February 15th, 2007

anyone swim?

I am looking for a good place to get some laps in. I live in NE. (Cully neighborhood) I was looking at the Portland parks and recreation page and found a few in NE but I'd like to her what you DPers that to say...

I like indoor because I don't like freezing my ass off, but would also like to hear what you have to say about outdoor ones too. Seeing as how summer is coming and freezing won't be an issue.  I don't want to be fighting for a lane, or waiting behind someone who swims too slow. The less people the better I guess. When is a good time to go? Eventually I would like to join a swim team again, anything like that around here? I wouldn't mind traveling a bit for a fun team... anything else you'd like to add would be appreciated....

Any ladies need a swimming partner? That could be fun.

:D Thanks in advance..
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keep runnin'

Since it's supposed to be nice on Saturday, and I can't stand any more studying, let's play some more lazer tag at Laurelhurst Park.

As before, bring:
-water bottles (no working drinking fountains)
-ability to run around with a toy gun without being embarrassed

You can check out the equipment here:


The guns are really good, so it's not like we're playing with crappy dollar-store toys. How about Saturday, 11 AM, by the northwest corner of the pond? We have 4 spots left. RSVP.
Mi-mo-sa in Manhattan

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Finding seasonal cherimoya fruit at New Seasons Market (mmm...custardy fruit!)

2. