February 21st, 2007

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See a play for free...meet a new friend!

Well my goal tonight was to work out hardcore at the gym...but then I got this awesome email at work about free tickets to this new play at Portland Center Stage in the Gerding Theater at the Armory. It's called "The Pillowman."  Kinda weird name but the synopsis is fantastic!  Here is the description I recieved:

About the Play
Winner of Britain’s prestigious Olivier Award for Best Play in 2004, The Pillowman generated enormous attention— some of it controversial — when it opened on Broadway in April of 2005, for its startling juxtaposition of the macabre and the hilarious. Set in an unnamed totalitarian state, the play opens with a writer named Katurian sitting blindfolded in a huge, gray interrogation room. He is accused of a "crime" which may stem from the politically unpopular themes in his short stories. Two children have recently been found murdered in a manner horrifically similar to what was depicted in Katurian’s own tales, some of which have never been published.

The Pillowman is one of the most celebrated and controversial works an English-speaking author has produced in the past few years. While Martin McDonagh’s dazzling mystery, with its dizzying mixture of comedy and suspense, has held audiences rapt and won awards in London and New York, the play has also challenged the comfort levels of many viewers


Portland Center Stage is committed to bringing stories to life that inspire and intensify dialogue in our community. Sometimes those stories celebrate what is best in humanity; sometimes they express what is most terrifying.

The Pillowman raises enormously complex and thorny questions. Should art operate within the bounds of what society defines as morally acceptable behavior? Or by its very nature, does art—like our dreams—require an explosion of the moral bounds we accept during our waking lives?

And so, on this very short notice, I'm wondering if anyone wants to go with me tonight. It starts at 7:30. Someone around my age would be fabulous (I'm 27), and bonus if you're a straight single male…hey it's always cool to meet a "nice young man" to hang out with! Certainly not mandatory though...I can always use new girlfriends too.

If you're curious about me, visit my myspace
and judge for yourself if you want to sit next to me for 2+ hours. Please email me at the email listed in my profile if you're interested. 

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Ok so I am looking for models to get a certification at work! Ineed people 18-30 to have an hour session with me at the clackamas town center. You get a free session and a free 8x10. The session includes upto three outfits and anhour of professional photography! :) Help! Go ahead and call 1-503-654-4909 and set up a " senior developement session" with Erin! Thanks guys! Oh Ps. This is for senior (as in highschool) type portraits/ model. :)

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My friend is visiting from out of town and since we couldn't get tickets to The Shins tonight (bummer!!) we want to go dancing. We're looking for somewhere where you don't have to be 21 to get in (only one of us is!) and we'd PREFER a gay or gay friendly environment.

Or if you have two Shins tickets you're looking to get rid of...

Thanks, guys!

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Please forgive me if this has been asked before, I did not find anything when I searched the group.

I am in need of a new primary care physician. I would prefer a female in SE Portland, but any recommendations would be appreciated. I have an Aetna Providence Preferred PPO.

Thanks so so much!
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obligatory tourist post

so, i'm flying in for my virginal visit to portland on late thursday night and leaving late monday night. i visit with the intent of moving up there in about 7 months, and making sure that i can hack it biking around in "the weather" and that the place feels like a place i'd like to live. i'm staying with a friend, but she's gonna be busy a lot. what do you recommend a guy (staying up on trendy-third) and his bike do in town to get the feel, the vibe, some sense of what the place is about in such a short time? i'm 30, but i never act my age; i'm a burner and a bit of a lush; i like live music, but i prefer conversation or people watching at a coffee shop to a show at a club. i'm planning to check out some of the stuff that Chuck P. writes about in his book about portland, i've heard the book fiend in me needs to see powells, and i need some other stuff to check out--restaurants, museums, cool neighborhoods, events, house parties, what have you. i will be on my bike; i don't mind riding for miles to see something nifty. please, unleash upon me with all due vigor a list of recommendations that i might attempt to visit, during my visit?

thanks in advance.

dearest damnportlanders

hello, im relatively new to portland (moved here in late december, from california/illinois... it's been a tumultuous decade thus far) and After FINALLY landing a job (it took over 2 months, the market is frighteningly tight) I'm ready to start stocking up on all those things i've gone without for the last few months!

