March 8th, 2007

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hey all.

i'm a weeeeeee bit short on cash this week, and i'm needin' to do something to get gas money so i can get to and from work (i live in southeast, but work in tigard).. So i'm thinking i'm going to sell some CDs to a record store that buys 'em. I'm pretty close to Everyday Music on sandy, and figured i would just go there, but I wanted to know if people had any experience with other record stores in PDX that may give a fairer price, or if your experience selling to EM has been positive? I've still got a quarter of a tank of gas, so if i have to drive across town to possibly get a fairer price for my effort, i'm willing to do so. I also wasn't sure if any of the other record stores in town buy as well... i only knew of EM... so yeah. Let me know, i'd like to hear your impressions.
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. A beautiful pocket of three warm, relatively dry weather over the weekend and earlier this week (yay for frolicking around the neighborhood!).

2. Free classical musical performances throughout the month in the South Waterfront. The March Music series has free shows next two Wednesday evenings (featuring Arnica String Quartet next Wednesday). Incidentally, the first March Music performance of the series, which took place last night, was quite spectacular. If was a performance of solo piano and a piano/flute duet pieces.

3. Free show next Wednesday evening at Doug Fir Lounge, featuring Empty Room, Written In Ashes, and Titans of Oblivion!

4. Discovering that the cozy Palio Dessert & Espresso House (in the middle of Ladd's Addition) has a drink punch card, and serves the delectable Dragonfly Chai on their menu!

5. Seeing the rousing interior of the quaint and charming Bluebird Guesthouse (on SE Division) last weekend, as part of the SE Portland Artwalk event.
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Card organizing.

So, my boyfriend has a ton of MTG cards that he just can't seem to let go of. I don't understand it, but perhaps some of you do and are/have been in the same situation.

Do you know of any good way to organize your cards? I was thinking of buying those stackable drawers, because that would be something that we could put in the closet.

I know they have the giant boxes, but I really don't like those. They just get too large and heavy, and it's hard to find a place to put it where he can get it out often.

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Where can I find normal women's shoes (not of the "hooker" variety) in a size 14 in the metro area? I'd go online, but I'm on a deadline that the internets can't meet. Ready? Go!


P.S. The Nordstrom Rack only goes up to size 13.
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My camry has a busted trunk lid and the mechanic recommended getting a trunk lid from a "You pull" junk yard to save money on the repair. Where would one of these places be? And do I just go there, say what I need, find and yank it?

Burnside-Couch Couplet

Hey, DPers, some genius at City Hall has this idea to make Burnside and Couch into a couplet downtown. In other words, traffic would go one way along Burnside between the Bridge and Powells and the opposite way along Couch. This is just an awful idea, as instead of making traffic better, it will just invite more cars to whiz through there, make things awful for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as cause a section of the Park Blocks to become a lost island in the abyss of traffic. Plus, it's designed to benefit the folks who live in the Pearl and want to commute to River Place in their 2007 Cooper Minis and not use the streetcar that the City already built for them.

I don't know who came up with this idea but that person must have been at the bottom of his or her class at the Halliburton School of City Planning. More information (and steps you can take to stop this!) is available at

Notions Expertise

Crafty folk and seamstress-types:
I need to find buttons. I am VERY familiar with the locations of all the fabric stores in town, but not as familiar with who has better selection of what. Who has the best Notions department? (ie: buttons, zippers, trim, etc.) I need large green velvet buttons, and dont want to drive all over looking for good selection. TIA.

Oh wise ones...

I'm probably SOL but how would YOU handle this?

It's not late but my neighbors above me are being unusually loud today. I can normally shrug it off and turn my TV or music up a bit but I'm trying to write a paper. (Okay, obviously not at the moment!) Shouuld I bother going up there and saying something even if it's not late? I can handle their crazy stombing feet and running the garbage disposal but I swear it sounds like a construction site up there!
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Another one of those legal/ renter/ crappy landlord questions.

So, a friend is trying to break his lease. He spoke to his landlord today about the lease and the landlord told him there is currently no lease breaking policy but then tried to scare him by promising that the created policy will be long and expensive.

Can the landlord legally do that? If there was no policy addressing punishment for breaking the lease can his landlord simply add one now? That doesn't sound legal to me since it wasn't in the contract signed by both parties but the law surprises me frequently.

I did check the OSPIRG renter's handbook but all it said was this,

"Lease Agreements

These agreements terminate as specified in the lease unless the tenant or the landlord exercises a right to terminate for cause. (See Tenant Remedies for Lack of General Repairs, page 32; Early Terminations, page 41, and Eviction for Cause, page 43)"

[edit] Also, the main bathroom of the house has been unusable for about 3 weeks now and they've contacted the manager several times and he has yet to give them any sort of date for when it will be worked on or even assessed. Could this be legal wiggle room to terminate the lease without penalty?
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Cursed by the gods of InfoHell...

Oh great and powerful DP!

I have a paper due soon -- a fatty one about MAX and congestion pricing and all sorts of fun stuff like that -- but Microsoft Word is being a huge pain in my ass. I just want to make my cover page a little more attractive with a picture, but any photo I insert will sporadically appear for a couple of seconds, then disappear for no apparent reason. I've tried different photo formats (JPG, BMP), but it doesn't show up, not even in Print Preview, and it doesn't print if it's not visible on the page.

Any ideas why? Any solutions? Google hasn't been much help. And please, let's keep the snark about how hard Microsft blows to a minimum. :)
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