March 6th, 2007

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stupid question, but...

when you take the ross island bridge to barbur blvd, is there an exit for sw capitol hwy?

also, does capitol hwy turn into beaverton hillsdale highway?

Ping Pong

Hi, I'm hoping to play ping pong against people, but I don't know where to do it. May I get a recommendation for fun places to play?
I know that a lot of the space in bars is lamed out with pool tables, and that public ping pong tables are inconvenient and rare, but I think it would be fun to play at a bar, and maybe wager beers on games. But if there aren't any bars with ping pong, then I'm more than happy to play at a community center, or with a ping pong club, or what ever. I'm pretty good, although not terribly competitive with it. I mostly just think it's really fun. Before moving here I was playing two to three games a day, plus a lot of warm-up rallies. And that's been my routine, off and on, for probably 15 years.
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Alrighty guys, seeing as the term's getting to the end, and I am going insane with my 20 credits, this Friday will be my sweet sweet oasis when I go see 300. The question is, which movie theater do I go to? I haven't even been to one in Portland yet since I so rarely see movies in theaters, but after a near-masochistic barrage of arty flicks and dumb comedies through Netflix, I am so so so willing to pay top effin' dollar for this.

Which theater should I go to for a maximum nuts-rocking cinematic experience?
A Cult Classic for the End Times

Blues4Kali~ A Cult Classic for the End Times

What will Winter Solstice bring in 2012? instant of Karma? ethereal spiral dance of the collective soul? ... cosmic judgment leveled against civilization's expanse? ...destruction of the world as we know it? ...a chance for a new start? ...the rise and the revenge of the Goddess? or simply another day in the life of paranoia?
These are the false prophesies that your pastor warned you about!
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ok so..

..after several years of ethical debate with myself, i've finally decided to look into more about plastic surgery and fixing my saggy upper arms. im a normal 21 year old that had dramatic weight loss in high school and it feels unfair, they just dont fit with what the rest of my body looks like and it makes me uncomfortable. i've tried what i could (exercise, weight lifting, cremes...getting over it) and this just seems like the next option.

i've seen some stuff on Thermage and liposelection. and it seems like thats what i need. does anybody recommend a surgeon or have anything they think i should know? i can go anywhere in oregon or southern washington if its worth it.

...annnnnnnd release the hounds
Xmas Socks

$250 Spafinder Gift Certificate

Hey there! I've got a $250 Spafinder Gift Certificate. I won it in an online contest and don't think I'll use it. I'm selling it for $200 and if you want more information, check out There are several spas in the Portland area that take the gift certificate and many are listed in the accompanying booklet or online. If you're interested, let me know!

I sold it on Craigslist last night, so no longer for sale.

PCC Sylvania Students

When I went to PCC a few years ago I saw in the Sylvania Bookstore a smallish USB thumbdrive and an mp3 player attachment. I don't remember the brandname, I jsut remember the thumbdrive itself was small and the end of it lights up blue when you plug it in (a friend of mine bought one when she went there, but I can't ask her what brand it is). If anyone is a student there and either knows or is going to stop by the bookstore, can you look upstairs and see if they still carry those and how much both parts are?

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are there any stores in the portland area that sell glass dragons? actually, any medieval style (not chinese style) dragons would be good (as in it doesn't have to be made out of glass. sometimes they're made of pewter or other metal). thanks portlanders =)


I have some work pants that need to get shortened and hemmed. Does anyone know an inexpensive alteration shop I could go to in the Beaverton area, or Portland... and how much you pay to get it done? THANKS!
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Free Furniture in Wilsonville - Must Go Today

Posted to Craigslist and FreeCycle, but a ton of people flaked - figured I'd give Damnportlanders a shot too.

Pillow-Backed Queen-Sized Sleeper Sofa and Matching Over-Sized Chair - It's red with a large pattern on both pieces and has a coordinating blue denim ottoman. Chair could use some stabilization on one side, but will last as is. It's about 7 years ago and comes from a house with pets (cats). My kitties have scratched up some of the sides a bit, but it's still got a lot of use. Unfortunately I don't have my camera working, but I've got a few photos of the pattern that are in other pictures

Email me if you'd like them pdxgrrl at hotmail dot com

fundraiser for the guy in SE Belmont who got shot?