That being said, If you might share with me the follow:

1) CHeapest/Coolest/Best place to buy Nag Champa. I'm in south east, but i have a car so that's not so much an issue, and i really do love an adventure. My roommate and i were burning incense fairly regularly, until both it and the money ran out. I miss the smell in my house, because without it we have a damp-basementy-old-person-smell. Yeah.

2) Favorite Record store. The only one we've gone to is the EM on sandy, which i actually really like. but am i missing the bigger picture? is there something out there that is so much better and better for me? Let me know.

3) Is there a sephora in town? One of the few things i don't mind splurging on is the odd, personal care item, and there's this lip balm i really like.. anyway, i could get it online, but i really enjoy going into the store. i don't know why, probably because they're so stark and hygenic in that hospital way. it just amuses me on some odd level.

4) SALSA. i was dismayed today while at the grocery store that the salsa selection was rather limited. I come from the central coast of california, and there's quite a wide variety of selection of fresh and/or local salsas there. I have not been too adventurous in my grocery expeditions (as i have been eating ramen and toast for the last month and a half), so i haven't tried any of the local stores, or whole foods or wild oats or anything. Is there any possibility there's some decent, fresh, chunky salsa out there? or should i just start making my own?

5) MEXICAN FOOD. I've been to esparzas, and I thought it was pretty decent for a Tex Mex place. i love chipotle and i'll even eat the occaisional taco bell meal, but i'd love so decent, down home mexican cooking. Are any of the roach coaches i see out and about any good? or are there any non-chain mexican restaurants of note i should visit?

6) Favorite Local Beer. I'm a sucker for microbreweries and the like. I'd love to know what oregon-beer-ale-whatever i should try on my next shopping trip. i'm always down for something unique and adventurous.

okay, i'm going to stop there, i could pick your brains for hours, but that's not very fair. The last bit of information i would like to know is when last call in oregon is? I've yet to go out, as my roommate is still underage and i don't really know anybody very well yet, and i'm just curious.

anyway... Thank you in advance. This community amuses me on a daily basis, and i'm ever so glad i joined it.
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Does anyone know why Hawthorne between 12th and 14th was closed off with police barricades today at about 1pm or so? My bus had to divert to another route because of it.

(no subject)

After reading posts asking for gay-friendly venues, I have to ask: What parts of the city aren't gay-friendly?

I obviously haven't explored Portland enough to find out for myself.

Also, on a very unrelated note, what colors light up the south side of the Burnside bridge? We caught the red and purple lights on the north side the other night, but couldn't see the flip side as we drove past.

Podcast pushing...because it's less sketchy than drugs

So I have this new job where I host and blog an alt.NPR podcast called YouthCast.  It is a lot of awesome and I still can't believe I get paid to be nerdy.  Anyway, my  first podcast 'airs' today and my blog is being 'unveiled'--go check it out! You can listen in my YouthCast LJ (youthcast) or subscribe here in iTunes. I used a Portland band for music (e*rock) and I want to keep using pdx music so please please recommend bands. And, you know, add me?

Also of note, youthcast features the word "skanky" more times than probably every other NPR website combined.
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Regular Meetup!

Hey, I'm only a day late announcing...I'm getting better! @.@

Meetup is Tuesday, Feb. 27th, at 7pm, at McMenamins Tavern & Pool. Meetup FAQ is here; note that anything stated in this entry trumps whatever is in the FAQ.

ALSO: Due to lack of interest, I'm considering the suggestion that the mid-month meetup be dropped. Vote your yays or nays via comment here if you care.