why I've been chasing chickens with a glazed look in my eyes!


So, my Dr. calls and says my iron levels are extremely low and he wants me to take an iron supplement of 325mg a day and to get it from any nutritional store. (thera-sulfate)

I called the Vitamin Shoppe (where a friend works...hello discount!) *smile*

I'm told 325 is a lethal dose??? and can only get that through a prescription. Called back the Dr. and he said not so... *ack*

So, anyway... at square one... and was wondering if any of you take iron supplements around that level and know where I might find it in liquid form?

Help me save the poor chickens!

THanks so much! *smiles*
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Sliding Scale Doggie Doctor?

Okay, I've seen many great recommendations come from everyone, and now I need one.  After a trip to the vet for a routine dental cleaning, my poor pooch seems to have developed a nasty case of kennel cough.  This is the second time he seems to have picked it up from Rock Creek Veterinary off 185th, so I'm not planning on taking him back.

However, I do need to find someplace to take him.  After the $250 I spent on the cleaning, I've barely got enough for kibble, let alone another vet visit. Can anyone suggest an inexpensive or sliding scale doggie doc that might be able to book an appointment over the next day or two? I'm on the west side, but I'll pack him up anywhere in the greater metro area to get him to quality care that doesn't put me over my credit limit...
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so here's the deal

apparently i can only be funny when i'm not trying- the last video i posted bombed harder then ishtar at the imax, so i can only conclude that what you all really want is drunk dale....

and i'm here to please

thank you, drive through.