February 23rd, 2007

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Hi, I'm new to town. Just wanted to drop in and say "Hi".

add my LJ and let me know what goes on around here...


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Stolen Toyota Camry....

Hey all I have seen people post about stolen bikes so I thought it was worth a try. I walked out to go to work this morning and my car was gone... Here are the details. Please help if you can. I have already alerted the police- Just thought I would try this venue as well.

It was parked in front of my apartment building (SE 32nd and Belmont) when I came home last night at about Midnight. I went to leave for work this morning at around 715.

What she looks like: (She is ghetto but she is paid for)
1990 Toyota Camry.
Missing all 4 hub caps
License SJN 714
Bumper stickers on back "Peace is Patriotic" "Everyone loves me" "Not all who wander are lost"

please please please keep an eye out and reply to me if you can.. thank you.
oh yeah and feel free to snark! I have nothing else to do while I wait to file a report.

**Cross posted to pdx edu**
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hello all,

i'm still a somewhat new transplant to the area (moved here in september) and thought maybe some more seasoned/familiar portlanders could help me out with the following:

my boyfriend and i are looking for warehouse/loft living, but not super fancy high style Pearl District, more like run-down building with a whole floor to ourselves and the ability to be really creative with the open space.

in Cincinnati (where we're from) we had some friends who converted an old warehouse into a series of apartments, and it was just the coolest, despite heat issues. sooooo, does anyone out there know anybody/anywhere we could find something like that? to rent, not to buy?

thanks for your help.

p.s. it's snowing a bit here in the SW!

Socially Awkward.

Anybody know of some groups that work on assertiveness and or social anxiety in the Portland area. I need to work on that and it's hard being social when you live by yourself with a dog that gives you dirty looks all the time. I need it to help me with interviews and my general well being. P.S. I live in the woods of the Columbia River Gorge.

Weird question...

Here's a random question:

If you could pick any town to move to within 30-40 minutes Southwest or Southeast of Portland where would you go? (Aside from Portland, obviously.)

We're going to have to move a bit closer to Salem in a number of months, but I know absolutely nothing about the towns around here. I'm a newbie still. I'm curious to hear your opinons!
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Where to watch the Oscars?

I went to the Baghdad last year and it was fun to watch the oscars with a crowd of people. This year they're showing them at the Mission. Anyone know of anywhere else where you can get drinky-poos and watch the Oscars with a crowd of fans?

NIKON D-50 for sale! (and other stuff)

First off, in what i call a "gotta pay da rent sale" I am offering an amazing deal on a nikon d50. I wanted to toss it out here before i run over to CL- I am selling the Nikon D50 body, 18-55mm Lense, 1gb memmory card, neck strap, manual and software for 450.00 which is a pretty dang good deal as I understand it.

Secondly (and on a lighter note) I have decided to start shooting a YouTube show (by popular demand after the whole cinnamon eating thing) called Dale Takes On.... a comedy show where I take on a subject each 1-2 weeks. I thought the first subject i will take on is the difficulty in finding a job in this area (from personal experience of course) what subjects would you like to see me "take on"?

Alright, thanks all :)


Spotlighting Two Nights of Portland's Dark Side!
February, 23rd & 24th 2007 at Sabalas Mt. Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon
Cost : $7/one night $10/ both nights

DAY 1 (Feb 23rd)
Zonewire 11:30pm-12:30am
Son of Rust 10:30pm-11:10pm
Fraqtured:Sound 9:40-10:10pm
Mortal Clay 9:00-9:30pm
!Go-Yo! 8:10-8:40pm

DAY 2 (Feb 24th)
Written in Ashes 11:30pm-12:30am
Stalking Jane 10:30pm-11:10pm
James D. Stark 9:40-10:10pm
Adrian H. 9:00-9:30pm
Particle Son 8:10-8:40pm


Does anyone here compost with worms? If so, where did you get your bin and worms? If you made your own bin, what did you use? I'm looking for a small design that will fit in the space under my kitchen sink. Something like this one is what I prefer. I've already looked up local places where I can buy worms and bins and how to make my own bin, I just wanted to see what and where the experienced worm people here would recommend.

Rain Garden Class

Sorry to my fellow hippies in rain_garden for seeing this twice!

Creating a Rain Garden

What is the connection between rainwater runoff and a healthy, beautiful garden? Join Amy Whitworth of Plan-It-Earth Designs in a discussion of rain gardens or bioswales for your home. A rain garden combines the right plants with the right location for a pleasing garden feature that enhances populations of beneficial insects, birds and wildlife. Find out if a rain garden is right for your yard. Bring your questions and ideas!

Sunday, March 18
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Call Kris at 503-636-4112 x 102 to register or with questions
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Cheap eye exam & glasses in Portland?

Hey all. So, this morning, I stepped on my glasses (doh) and broke one of the 'legs' off. I have had these glasses for at least 7 years, so I figure it's probably worth it to just get an all new prescription & pair of glasses.

I do not have any health insurance at this time, so I'll be paying out of pocket. Which brings me to my question. :) What is the cheapest place in Portland to get an eye exam & new pair of glasses?

My eyesight is pretty bad & I have astigmatism in one eye, but I wouldn't need bifocals or anything. I also don't require brand name frames or anything like that. *G* Does anyone know of any sales coming up, or which places generally have better deals? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
she blinded me with science!

Casual Encounters

If anyone plays Horde on Kil'Jaeden or feels like starting some new toons on a PVP server, I'd like to invite you to join Casual Encounters. So far it's just a few RL friends from OR and CA plus the random dudes I picked up to sign the charter.

Portland-related because online gaming with friends is almost like having a social life!

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Hey so I just got a tattoo last night, and this morning (right now) its really swollen and red, I have other tattoo's and they have never been like this...what should I do? Im kinda freeking out soo I need adivce soon!!

WTB [Darkshore Grouper]

Or something like that anyway. I'd like to start exploring different fish, having had my fill of tilapia and salmon, but i'm a little wary of buying my fish just anywhere. I'm specifically looking for mahi-mahi and snapper, but possibly also halibut.

So, where do you suggest? I have a car, so i'm open as to where, but i'm lazy, so if it's outside of Portland/Beaverton the chances dwindle that i'll make it there. So, um, please don't tell me the coast. =)

Wushu schools

Do any of you know of any Wushu (martial arts) schools within a 5 mile radius of downtown portland that won't outright refuse to give rates over the phone or via e-mail, so they can verbally rope you into signing your life away onto their evil little contract? My son has recently become inspired to give it a try... but the cooperation level by these places of business so far is next to none.