February 26th, 2007

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Heyy Damnportlanders,

I leave for Portland tomorrow night and will be there all week, so if anyone could tell me the best thriftstore shopping/flea markets in the area that would be amazing, thank you!

Help me get a turntable!

I'm looking for a new (or mint used) DJ-style turntable for a gift.

What stores have a decent selection of them? No online stores please, I need to walk in and buy...

What's a good Technics SL1200 knockoff? I was checking out some of the Audio-Technica TT's...

The recipient is not an active DJ or anything, so pro gear is not critical, but quality is important.

Thanks oh wise DPers!
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I call on you, great Portland Oracle:

I'm looking for Portland restaurants that meet at least one of the following criteria:

-Caribbean food/themed
-Island food/themed
-Nautical themed
-Pirate themed

Ideally they should have food and drinks. Food only is a no go. They need to have at least beer.

I already know about Pirate's Tavern, both Salvador Molly's and the Jolly Roger.

They need to be within 10 miles of Old Town. But in any direction.

And if you have an estimate of size/capacity, that would be helpful also.

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where is the cheapest place to get something framed? i have an antique circus poster thats probably two feet by three feet, and i wanna get it professionally framed.



Shiny things.

Used bicycles


I'm looking for a new bicycle for my daughter's birthday. I am not wanting to purchase a new bike, but would be interested in purchasing something used. Isn't there a good used bike place in town somewhere?
Also, maybe one that would take her old (still in pretty good shape) 18 inch bike?

Thanks in advance.
Xmas Socks

Before you die...

My sister was taking classes last week and this question was posed, "If you could do/accomplish one thing before you die, what would it be?" Answers ranged from the pretty simple to quite complex. Answers definitely depended on where people were at in life and what they had done thus far. I thought that it was a good thought provoking question and wondered what the DPers had to say.

So, if you could do/accomplish one thing before you die, what would it be?" You don't have to explain why, but I bet everyone has an interesting reason/idea.

For me? I first answered that I would love to have a family some day. But then I realized that my true answer was even simpler than that. I'd like to fall in love before I die. At the age of 27, I haven't felt that yet and I'd like to.

5, 10, 20 years ago...

So here is a question for those of you who have been in town for a while:
How has Portland changed?
I have to say my overall impression is, Portland has not changed much, its just gotten a little busier and a little hipper in certain districts. But overall, Portland seems to be the same city as it was about ten years ago.

20 years ago, I was living in Battle Ground, and I was 7 years old, and most of what I knew about Portland I saw through commercials...
10 years ago, I actually moved into Portland proper for the first time. We pretty much had the Portland we had now, besides no Pearl District. Mississippi Street was still shell shocked. Alberta was lower middle class, and didn't have any galleries. Even Hawthorne was still slightly bohemian, and not so much a trendy shopping district. But overall, those are just glosses. Portland seemed the same. I don't think there was the entire underground network of bike punks and craft people and what not. There was probably less vegan restaurants. But again, pretty much the same.
And 5 years ago...can't think of much that has really changed in five years.

What do you think?

Computer geeks out there.....


so i have a *wonderful* dell laptop... the harddrive is bad i guess.. according to them. They are sending me a new one and windows xp software to reinstall it.. is there anyone that can try to possibly recover some of my stuff off the old harddrive or tell me how to????
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Student Loan Consolidation

Ok, I'm sure this has been asked numerous times here in the past, but I suck at doing web searches for LJ-related posts.

So, my question is thus: Who, or what company, would you recommend for student loan consolidation?
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rechargeable batteries

I think I would like to make the switch to all recharagable batteries in my house. One battery at a time, of course. I'm ready to invest in a good charger.

I saw this cool solar powered one today that I was thinking about, but I need something more reliable for indoors.

Does anyone have a suggestion for one to buy? It needs to charge a couple different sizes, and work with a good brand. Suggestions on brands of chargeable batteries to buy?

Dear Landlord

I just sent this note to my landlord...i'm seriously about to blow a gasket.

I currently rent a room in the ______ building.
Since I have moved in months ago, I have been having issues with my neighbor and his drum set. Now, understandably, this IS an apartment and I'm going to have to deal with the everyday noises of my neighbors. I can deal with the neighbor upstairs whom I have dubbed "elephant feet," who stomps around ALL day. Seriously, I don't believe that he ever sleeps. And I can deal with my neighbor to my right who likes to bring her boyfriend over on Friday nights. Their "wild ways" usually wake me up at 3am. Those are neighbor things. However, all the drumming is making me crazy!!! I have tried to write him a note, and have taken to banging on the wall when I'm about ready to tear my hair out. Nothing works.
What I don't know if having the drums is OK, or if I even have a right to say anything about it. But I need to have something done.

YOu guys seem heavily opinionated. What do you think about this situation? am I totally wrong?
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Animated Kitty :)

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So, I discovered the joys of drunk karaoke this weekend in La Center, WA. We were up there visiting a friend and singing our drunk hearts out. I want more, but I want more in Portland.

So, what are some great karaoke places in Metro Portland? The closer-in, the better. Also, cheap drinks and a good music selection are definite pluses.


be my dealer?

Hi lovelies,
I want to hold a Guitar Hero rock-off this Friday with my work mates, SO BADLY...! We've been though hell the last couple weeks and need beer and silliness. I have a Playstation thingy I can borrow but no Guitar Hero. Anyone feelin' generous enough to loan me the game/2 guitars for one evening? Or I'd be willing to pay you $20 for your trouble and leave collateral if you're mistrustful (be honest, I would understand, us being strangers and all). Or please tell me if'n you know where to rent the damn thing! (I don't own gamer stuff for a reason = I'd play Guitar Hero obsessively and end up in the gutter.)

thanks for your consideration
le faint

Green Coconut?

Has anyone here been able to find young green coconuts (i.e., the coconuts without the brown outer shell) anywhere on the east side besides New Seasons? I am having issues with paying $2.99 apiece for them there.