March 11th, 2007

Top Gear Fans??

Any fans of Top Gear on here?

I am looking to maybe form a support group. I have been receiving the full 1 hour episodes from BBC2 for some time now... but it'd be nice to maybe get together a viewing group when new ones come available - and pick a local establishment to view.

The Stig:

some say he eats the brains of homeless frenchmen who lay drunk in our streets... we just call him "the stig"
Shane *Drool*


So my IE 7 [I love my Mozilla] froze everytime I tried to download the DST 2007 patch from Microsoft, and yet it just switched over from 2:00 to 3:00 without a problem. Must we always have some LoveBug/Y2K scare?

Digi Cameras.


Just an FYI if you're looking for a decently priced digital camera, at my work we've a lot of good 6 megapixel cameras on clearence right now. In particular, the Nikon S9 ($211.87) with a case, an Olympus 710 (7mp - $199.97), and if you're extra nice to me, I'll show you our hidden Sony WC-70, which is extra cheap.

Target Beaverton, Hwy 10 and 107th.

Also, this is not a self promo, as I dont make commission and I dont really like the Corporation as a whole, but just thought this might help a few people if you're on a budget want want a pretty decent digital camera.

(x-posted in my own journal, for mah friends, too)
seattle for sale

(no subject)

So, according to the NPR site, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! is coming to Portland on June 28th. Has anyone heard anything about getting tickets or where they will be taping?

Or am I the only one that listens to that show?
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Let's moon 'em!

Where do I get....?

Crystal-clear 9-pocket storage pages? Y'know, those thingies that you can put your baseball/sport cards in and see both the back and front - all put in a 3-ring binder? Convenient for transport to swaps and the like? (these, if I've made no sense)

The hubby seems to think I can get them at a comic book store or a crafts store - but I've not seen anything anywhere and I'm a bit lost.

Anything open on Sunday?

Thank you O' Wise DamnPortlanders!!!
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(no subject)

Hello all! I am wondering if anybody knows of a dance studio in SE that has reasonable rates for individual instruction, ballroom and swing. Been taking lessons at an upscale studio that is costing me an arm and a leg. The lessons are great, but I'm wondering if there is someplace more comfortable and less painful on the expenses. . .

found dog

I found a dog running around in traffic near SE 49th and Woodstock (near the public library.)

click here for craigslist post with pictures and contact info

Some kind of medium-sized lab mix, yellow with a black face, female, youngish. No ID tags. I put up posters at two pet stores and posted online on craigslist and the dove lewis website. If no one calls I'll take her to the vet first thing tomorrow to look for a chip.
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Mid-Month Meetup!

Presumably because y'all have plans on St. Patty's day, Mid-Month Meetup will take place Friday, March 16th at McMenamins Tavern & Pool, starting at 7pm. So feel free to pop in and say hi sometime that evening. And since it's not St. Patrick's Day, you don't have to wear green!

Though I may try and connive some cupcakes or cookies or something along those lines, because I'm me and I like to have an excuse to buy cupcakes.

So, here is the meetup FAQ; note that the information in this post overrides anything in the FAQ. I'll post reminders on Thursday and Friday, so hope to see y'all there!

...Well, not ALL y'all. I think that would cause McMenamins some difficulty. o_o

apm portland?

Has anyone ever rented from American Property Management? They have several apartments throughout Portland. They seem to be reasonably priced and are in great areas of town.

I plan on checking some out later this week, but are they too good to be true? Are they old and beaten up inside and molding? I just imagine bad things for some reason.

Any insight would be great.

There is nothing to worry about!

Every summer the most powerful men of the Western Hemisphere (girls aren't allowed because apparently they're "icky") gather together in Northern, California to worship a giant owl, attend a mock human sacrifice and run around naked in the woods! The fate of the western world is in good hands folks!
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pizza, pizza

'kay. So I already knew that Hammy's was awesome delivery pizza, but they really did me right this evening! Ordered a 16 inch and when it arrived the delivery girl told me the part of the pizza flipped in the oven so they remade it and wanted to know if I wanted both! So now I've got pizza for lunch for the rest of the week. Yumm!
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Car buying done RIGHT!

Hi Damnportlanders!

I know we see a LOT of "Where do you suggest I go buy a new car?" posts.. and I have the ANSWER!

I went today to Dick Hannah Volkswagen in Vancouver, and I have never been treated so well. It was COMPLETELY hassle free, pain free and relaxed. They didn't try to hassle me AT ALL. The person to go see is Melissa. I LOVED having a girl sell me a car. It completely changed the car buying process. I have seriously dreaded the fact I had to buy a new car for MONTHS, but I had to go, and I am so glad I did.

No, I am not associated with Dick Hannah, nor Melissa. I was just thoroughly happy with my experience and wanted to pass it on. I know good car buying experiences are very few and far between!


Club DJ's - Identify this track...

Hey - I have a song I need identified. I used to play it a TON on my DJ nights (off a white-label)... knowing FULL WELL who made it - and now it seems I forgot the artist.

Here is a quick sample:

(Just repeat that for like 30 measures and throw in a female vocal once in a while on the breakdown - kind of speaking filtered and motononous / electroclashy) That sample came from a video on the interweb... it is the main rift - so that actually is the basis of the track.

It was / is REALLY POPULAR (at least in midwest clubs), and I know I actually own like 3 copies of the final production label on vinyl!! I can even picture the damn jacket and label colors. Problem is --- I CAN'T REMEMBER THE ARTIST / NAME because I am apparently becoming senile.

Could I look through my records? NO - All my records are still in storage so I can't rummage through them.

This should be really easy to figure out. In fact I think Bad Boy Bill and Alex peace did a remix of it about 2-3 years ago.