February 18th, 2007



Dear DP,

I don't have eye care insurance but I've GOT to have my script updated. I live around 50th and Woodstock in SE Portland and I need to see an opthamologist ASAP. How much would this cost in Portland? Does anyone know the name of a good dr who doesn't shake your pockets out at the door and will see me without insurance?

Thanks a bunch!
canoe Philip Bouret
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Does anyone know of a good furniture upholstery shop in or around Portland? I have a couple beat up but very comfy chairs that need new outsides thanks to my cats and dogs having worked them over for a number of years.


Creative Mac Programs

I'm looking to install some good programs on my Mac laptop. I would LOVE to have some sort of photoshop program... a good word processing program and a book publishing program... cool stuff like that!! I'm not super familiar with the creative programs for Macs but do you have these programs and would be so kind to let me load them onto my computer? We could meet downtown for coffee and swap, my treat? I have some sweet-ass music I could trade you as well... Oh, and I'm a fun guy!? Please? I'm broke and need to tools to fuel creativity. Thanks!!!

graveyards --

out of idle curiousity,
what are your favorite graveyards in the area?
i've a yen to explore, with older, moldier,
and more abandoned being better, as i like
prowling for colours and textures with my camera.

oh geeze- here we go COME CHAT WITH ME PORTLAND!!!

ME: New to the portland area, not wanting to swallow big spoon full of cinnamon, jobless loser, can't sleep and want to chat with somebody...

YOU: Guy or girl (i'm not lookin' for THAT kinda chat...) wants to meet new broke ass loser who may get a job tomorrow - preferably you have a webcam, because i like those things.

we can talk about portland!

yahoo: dalewoodruff
msn: little_dale@hotmail.com

[edit: i'm not looking for THAT kinda chat- but at this point... i'll take what i can get]