February 16th, 2007



I need my eyes examined. Any recommendations for a good optometrist? (as in a doctor of optometry, NOT an optician who is just trained to find out what lenses you need) NE or SE preferred. Insurance doesn't matter, they cover everything.

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Inadvertent trespassing theater

Last night katealaurel and I stopped at a video store, at about 12:30. I'd thought that they were open until 1 or 2 in the morning, and indeed, we got in the door just fine. Then all the alarms went off and we stood around looking stupid for two minutes while a conspicuous absence of employees rushed to turn the sirens off. We realized, belatedly, that the store was closed (the other door had a sign saying they now close at midnight) and someone had left the door unlocked. We spent some time trying to figure out how to contact them - the store phone number, of course, went unanswered - anyone have any insight into situations like this?

Posted this morning just to make sure no one tries anything stupid with an unlocked video store. Mmm... DVDs...
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long shot

Anyone here seen those little mechanical music box parts - the things that go INSIDE the music boxes and wind up toys and pull-string dolls...anywhere in town?
You know, those wheel things with the pins and the clockwork mechanical movement bits that looks Collapse )

I used to see them in craft stores all the time, now that I'm looking for one though, all the craft shops I've tried have given me blank stares and mumbled something about how they "used to" carry those quite a few years back but now they don't know anything about them...
Someone told me to try Home Depot but they didn't have them either.


Oracle, where should I go for a cheap but good men's haircut? I've found Bishop's to be rather disappointing.
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Art n Yoga with Free Champagne Tonight


The Yoga Shala on N. Williams and Beech is having an art opening type thing with free champagne from 5 to 10 TONIGHT. The art's by Dory Goode, its good stuff. There'll be other cool artwork for sale/to look at and a yoga demo. I'll be demoing one of the Shadow Yoga forms. Other cool activities will be happening and you should show up for the champagne and to meet me if you are in the hood.


I'm having a craving for risotto. I love making it, but frankly I've not quite mastered it.

What restaurant here in town makes your favorite risotto? What's great about theirs in particular?

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okay, dear damnportlanders, i need computer help, if possible. pretty please?

earlier today i was on my laptop when a lot of ugly clicking noises commenced and webpages quit loading. i closed the window and tried to reopen evil explorer - no dice. that's when i noticed that my wireless connection had randomly dropped for no apparent reason.

this is now three hours ago, and i STILL can't get it to connect. i've tried restarting my computer. i tried shutting it down for awhile. i tried going back to a restore point from this morning when it was still working. i've tried telling it to repair the connection. i've checked the back of my (comcast) modem and my wireless router to make sure everything is plugged in - it is.

i'm on our desktop computer, and the internet is working just fine and dandy. my laptop is registering that my wireless network exists, it just doesn't connect.

anyone have a clue what the hell is up and how i can fix it??
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1. Is anyone familiar with any organizations in Portland that offer volunteering opportunities related to the study of linguistics or language endangerment?
2. Is any Damn Portlander experienced with the Andisheh Center? I need culture. :[
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does anyone here cross stitch? good stores for supplies? good places for lessons? or good books for self teaching? I've seen my Grandmother do this since I was a little girl and recently have seen some things that make me itch to try it, but sadly my Grandmother is about 3 hours away and cannot teach me.

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My wife and I moved to Portland in August. O'Neill Transfer and Storage unloaded our truck in less than two hours and did an excellent job. Now that my wife and I are moving to another house in Portland, five miles and ten minutes away EXACTLY, we called them back to give us an estimate on our in-town move. Since we arrived, we have acquired an upright piano, two big bookshelves, and an entertainment center. Admittedly, the piano will be a bitch, but we got it to our house with a guy who charged $100 to move it.

Bob from O'Neill came out to our house, spent an hour pinching, feeling, and squeezing everything, then estimated it will take THREE men FIVE hours to load, move, and unload our house. The rates he gave me are as follows for our case:

Just moving the furniture: $802.74
Moving the furniture plus everything we have already boxed: $1,337.90
Moving the furniture, the items already boxed, and packing everything currently not yet packed: $2079.03

What do you think about that? We think it's inflated, that with an extra man it should take LESS time, not more. Why do our boxes add $500?

Steve from Rose City Movers will be at our home Monday morning at nine to provide his estimate.

so we meet again trebek...

(no subject)

I have some foreign currency I need to exchange, does anyone know of a business or bank or something that will exchange currency? The phonebook only has two places way the fuck on the east side of Portland.
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