March 1st, 2007

  • varro

Re the Willamette Week cover story...

...I'm giving $10 to Planned Parenthood every time I see that fucking truck with that anti-choice Fred Phelps wannabe driving it around town.

I suggest others do too - this asshole gets off on pissing people off. Let's make it counterproductive to do this political masturbation.

...A bust size in response to a room-4-rent??

So, I posted in CL: and got a response from West Africa, (which is obviously a scam) but had to crack up at the description they gave in hoping to get the room...

"About me
Am single,Hair: Brown Height: 5'8" Eyes: Hazel Bust: 34" Dress: 3/4 Waist: 24" Shoe: 7- 7.5 Hips: 34 ,I am a very dedicated individual who is totally committed to human development, friendly, very trustworthy and value relationship above anything. I love travelling, sporting and enjoy meeting people. "
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Transporting drunk people, P-town stylee.

I didn't search the memories, and I have not Googled (or even giggled, or jiggled) because I am an old lazy mofo.

In early May, I am helping to throw a bachelor party for a friend. There will probably be about 10-15 of us, and we're looking for ways to get around town without breaking the bank (or anyone's car!). I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for transportation for the evening. We may just designate a couple of drivers, but it would be fun to find something else.


It's March Portlanders

It's March is a mix CD I made this morning...well I guess I made it last week and added some more stuff this morning. I think it's a pretty decent one. Download it and make the most of it. Do something incredible while you listen to it. Thanks


ps. I do this pretty much every month. I hope you enjoy this one.
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little blue dog

cascade cycling: whaddya think?

HAY GUYZ. So, I'm planning on taking my road bike in to Cascade Cycling on K'worth 'n' Vancouver for a general tune-up for spring riding.

Never been there before, but it's less than a mile from my house, so it's looking really good, location-wise.

Anyone have any experience with this shop, the people there, or the service? Good or bad, I'm interested.

Other contenders for my cash include the following, so feedback on any is really appreciated:
- North Portland Bike Works on N Mississippi
- Community Cycling Center on NE Alberta

Thanks a ton.
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Southeast Portland Artwalk this Saturday and Sunday (in the previous years, I've enjoyed the company of fellow damnportlanders while seeing the exhibits. The etch-a-sketch guy is back again this year....)!

2. Free musical performance at OHSU's Center for Health and Healing next Wednesday evening. The March Music 2007 series begins with a piano and flute duet (Jessica Black, piano & Sarah Tiedemann, flute). The first free show takes place next Wednesday evening at 7 p.m.

3. Awesome folks on damnportlanders who have inspired me to cook healthy and creative dishes at home during the past week.

4. Delicious vegan lemongrass tofu and rice dish at Pho Green Papaya (on SE MLK, near Stark Street)....the recently-opened Vietnamese restaurant has a good amount of vegetarian and vegan options (in addition to the standard seafood and meat/poultry items).

5. Ridiculously dirt cheap sale pricing at Fred Meyer on Pacific Natural Foods' rice and soy milks until this Saturday--$1 a container (furthermore, there's a 10% additional discount for purchasing a case)!
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The Bowler
  • wj

XP CD Anyone?

Does anyone have an Windows XP Tablet Edition CD I could get a copy of? I've still got the CD Key, I'm just short a Tablet edition CD and Vista doesn't support all of the hardware in this specific tablet.

Used futon, $25

Are you a poor student? Trying to live on a budsget? Need furniture ASAP?

I'll quit with the commercial talk. I've got a used futon that I need to get rid of. Black metal frame, mattress with dark blue denim cover (needs to be washed though). The fame is warped in the middle but that shouldn't be hard to fix with some wire or wood blocks.

I'm moving in a week and I need to get rid of this thing soon. $25 gets you the frame AND the mattress. You have to come pick it up (I live downtown). Email me at: thecaitycat at gmail dot com. I'll put this up on Craig's List if no one here is interested.

X-posted at damnportlanders and pdx_edu.
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fashion design

Lawyer Reference for Online Internet Situation w/ a Developer

I need a reference for a lawyer that deals with online situations.

I had a developer building a cart for me, and never finished the project.
He took half my money and then jerked me around FOR TWO YEARS until I finally said forget it.

Now he's threatening to sue me for not giving him final payment, even though the cart is not done.

Anyway, references?
Or even an idea of what kind of lawyer I will talk to?
Rainy Day

things to give away.

I will try with the picture thing in a bit. But first...

Most of you on my FList that live in Portland are fairly established and/or have good taste. So used furniture might not be high on your list of things to have. But in case you are interested, or know of someone who might be...

***One 6 shelf VERY sturdy particleboardish bookcase. Smooth, lt brown natural wood, a few dings here and there. (I've had it since 6th grade, so it's survived a few moves!)

***One brown and black metal bookcase. Can be taken apart, or can be 6 large shelves tall. This was my parents, so it's probably from the 60s or 70s. Kind of quaint with little decorative metal end caps.

***One dark cherry finish computer desk/armoire. I currently use this as an entertainment center. Has a few gouges on one side of it and a few nicks on the other side. Stands about 6ft tall and probably 3-4 feet wide. Has three open shelves (large for the tv, one small on top and bottom), and then cupboards at the bottom. There were doors for the top as well, and I have those, but no telling where the hardware ever went to.

EDIT***One 6 drawer clear and white plastic craft stand with roller "feet" One drawer has a crack in the handle, but it works as an out of sight craft holder, clothes holder, etc. Drawers are of graduated sizes, small at the top, larger toward the bottom.

All items are free, first come, first serve. I don't have a way to transport any of these, but I'll help you haul them up the stairs (basement apartment).

Located in NE Pdx.
  • giapet

Ah, GYNs...

Yes, I know I asked a similar question not too long ago, but I have since then switched providers! >.o;

In particular, can anyone tell me about Linda C. Widing, DO? (She has offices in NE and SE, it looks like).

Alternatively, if anyone has any experience with any of these other GYNs, I'd like to hear whether it was positive or negative:

Adams, Karen. E, MD
Bell, Diana. E, MD
Darm, Marcia. G, MD
Goetsch, Martha. F, MD
Greenberg, Laura. H, MD
Hamilton-Boyles, Sarah. B, MD
Johnson, Susan. H, MD
Jung, Terresa. S, MD
Ledbetter, Randi. R, MD
Otto, Lesley. N, MD

Thanks very much!
sleepy leila

attention vancouverites

Do you rent in hazel dell?
Do you like where you live? nice, clean, free of a*hole landlords?

OR do you know of somewhere like that to live? Im hoping and praying for a washer and dryer(i have a baby so that would be nice).
one or two bedrooms. not too expensive.
Please help.
(ive looked around but i really need personal opinions).

OR tell me if theres a complex you particularly hate and why.
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