March 2nd, 2007

Push Button For POPSICLES

We are starving . . .

Yet we have Internet.

Does anyone know what time of day Oregon Trail cards reload? Today's the day, but it hasn't happened yet because I just called.


EDIT: Okay. I guess my "case was closed" because they apparently tried to mail me something and it was returned, and I therefore needed to "update" my mailing address, even though I haven't moved and I've been receiving all of the rest of my mail just fine.

But F.Y.I., food stamps reload at 8:00AM on the date of the month that corresponds with the last digit of your SSN.
Shane *Drool*

Hamlet on VHS

Does anybody know of any used/new/rare stores that I would be able to find a copy of the 1996, Kenneth Branagh version of Hamlet on VHS? It's never gone to DVD, and I've checked Blockbuster, and would prefer not having to search the masses of stores out there to find a copy of it for school.

I will need it before Monday.

Thanks in advance.
Monster Sad Dog

Thank god.

Work, home, taxes, bleah. It's been a hard week. I'm not usually one to say this, but as the sun is coming up, THANK GAWD it's Friday.

Anyone got any good stories to tell from this week?
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Best Dance on Fridays?


I've been out of the Portland Clubbing scene for the large part of the last year... And Im having a hard time finding good dance spots on Friday and Saturday Nights... (another unfortunate symptom of being reclusive)

I LOVED the 80's night the Fez used to have, is it still any good? I read that it was less 80's now, but more goth... but that was a review from last summer.

Input? Suggestions for girls who like to rock out in rooms packed with sweaty dance folks?


Any one know where I could get a $1000 bill?
Can I just go to a bank and get one?
Any info would be helpful.

This is money I owe my parents for school, and I thought it would be cool to get them a $1000 bill,
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Long time comming back

Soon I return from my stay in Seattle, be afraid f'gers ... you remmber me, you remmber the trolling like no other, but that isn't why I am here today, two and a half years away from home I have lost track of the clubs in the area oohhh, the drugs are still there, but where have my dance clubs gone?

I'm sure it was a damnportlander!

To the nice gal who helped me this morning at Stumptown Coffee on Belmont:

Thank you so much for letting me know where to order and being so friendly at 6:30am! You made my morning! Knowing that there are nice people like you in the world gives me faith!


The clueless customer
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Final countdown for Blasphemy Ball on Saturday, March 10th!


Toast your toes at Dante's inferno - SW 3rd & Burnside, Portland
Dress yourself in perversion of faith!
$8 with costume, $10 without!
Doors at 9pm

Featuring not-for-the-faint-of-heart performances from PURE Cirkus (seattle's famous Modern Cirkus -, the stunning Domina Betka Schpitz ( and her wicked lovelies staffing the confessional, and DJ's Horrid, ChaotiQueer and Sine Qua Non.

The Blasphemy Ball is big EFF YOU to zealoutry, bigotry and oppression. One big night of heresy and hedonism. One night of focused, therapeutic rebellion. Nothing is sacred at the Blasphemy Ball. Shake your fist at whatever you believe. Shake your fist at whatever you don't. We're shaking ours and we want you with us.

Tiny McCall At My Face


Have any of you DP'ers worked at a McMenamins? I've got an interview for a job there on Monday and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me anything about the job, the company, the pay, the benefits, etc. Thanks in advance!

Private Property?

The City of Wilsonville is doing some work on the road that is adjacent to our property (at work). We're not sure if it's generic work, work related to the new GIANT Toyota/Scion dealership opening up across the street, or if it's MAX related, as the new (well new in '09) max stop will be a block down the street. However, they're tearing the hell out of the road and while that is annoying, the workers are bothering us even more.

Every day they have a "flagger" standing out on the street right in front of our building, not a problem normally. But these flaggers have been tromping through our landscaping, dragging barkdust and mud all over the sidewalk and using our big mailbox as their own personal table. They've also been leaving their "stop/slow" sign propped up against the mailbox(even at night when no one is working), and have put signs on our grass, ruining the grass beneath. We were cool with it until today, when the flaggers decided to use our parking lot as their own. We're not a "public" company. Our parking lot is for employees only, but we have no signage up to say so, never thought we'd need to before. It's even got to the point where our employees are having difficulties getting in and out of the driveway.

My question is, what legal right do we have to tell them to stay off of our property and stop messing up our landscaping? I've already called the contractor and they gave me the phone # of the "project manager", I called him and left a message, but haven't heard back.

So tell me, is there anything else we can do?

and finally there was a job....

So my DPers,

I have finally found a job! (yay!) and once i start getting paid my money troubles are over, but until then im still a little short on cash. Mostly I just need to make money to buy a trimet pass. So here we go:

Buffy: The entire series (boxed set) 80$ (Amazon used is 133$)
Bandai Final Fantasy VII sephiroth (in package, but package is creased) 30$
Martini glass holder and shaking tin (stainless steal, sans the martini glasses) 25$

Fuck This Bitch

Ann Coulter tries to make a joke about her use of the word "fag" in describing Al Gore and the backlash it caused by calling john Edwards a "faggot." and since nobody actually gives a shit about Ann Coulter, nobody got it, and she got a gasp and a lackluster applause at a conservative conference... with almost all the republican 2008 Presidential candidates and the Vice President present...

And there goes the moderates to the democrats... she must have a new book coming out.
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So what do I need to do?

What do I need to do to become a damnportlanders celebrity?

And should I take the high road or the low road? Should I try to post witty, insightful posts that will have people discussing my personality; or should I perhaps pout and bring attention to myself, until my name is automatically associated with something funny, like cats eating human flesh?

Also, do I have to actually read this community regularly? I would, for the fun discussion, but most of those are buried in between people asking where to get vegan burritos in troutdale, or else liberals posting links to articles revealing that Bush & Co. may not be the most intelligent, ethical group of people ever.