March 5th, 2007

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Health/Doctor Questions

I remember reeading about this a while back on damn portlanders, but I can't find it in the tags or the search.

Someone posted about a cheap alternative to going to a doctor for getting prescriptions for something when it's obvious what sickness you have.  It wasn't Outside In, I seem to recall it involving a Rite Aid or somewhere similar but can't find anything on their website.  Anyone have any ideas?

Also, does anyone know of a good doctor in the SW area of Portland near Hillsdale that accepts Blue Cross?  I've only gone to a doctor once up here before, and I lost their contact information/name when I moved last summer :(

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Get inked

I'm looking for a reputable (as in clean, fair, and high quality) place to get a tat. I am looking for something in Vancouver but don't have a huge problem crossing the bridge into PDX, especially for a quality parlour.

Any suggestions oh wise and wonderful PDXers?

Help me move a futon! Please?

I need someone to help move a futon mattress and frame from NE Tillamook to 77th East Burnside. Anyone with a truck who wants some monies? I can give $20/hr (doubt it'll take longer) or food and booze if desired. I just need a freakin place to sit in my living room that isn't on the floor :)

Please call if you can help 503 449-7178. Oh and it has to be after 5pm, as I am at work during the day. Thanks!!
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(no subject)

Hi everyone. I just moved to Portland in mid-Feburary but, unfortunately, one too many bad things have occurred thus far.

I lost my job transfer with Walgreens, meaning I lost my insurance and now I have no job. I don't start my new job for another week but their insurance policies don't kick in for a month and I'm in a bit too much pain to hold out that long anymore. I saw the one post about prescription refills if you know what you have but unfortunately Rite Aid doesn't do that anymore. (Sucks so much. T_T)

Can anyone recommend a walk-in clinic for someone without insurance and without a job (At least for now)? Or recommend anything that isn't an ER? I also lack a car but I'm willing to take ridiculously long public transportation commutes if I have to.

Edit: I just wanted to say that I got into the Wallace Medical Concern and they're very nice people with a good cause. If you get in around 6, they try to work as fast as they can to get you in. It's nice if you don't have an extreme emergency and need a check up on a temporary illness. I visited the one in Gresham. Thanks for all your suggestions!
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I seem to remember someone posting a link a while back that had a calendar of volunteer events. It had ones if you only wanted to do a day, couple of days, or longer. Does anyone know which one i'm talking about? Because I don't know how to phrase it i'm coming up dry. Thanks.

Thermal Straightening

So...I'm thinking about getting my hair straightened. I have very thick, shoulder length hair....

Do any of you have any suggestions for a stylist or salon?

Have any of you had this done? How long did it take? Was it worth it?


Recent article about pregnancy crisis centers

In the last, oh, maybe week or so, there was an article written locally about pregnancy crisis centers and their role in misinformation to folks looking for resources. I'd thought it was Willy Week or Mercury, but I'm not spotting it in their archives.

Does anyone remember seeing this, and if so, in what publication and on approximately what date?


EDIT -- not local at all! Time Magazine.

steam room for rent?

is there somewhere that i could rent a private steam room? cheaper is better as i'm not going to catch something nasty or be disturbed.
it's possible to rent decent, only semi-sketchy hottubs for about $25/hr, it seems like this should be possible too!

anyone? anywhere? google wasn't very helpful, though there are many public steam rooms in portland that look fun, but i'm looking for something PRIVATE.

a private sauna for rent would be a close second.

again with the oh mighty DPers thing...

ok, so i am deleting my post from yesterday as i dug up several potential housing sites for the next few months. the one first anf foremost in my mind is a bit farther out than i would like...but it is a deal, so i might be remiss to pass it up.

so, its on capitol and barbur, next to castle superstore. ...yay porn. how is that commute by bus? how long to downtown realistically? is it nice and accessible, gods awful, or somewhere in between?

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Shameless pimpin'

Yeah so it's my turn to pimp myself out to the community...

At the request of one of my LA LJ friends, I've created an LJ RSS channel for my Multnomah Village blog, The Multnomah Villager.
If you live up here, or like coming here, or just wanna keep track of what's going on up in the Village, feel free to add the syndicated feed to your LJ friends' list using this link:

Add villager_blog to my Flist

..that's all for now.
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i can't believe that no one posted about the shooting at the Belmont Grocery next to Stumptown....

come on people!
you don't think i actually watch the NEWS, do you?
I rely on you to keep me informed....

you're slackin!

The most recent info from KOIN about the Belmont Market shooting

"PORTLAND - Police questioned witnesses and looked for clues Monday in the brutal shooting of a Southeast Portland fill-in store clerk. They are also viewing surveillance video.

Gunfire pierced the Sunday afternoon in the busy SE Belmont district. The victim, Chester Leom, did not usually work in the store; he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Leom, a business owner himself, was just helping his friend, the store owner, for a couple of hours. He ended up shot in the neck, and was taken to the hospital in critical condition while officers looked for a suspected armed robber.

It happened at 3:45 p.m. inside the market at S.E. 34th and Belmont streets - a popular weekend area of coffee shops, stores and local taverns. Leom was inside working, when another man invaded the place and apparently tried to rob it. The gunman opened fire and hit him in the neck.

Although there was no one else inside the market, there were plenty of people on the streets when the suspect ran out of the store, then south on 34th Street. One witness told KOIN News 6 that another man was chasing the suspect as he ran down the sidewalk.

The 41-year-old Leom is well known in the neighborhood. He was rushed to Oregon Health and Science University Hospital while police cordoned off the neighborhood and started looking for the suspect. Potential witnesses were still being interviewed Monday, as police look for more clues.

The suspect is described as a clean-shaven Asian or Hispanic male, 25 to 35 years old, about five feet eight inches tall, with a stocky build. He may be driving a burnt-orange 2002 or 2003 Chevrolet Corvette.

The Police Bureau and Crime Stoppers have set up a Web site with more information, and a variety of ways to contact them if you have any information about this crime. Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the homicidal robber. You can also call them at 503--823-HELP. Numerically, that's 503-823-4357."

So it was not Alex (the guy usually there in the morning) as most people thought... it was just a guy doing them a favor by watching the store. I just thought I would keep everyone posted with the most current information about the crime.