March 10th, 2007

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So I'm in love with a picture. It might be impossible to find the photo itself online but I figured I'd try anyway. The problem is I've no idea what store in Pioneer Mall had this shot. It was around November/December. Does anyone recognize what this might be from? (A friend took the picture for me.)

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It'd be great if someone knew. I adore that picture. +_+
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My friend and I are looking for a last-minute vacation idea for spring break (last week in March). Initially we were planning on staying in hostels in Canada, but we might have some problems with proof of citizenship (can you use a copy of your birth certificate?) If we don't go to Canada, where might we go? Somewhere with cheap, fun activities within a reasonable drive (CA is an option if there's something awesome) and we'd need cheap lodging. Hostels, yurts, camping, sleezy motels? I don't know! You tell me.
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Daylight Saving Time

As there has already been a post about the impending doom.... I mean... an early Daylight Saving Time this year, thought I'd thow out some important Technical assistance to all you happy Microsoft Outlook users.

For starters, to patch windows to automatically update, download and install KB931836. If you have Automatic updates turned on, this is likely already installed and you can check by going to Add/Remove programs under your controll panel, checking the "Show Updates" button at the top and looking for KB931836 down twoards the bottom of your list.

Now, the important part that most people seem not to know about. If you have the patch for windows installed, you will probably notice all of the apointments in your calendar and any times/dates in Outlook are off by an hour for the next three weeks! The way to fix this is by running an update provided by Microsoft. Provided Here
This update will fix the appropriate time zone data in Outlook so your calendar apointments and associated dates/times are not all screwed up. For any IT folks out there, there is a program available from Microsoft to apply this to an entire exchange server, just go look on techet for tzmove.exe.

Hope that helps at least someone out there.


If you have some extra time...Can somebody reading this locate some non performance high res Wilco shots. Like promotional shots of the current line up. I'm a little discouraged. Seems they don't go the photo route often...away from performance...

I need to illustrate them for American Songwriter Magazine...thanks in advance.

I could probably get you the MP3's of the new CD in exchange.


outsiderpny is my AIM name
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Crushed Earth


The portland streetcar's website doesn't seem to be working.  (   Instead I get a website for "Apache."  Does anyone know what's up with that? 

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anything going on tonight that a bored, not single but who will unfortunately be all alone, nineteen year old female can do in the clackamas/downtown/hawthorne/se portland area?
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Resume question

I figure somebody in Portland must be an expert on this...

I'm updating my resume and trying to figure out my current job position. I work at a small business. A small business with about five employees. We are a catering company, a cooking school, a Viking Appliance dealer, and a kitchen supply store (think mini Williams-Sonoma for the store part). I completely oversee the following:

- Accounts Payable
- Accounts Receivable
- Inventory
- Bookkeeping
- Shipping/Receiving (Ordering)
- Registry and other Client info
- Filing, data entry, all that good stuff.

I am currently transitioning all of this to Quickbooks, which I just convinced the owners to buy.

My duties also include:

- Scheduling
- Answering and Screening E-mails and Phone Calls
- Retail Sales
- Merchandising
- Shop Maint. (changing lightbulbs, dusting, that sort of thing. Nothing too heavy duty)
- Setting tables, doing dishes, arranging flowers, and all sorts of misc. things that the Chefs need done. what does that translate to in a resume? How can I condense the description of my duties? Obviously I can tweak it for the specific job I'm applying for, but I'm confused as to what I'd name my position as.


you: guy who runs the "brew bus"

me: patron of way too many breweries, and veteran of barfly buses

so - you show up to breweries with 30+ people, unannounced, so they can't even think about preparing, then you leave $4 on over $100 tab.

do you really think this is a good thing for oregon breweries? take a hint from the barfly bus, call first, let your patrons leave a tip. don't stiff the bar staff. don't be an ass.

Please explain the Chaos theory again....

How is it that when unexpected or stressful events happen, they always seem to happen all at once or in cluster-fucks?? This is *my life* when, others I know rarely have chaos visit their door steps.

While these aren't 'huge' events (because I've had over my share of those), they still cause quite the rift in my world at the moment.

... and stress ensues! *smile*
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"What do you want from me?"

PDX Pop Now! wants to know about your favorite local bands! (and needs volunteers!)

Want to be a part of PDX Pop Now! and help us put on this town’s premier DIY music festival? You’ll have your chance when we hold the year’s first volunteer meeting on Tuesday, March 13. Our volunteer coordinator and several board members will be on hand to talk about opportunities available in booking, staging, sponsorship, hospitality, promotions,and other areas of the PDX Pop organization.

PDX Pop Now! Volunteer Meeting
Tuesday, March 13
7 p.m.
Tiny’s Coffee – Hawthorne
1412 SE 12th Avenue

If you have any questions or can’t make this meeting but are still interested in getting involved, drop our volunteer coordinator a line.

Thanks, and we hope to see you at Tiny’s!


Also, we’ve started taking requests for this year’s festival. Got a great band that not enough people know about? Itching to see your favorite act at this year’s fest? Let us know! Don't let the "pop" in the title be misleading--here, it means populist, of the people, and we want to hear about all kinds of Portland music, whether it be metal, hip hop, electronic, noise, classical, or even pop itself.

to learn more about PDX Pop Now! go here.
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Okay, this is very weird especially seeing the premise of this movie, but...I've seen this movie before.  At least several months ago.  I keep seeing previews about it being a new movie and it's driving me crazy because I specifically remember watching it, but I can't remember where.  I've googled it to see if it was maybe released earlier in another country (I've done a lot of traveling this last year).  What is happening?