March 3rd, 2007

Me in southpark form

Banned from Vanwa?

My best friend just got banned from vanwa!!!! And it was over what she said in my journal!?!?!?! Not even in the vanwa community? Is that fair???? this is crazy is it not!!!??!She is always a loyal vancouverwafollower, and she got X'd for having an opinion not even in vanwa?
My question is, do the people in my town (and therefore vanwa) this this is fair? Read the discussion

Or just read my except here:

(of course behind and lj-cut)
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DMV Question


I'm currently out of the country until next January. This year (July) my drivers license expires. Is there any way that I can get a new one without the picture or is it okay if I wait until I return to the country to just get a new one? I was wondering if anyone had any information on this they could pass along. I would appreciate it.

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Need a stylist

So I went to the search option and it doesn't return anything (then again, I can't seem to get it to return results for any phrase I put in there). I have hair down to my waist and I'm looking to get it cut and styled. I'm in need of a good stylist who will cut and style and maybe even color. Also, while I am not wanting to spend an outrageous sum, I also am willing to pay for someone who is good. I would prefer something on the west side since I live in Beaverton, but if you know someone who is really good, then I'll take it.

I hate to be another one of those "Where can you find this" people, but as you might guess from the fact that my hair is down to my waist, I don't get it cut often.

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I crush you

I hate it when a day starts off like this

Last night as I was drifting to sleep I thought about picking my laptop off the floor and putting it up. Unfortunately I fell asleep, and when my alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning I ran across the room to turn it off. I ran right over my laptop and cracked the screen. Awesome.
My question is does anyone know of a place in town or nearby that I should take it too for repair? I realize that it will be expensive, but I'd rather fix it than replace it if it's reasonable. Any recommendations?

Where to tan?

Okay, kids. Where would you go in downtown to find a tanning bed?

I've browsed CitySearch, but nothing in the right price range has come up. (SunsUp looked lovely, but gives the impression it's quite pricey. . .)

Has anyone ever tanned at Wax On?
Yo Gabb Gabba


I'm trying to decide between Dosha and Portland Spa & Boutique for waxing. Can anyone provide me some feedback on either of these or recommend a specific esthetician? I'm also open to other suggestions, keep in mind It's not uncommon for me to leave Wax On dissatisfied. I thought I remembered a post not too long ago about finding an esthetician but I couldn't find it- sorry.
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Whats the craziness downtown?

So I was grabing some lunch at my favorite little cart downtown and some people rolled by me with shopping carts. They were kinda dressed up in Irish colors and had trashlids on their backs. Then there was a bunch of yelling and general marriment down on 2nd between Ash and Ankeny. Anyone know what this is about??
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Does anybody here watch UFC?
UFC 68 is on tonight on paper view.
Do you guys know of any sports bar in the sw Portland/Beaverton area that will be playing? Possibly a website that will be showing it live? Not sure if they even have stuff like that.
Any info will be greatly appreciated.