March 7th, 2007

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The new Portlander has more questions!

So websites really confuse me when I try to (over)estimate just how much is going to be taken out from my future paychecks. I'll be making 12/13.20 an hour and so far I've been taking out 20% and then an additional 30 dollars to be on the safe side when sorting out what I'm going to pay and when. I'm terrified to underestimate anything and be caught off guard when rent's due.
Can anyone give me an idea of what Oregon actually ganks from the checks at what percent rate? Or does that vary by company?
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(no subject) is an awesome site. Most of you are probably familiar with it. Think an improved Slashdot / Boing Boing / MetaFilter / Fark, etc.

I give you two games to waste your day. Both are awesome games.

You are the blue ball. Avoid the red ones. I was able to reach 9 balls. How far can you go?

Control the line and reach the green dot. Fastest time for the win. I think some of the "best times" are impossible to get ... I truly don't understand how someone is able to beat certain levels in under one second, but hey, still awesome.

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To all of you damn commuters watch out if you're heading South on Mcgloughlin, there's a speed trap just after the Ross Island. I saw 2 cars and 2 motorcycle cops with 4 folks pulled over for speeding over the overpass. Remember it's 30 through there and doesn't change to 45 until after the Ross Island.

Don't get busted.
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My favorite spots to eat, sit with friends, drink and smoke are all closing down.....Rose & Raindrop's gone....Virginia Cafe....

Anyone know of any good spots? I've already got Horse Brass and My Father's place covered...anything else?


Hello all,

Do any of you know of a secular choir here in Portland? I was in choir in high school, and I miss it so much! I'm not religious so I'm not interested in joining a church choir.

I would love to take a few classes a one of the Jr. Colleges this fall, which one has the best choir?

Any info would be great... Thanks!!!
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domain hosting/registry

Hey Portlanders,

I want to register a domain name and build a website. I have never done this before, do you have any tips or recommendations for companies/methods/stuff?

What is the general price to do this?

Can I register multiple domains with one host?


Also, this is for: a) music site for a dj friend; b) wedding site for best friend (only needs to be up through july, maybe longer); c) my own site.

Thanks for the help!

ETA: I know how to do some web design already, I've just been hosted on my university's server.

Work help....

I can't recall the piece of equipment one would use to engrave or cut into metal to create an identifying character on it. Say I wanted to write "Bozo the Clown" on a saw blade permanantly. What is this tool called? It's hump day and already I can't think straight.

Recommendations for Food & Fun

Hi all,

My college newspaper's editorial staff is visiting Portland for the ACP conference (Thurs - Sun) hosted at the Marriott Downtown Waterfront. I have two questions. We're looking for recommendations for a restaurant that'll be about $20/person (we have 12 people) that's relatively easy to get to from the Marriott. We're from NYC so we're comfortable using public transportation but I'd like to keep things simple given we have a big group.

Other than that, I'm reading back entries but I'd be interested in recommendations you'd have for "fun" - so vague, I know. I'm particularly interested in finding some place to rent bikes and ride around the city (any of this happening or is it too cold?). We're pretty lo-fi kids. We'd like a place to grab a few drinks and hang out (not clubbing of any variety whether techno or rap/hip-hop).

Thanks in advance.

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This may be an "out there" question..

If your employer knows that you have had past expierences with depression and things of that nature and proceeds to say things to you like "some people that work here are neurotic" when you know they aren't referring to anybody else..what should you do. Is this concidered harassment?


so, me and the mister are having a zombie movie night for easter, and i'd like to hear what you damnportlanders think is the ultimate zombie movie.

it can be a classic (evil dead, night of the living dead)
or more recent (shaun of the dead, resident evil)

but something a mixed audience would appreciate. and have some sweet ass (realistic) zombies.

cast your votes now!
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(x-posted to own journal, and a few other communities)

10:45, Thursday Mar. 08, Lewis & Clark College
615 SW Palatine Hill Rd # 972, Portland, OR 97219

Lewis & Clark College Gender Studies Symposium is hosting a presentation by my very good friend, Aaron Raz-Link, in which he (and Hilda Raz by video) will discuss their book, What Becomes You -- one of the best trans memoirs I've ever read.

I haven't posted a full review of it yet because I'm awestruck enough to have trouble figuring out what to say.

Aaron's perspective is that of a scientist and a mystic -- (these are my words, not his; I am sure that he would simply tell you that he is himself) -- and he manages to say things about gender and transition that I had never thought could be borne by language. Perception is a world unto itself, and physical reality is yet another wild, huge world, and the iceberg of each world is mostly undersea.

If you're in the Portland area, go see his presentation. If you're anywhere at all, buy his book.