February 17th, 2007

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Greetings, my fellow sunbathing Damnportlanders!

I am in dire need of recommendations for high-quality copy places. I have some detailed gray pen art I need (possibly reduced and) reproduced faithfully, and the down-the-street "we copy and ship from this tiny room!" store was even more horendous and stone-age than my pessimistic imagination allowed. Flopping a piece of paper into one of those clunky machines is not going to cut it.

So, artists, where do you go to get copies of the fruits of your labor? What are your experiences? I am also open to places that do custom printing and what-not... um, I think. Clearly, I really am not sure where to start, here. Send me to someone who knows something about copying! Downtown or inner NE would be very spiffy keen. Thank you!
Magna Me!
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It looks like I might hafta break into my house, does anyone know how what's a good place to get good replacement windows for cheap? (I'm a unemployed college student's budget...) Thanks so much.

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Volunteer Opportunities?

Anybody know of any good volunteer opportunities? I would especially love something that can utilize my talents such as public speaking, education, management, or cinnamon swallowing. My roomie offered www.handsonportland.org and some of those projects look good- but i figured coming to you all would give me a broader perspective.

Also it would be ideal for ongoing type opportunities if they were at night. i'm not too interested in pet advocacy, but I would love to help out and make a difference in many other areas.

Barbur Boulevard

Everyone must be out enjoying the nice day. The lack of posts make me feel all right about posting some vague, general pointlessness.
Anyone live around Barbur Boulevard? What's your favorite businesses, or favorite things about the area? Have you shopped at Barbur World Foods? I wish there was something like a Trader Joe's around here.
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OK, so stupid question, but in our household we do the daily jumble everyday. The Jumble being the living section of the Oregonian, well todays is especially hard.

Can anyone tell me what the last word is?

The letters are SPOMIE.

PLEASE! I am dying.

Thank you.