February 22nd, 2007


Today's puzzle

Since I found out yesterday that certain members of this community don't like fake cuts, I won't do one this time. Instead, I'll just offer a link.

New Puzzle to entertain you during your work day!

I've taken the liberty of screening comments on that post so people can freely post their solutions. As with the last puzzle, the answers will be posted tomorrow in my journal.

I haven't screened anything on this post so as not to encumber the free flow of information, but please don't be a jerk and post the solution here. That would ruin everyone else's fun.


Is it just me, or does anyone else feel sick to the stomach just thinking of Hillary Clinton and the shit she (and her campaign) is trying to use against Barack Obama? Seriously, Hillary: fuck off and stfu you puppet hag. thx!

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So today I was thinking about jobs and stuff, and wondering what all you guys do for a living? If you are employed or unemployed.

So, heres my question, what is your job? What are you doing at this moment for a living, also how old are you?

Im just curious. :)

Oh and to get the ball rolling Im a contract graphic designer in a small design company, im 24.
Hot Tram

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Discovering the tasty habanero sauce from the local Secret Aardvark Trading Company.

2. Bodacious and tasty biscuits and veggie gravy at the Cup & Saucer Cafe (the NE 30th and Killingsworth location).

3. Spending the warm Saturday last weekend hiking in Forest Park trails with a cool fellow damnportlander (thank you wuweibaby!).

4. Yummy cocktails at the recently-opened Maiden In The Mist restaurant/bar (on SE 7th and Morrison).

5. The upcoming Portland Goth and Industrial Fest 2007 tomorrow and Saturday evenings.
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to anyone driving on belmont near 33rd last night:

I'm super sorry that my wreck blocked traffic!!
Did anyone see it? I'd like witnesses if possible. It was a little after 11 last night, at 33rd and Belmont, involving a black 4 door mazda, and my poor little white 2 door nissan...

ps. both of us walked away just fine. i have a bump on my head and a sore back and neck, and he's just a little sore. Thank God or whatever higher power for that!!!
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Business License?

Hi, does anyone know if you can apply for a business license online (for Multnomah County, home business, if it matters)? I've been on the site but I'm confused. If anyone knows for sure, please help! :) Thanks!
Puss in Boots


Hey DPers,

I don't get sick often, but I did in December and paid a visit to the ER. Big mistake. I only had the flu, but I got nailed with a motherload of hospital bills. Problem is, I don't have a physician to call in these types of cases.

I need a physician that I can rely on. Any recommendations? The only criteria:

1. Need to be ODS-friendly (preferably within the Legacy system)

2. Preferably female.

3. Preferably in SW/Downtown or close to downtown.

paid focus group opportunity for video lottery players on barbur blvd

Hey all, I work at a place on SW Barbur that does focus groups. We've got a group coming up in a month for folks who play video lottery and are signing folks up now. The pay should be 60$ cash money for 2 hours of your time. Said time will consist of you and 5-10 other people talking to a representative of the lottery; being asked questions, shown new things and so forth. I believe you'll also be testing some machines out. Groups are usually in the evenings.

If interested reply to nevynnowhere@gmail.com and we'll see if you qualify. You need to be 21 or older.
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Drinky Bones

I had a drunken blast, now where the hell was I?

I stumbled out of Union Jacks to go to Kell's and I ended up at a punk/goth dive playing StiFF Little Fingers.

You walk in and there's booths to the left and the bar to the right and the bathrooms in the back.

Where the hell was I and what is the name of the bar?

I need a DPS or drunken positioning system.

EDIT: It was the B-Side!!
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