So I was thinking about trying to kick-start a fundraiser for the guy the Belmont Market. I was thinking I'd see if one of the nearby bars would agree to hold a fundraiser evening. Then maybe other businesses would contribute stuff for auction (coffee? free admission at the Avalon? record albums?) and...well, that's as far as I've thought it out so far. Maybe the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association would help too. Nothing we raise is going to pay the guy's medical bills, but I think anything helps...

What do you think? Have any of you ever organized a fundraiser and have some hot tips? Would anyone be down to help?

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Anyone know where one can get 12 hour claritin (or a store brand of claritin) over the counter? I don't have the money to go to the doctor, and then pay for the prescription, and all I can find over the counter is the 24 hour tablets (which I tolerate, but don't like for a number of reasons).
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Avast, ye damnportlanders!

Nope, not remotely pirate-related, but it's been too long since last I uttered "avast." So there ya go.

In other news, I have a briefcase in need of a replacement clasp. Seems simple enough. I'm wondering if any of you beautiful babies knows where a fella might go to get something like this taken care of. Any suggestions?


Kneeling Chairs?

Dear DamnPortlanders,
Here is a question from a long-time lurker and first-time poster. Does anyone know somewhere in Portland where I can try out and potentially buy a kneeling char such as the one pictured below?

For the past few years, I have been practicing yoga and getting massages and am a lot more aware of my (horrible, but getting better) slouch posture. I remember a neighbor, about 10 years ago, that had one. It was comfy and good, but I didn't care enough at the time to ask where to get one, nor did I sit in it for more than a minute or two. These days, I basically sit at a computer or workbench for about 9 hours a day in a pretty generic office char. I have a feeling that one of these kneeling chairs would be much better for me, but I also have some doubts that I would like to satisfy by sitting in one again. The generic big-box office stores (Office Depot, Staples, etc.) can order one for me if I would like to purchase one, sight-unseen, but I am not comfortable with that scenario--partly because I feel that I have to sit in one again before buying and partly because I'd rather give my money to a local business. So where do I find one? Inner-SE would be best for me, but really, I'd go anywhere in the greater metro area.

John Day Fossil Beds

Oh wise Damn Portlanders....

So has anyone taken a trip out to the John Day Fossil Beds out in Eastern Oregon? Specifically, has anyone stayed at a hotel/campground/other lodging out there? I'm finding very little in the way of lodging out there, and I'd like to get some opinions of good places to stay.

I think we're planning on being there 3 nights the last week of March, if that makes any difference.

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Heads up to...

...Portland live music fans

Even though the Vicodin I am on due to my back and my groin being in constant pain, nothing dehabilitating just constant, has got me feeling a tad loopy I am still going to see Midlake at Doug Fir. I've been listening to them since I think either Mikey sent me the CD or I was given a copy by some other above the law friend of mine. Always a pleasant listen. I'd assume the live show will be just as enjoyable if not more. Thats all I've got. I should probably be getting dressed and ready. Maybe I will meet someone new there...maybe.

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ATTN: good samaritans

i've lost my ipod.

small, green, inscribed on the back with a crunchy message from my hippie parents.

contains some music i will never be able to access again :(

if by chance you're the sort who finds lost precious things and searches for their longing owners...well, here i am.

if by chance you're the sort who likes to be clever and leave scolding/snide remarks for the sort who makes vulnerable, hopeful "I LOST MY ____________" on damnportlanders, move along.

go ahead. save my life.

I know, I know. Another one of these posts.

I'm currently in the Mt. Tabor area preparing for a late night study session with a friend. We would like to go get some coffee at a place that is:

a) Not Fireside
b) Not all the way over in NW Portland (so no Coffee Time, Anna Banana's, etc)
c) Currently open! It's 10:06 pm right now, so Common Grounds is closed.

Can anyone think of any other options?

NoHo PDX--new group meeting this sunday!

Hey PDX kids, if yr trans/genderqueer/whatever, not on hormones and interested in talking/meeting/making friends/painting the town pink/changing the world with other trans/genderqueer noho folks, then you should come check out this new group, NoHo PDX and totally hit up our myspace page!!!  Our next meeting is this sunday (march 11) so if yr interested you should totally come check it out!  (more info below)

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