February 19th, 2007

Ooo questions questions...

So I hear that there is talk of requiring mountain climbers to carry tracking devices by law. There are apparently many climbers objecting to the requirement and saying it should be strongly advised but not a "law".

What do you think?

I haven't heard any discussion against the tracking requirements so I honestly cannot think of a good reason not to carry something just in case. In my defense accidents happen. You can be experienced and one wrong step can render someone unworthy of making the trek back home. I don't understand why someone wouldn't want to take whatever precautions possible to ensure their safety.


I'm looking into catering for an October 6th wedding. Does anyone have any recommendations on caterers? I'm hoping to do a buffet-style thing with something that's not along the lines of the same ol' chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Salvador Molly's has an extensive catering menu and looks like a good option, but just because they make a mean brisket sandwich doesn't mean they're necessarily good with the catering.

Any recommendations? (And if possible, prices?)
  • sporkly

Beer 4 Work 2 U... 48 Hours of FREE BEER!

The story is simple - bring your art, your projects, your tasks, or come and help us with our work!

Last year we set up the whole woodshop in a basement, repainted the (now missing) dead letter truck, served the neighbor bbq, captured Handsome Dave of ZooBomb! on camera ACTUALLY WORKING, helped neighbors with their kids bikes...

This years Beer 4 Work II (B4W2U) will be Thursday, February 22nd to Saturday, February 24th (6pm - 6pm) at the Watershed Building, 5040 SE Milwaukie... 48 HOURS OF FREE BEER!

REMINDER: You get your beer for _working_ - not necessarily working on our stuff. Let us support you in your projects!

Write deadletter (at) speakeasy (dot) net or call 206-383-7306



If I buy e-tickets purchased online from someone on craigslist, will i be able to get into the show at the Schnitzer? I am worried they will want the ID of the person who bought them online. I dont want to get turned away because of this after spending 100 on tickets.

Free stuff on my birthday?

Just kidding.... but this is related so feel free to burn me at the stake or whatever makes you feel better.

The topic of 21st birthdays came up today. Mine is sometime in the near-ish future. So..what are some good things to do on your 21st birthday (not just any birthday) ?

-good bars?
-places that do something fun or give you something fun?
-favorite places to throw up?
-Where is a good area with lots of bars/ things to do close together?
-anything else? other ideas? what did YOU do?

* I DID check the memories. Didn't see anything. If it's there and I missed it I am sorry.
Also, I've lived here almost two years but I'm from Seattle.. so I might not be familiar with the area like a native.
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What the...?

This morning while enduring my commute Westbound on 26, I saw a woman trimming her split ends with a little pair of scissors as she was driving. This was, I thought, the mechanical age equivalent of running with scissors.
So, what is the craziest driving distracted practice you have seen?
  • drjeff

Laptop repair?

I have an aging Compaq Presario 700 laptop that is in need of a new fan. Rather than do it myself (old age, failing eyesight, lack of hand-eye coordination? No.. LAZINESS!) I'd like to find a place to take care of it for me.

Before I Google 'n' Yellowpage my way to happiness, I thought I'd ask my trusted DP buddies.

Any recommendations for someone who'll do this for me? My computers never break so this is a first for me.


(no subject)

Any experts want to come help me use my new serger? I'm broke, so I can't pay you... but I have lots of tea and junk food! I live in upper Milwaukie, let me know if you'd like to come by =)

dripping hair
  • sassyps

Polish plum donuts

Also known as Pancki (spelled wrong but pronounced: punch-key)

I NEED to find some for Fat Tuesday

Any ideas where a girl could find some? The closer to Vancouver the better...

Thanks much
  • wagnus

From the Department of Shameless Self-Promotion

Dear Pals,

I'm happy to announce a brand new clothing line right here in Portland. Impress your friends and make new enemies with our unique line of shirts and magnets!
Warning: poop-related content.


Get your pre-apocalyptic clothing before the world ends! Hey, your feedback on the site is welcome, as it is a work in progress. Support your local artists!

Love and farts,

Wagnus & Poopalicious

Can you be hypnotized for pain?

I'd love to know if you can be hypnotized for pain, and if any one here has. How well did it work for you?

Has any one been hypnotized for anything else? I'd be interested in hearing what your experience was like and if you'd recommend it.

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How much might some one charge for a few rides a week?

I (unfortunately) am unable to ride public transportation (problem with the lighting)...

And figured I'd post here to see if some one would even be interested... and if so, how much it would 'run' to be dropped off and picked up hrs later (return) every other day or a few days a week from Downtown to Sound Grounds/Tao of Tea/Pied Cow area.

May as well put it out there!! *smile*

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