March 9th, 2007


university of portland

the university of portland community hasn't seemed to have seen any action since October, so I bring my question here too:

anyone here go to, gone to, or know about the Psychology, Social Work, and Nursing programs at U of P? my initial interest being a good social work program (they have a BA program and an MA! I've only heard bad about PSU's MA), but I also have interest in the areas of Nursing and Psychology. I want any personal opinions I can get on the programs before I work on the huge haul it would be to try and get in.



Oct 2010

Hornings Hideout

I got this email about Hornings Hideout this morning. I figured that there must be some damnportlanders interested in supporting this, so here ya go:

Hi everybody, Bob Horning here. Well the date has finally arrived for our land use hearing for permanent concert venue status. With talking to the county they are so far going to recommend approval to the hearings officer. The date for all of this is March 22nd at 10 AM. It will be held in the auditorium at the Washington County Building located at 155 N 1st Ave in Hillsboro Oregon. The reason I'm sending out this email is to see if we can get some people there as a show of support. Please remember that if you come that this is a hearing with a land use judge, so we all have to be respectful of him and the process. If we can have a good, respectful show of support it should help the judge show that this is a good thing for the community. For those who would like to comment there will be a chance for public comment, or just submit written testimony, again if you wish. A nice show of support is the main thing. Once the hearing is over they will make their final decision a few weeks afterwards. I appreciate all the support we've received here and hopeful if this all goes well we'll be up and running back to normal again very soon. Thanks! Bob Horning

Feel free to spread the word if you would like.


Has anybody here used an in-town moving service? We live in a 2 bedroom apartment and are moving a total distance of 5 miles. We would do it ourselves but our closing date on our house is the same day our lease is up, which is on a Monday. Nobody will be able to help us until the weekend, and at that point pro-rating rent would probably be more expensive than hiring movers.

If you wouldn't mind including what you paid, and the pros and cons of the particular company I would really appreciate it!


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Last Reminder for Blasphemy Ball on Saturday, March 10th!

We're The WWeek's "IT LIST" Pick for this Saturday!


Toast your toes at Dante's inferno - SW 3rd & Burnside, Portland
Dress yourself in perversion of faith!
$8 with costume, $10 without!
Doors at 9pm

Featuring not-for-the-faint-of-heart performances from PURE Cirkus (seattle's famous Modern Cirkus -, the stunning Domina Betka Schpitz ( and her wicked lovelies staffing the confessional, and DJ's Horrid, ChaotiQueer and Sine Qua Non.

The Blasphemy Ball is big EFF YOU to zealoutry, bigotry and oppression. One big night of heresy and hedonism. One night of focused, therapeutic rebellion. Nothing is sacred at the Blasphemy Ball. Shake your fist at whatever you believe. Shake your fist at whatever you don't. We're shaking ours and we want you with us.

- This event is 21+

$1000 Part 2

I picked up the quarters today @ noon,
I got a lot of instreing looks as I left the building, the bank was nice o unuff to bring them out to my car for me on a hand truck, was not as cool as i thought. they are 2 brown boxis
10.5" x 3.25" x 5.25" at ~ 25 lbs. per box
with the words "$500. QUARTERS"
I will post photos when I get home from work.

I opened on of the boxes to look in side,
the quarters are stacked vertically, 10 x 5
there are $10 per roll.
I will try to do something cool with them and get photos

any one got any ideas on what to do?
I'm giving them to my parents Sunday night.
I don't want to unwrap the $10 rolls.
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Poe and Verne, Ala Beatonna

It's that time of month

where is the start of the Midnight Mystery Bike Ride tonight? I can usually Google it, but nothing is turning up. (yes, I know it would have been intelligent to bookmark it the first time I found the home site..)It couldn't have been....cancelled, could it?

SE PDX Rapist

This is the first I've heard of this, I'm forwarding it from a friend:

Be careful out there!!!!!

Many people I know, live in this neighborhood and walk home alone when they probably shouldn't. Let's watch out for each other and be careful.
the local police precinct was called and confirmed the SE rapist information.

He forced a woman into her apartment while she was outside smoking at 1am around 30th & Stark and raped her at knife point for over an hour.

The neighborhoods of concern are between 30th & 39, between Stark & Hawthorne.

If anyone can help please do. PLEASE REPOST!

The latest info on him from the woman mentioned above are as follows:
Caucasion male of average build
Green eyes
Very yellow teeth
Black ski mask, two pairs of gloves
Smelled of bourbon and cigarettes
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Mid-Month Meetup Poll

Okay, let's try this mid-month meetup thing again. For the sake of ease it'll be held at McMenamins Tavern & Pool again this month, so pick your best date(s):

I would go to a meetup...

the evening of Friday, March 16th.
the afternoon of Saturday, March 17th.
the evening of Saturday, March 17th.
the afternoon of Sunday, March 18th.
the evening of Sunday, March 18th.

Voting will be open until Sundayish, when I'll make the announcement.

Random Friday inquiry.

I know there are opera people in here. Lurking among us.

Brunhilde's horse, a la Die Walkure, is called Grane. Apparently that is also the name of a province in Norway. But nowhere can I find a pronunciation for this word. And I admit my knowledge of obscure norse words is not incredibly broad. Any pointers?

Public Service Announcement

OMG SNOWZ!!!!1!!~~

Okay not really.

Due to the schmucks in Washington, almost all computers will need manual set ahead an hour tomorrow night.

That's right kids! We start Daylight Savings Time this weekend instead of next month. You get to lose a precious hour of sleep tomorrow night!

But your computer won't update because it's got old programming, so either patch it, or set it.