February 25th, 2007

72hr suicide watch in pdx....

once again when out of answers i come to the true source of pdx knowledge....

A close friend of mine was taken into custody a few hours ago.... not criminal but taken to a 72 hour mental watch somewhere in the city.... the police were not very helpful when it came to telling me where she was being taken to....

i am curious if anyone knows which are the most popular hospitals for someone to be taken to.... also if anyone has any local experiance on this, what are the chances for early release or any relase at all....

i am in desperate need of info on this so i can contact her family and let them know where she is and such!

thanks in advance!

home window replacement

*edit* rock throwing hooligans please take note that it seems impossible to replace a window on sunday in this town :(

due to the police's inability to use doors, i am looking for replacement windows where the broken glass now sits.... anyone know a window replacement service that works on sundays and well come quicky to keep the rain out?
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"podcast" by phone

anyone know of any sites other than yodio.com and gcast.com, both of which kind of suck. (yodio seems like shitbitch odeo name thieves, and wouldn't let me save my phone # and their support was an idiot, and gcast works a little but has WAY too many extra bullshits and ad junk so I'm looking for something else before settling on them as default)

it's for work, not for a cutting edge amateur radio show where I interview my stoned friends or exhibit my college band, so it doesn't need promotional stuff etc. maybe I could use free space online combined with some mad xml skill or, well, probaby not. maybe I could copy THEIR code. but yeah, preferably pre-existing site with minimal extraneousity. thank you wise and humble youths of all ages, of portland!


Hey guys... so I'm meeting a friend for coffee and we decided on the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble at Clackamas Town Center around 1pm. I pretty much loathe Starbucks and am wondering if you know of any coffee shops near the Town Center that have good coffee. How is it that this huge corporation doesn't even have good coffee? Ugh.
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(no subject)

I'm interested in learning/experiencing Wiccan related rituals, traditions and culture... for only a day or two... how is the best way of going about this. Where might I get the best information from. Can any one help?


Starbucks cover a shift?

I wouldn't normally do this, but does anyone work at Starbucks and want to cover my shift for me tomorrow from 7:00am to 12:45am in NW pdx?  It would mean so much to me! Please reply and I'll give more details.

PS: I really don't want to hear about how you damnportlanders hate Starbucks.  Believe me, I already know. 

Laurelhurst Park Survey - Off Leash Area vs Concert Area

There's a survey up that ends today on the off-leash area of Laurelhurst Park. They're considering doing away with it in favor of using the area for concerts. Personally, I don't see why they can't accomodate both. I'd love to see a fenced, sandy area like exists in Gabriel Park for dogs. It'd be less tough on the grass, keep dogs away from non-dog people, and not require a ton of room, freeing up the grassy area for concerts. Win-win, right?

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damn technology!

can an apple update to itunes kill your cd drive?  since i allowed the update, it will not recognize any cd's in my drive, and i really don't want to have to replace it, but apple's site seems to suck as far as info goes.
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apple question

So im thinking of upgrading my oldish mac and getting the new mac book pro.
What are people's thoughts on it. I've been looking into them and the main thing that I was wondering about is when they claim you can run the new windows vista on it as well.
How does that work exactly?
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i am a concert virgin!

i have never been to a concert before D: and would really like to go to one before i turn 21!

are there any good funk/rock/punky concerts going down in p-town in the next 4-5 months? ive checked lots of concert listing sites, but ive noticed each sites list differs, and i cant seem to find a complete list of ones going on in the next 4-5 months.

any suggestions :3?

btw, i live near forest grove, so getting anywhere in portland to see a show involves using trimet, and walking alot, and id be going alone, so when/where/what is pretty important~
i cant go anywhere that doesnt have a trimet near it D:...

~update again~
my musical tastes are pretty wide, but concertwise i am looking for something like: the faint, depeche mode, the cure, placebo, creed, the offspring. something thatll make my ears ring the next day, but nothing as violent or aggrivating as the dwarves, or screamo.
i am veering away from quiet candellight piano solos, or anything 'nice', as thats the kind of show I normally perform at lol~

doctors office

Is there any doctor's office in Portland that would allow you to call in, describe your symptoms, and call in a prescription for you - so I don't have to pay for an office visit? I have a terrible pink eye infection and no insurance. I have no problem paying for eye drops, but a visit to my "doctor" costs over $100 just for the visit. This is dumb to me, because I know I will be in there for 5 seconds.

Is there anyway to avoid this or am I just dreaming of something better?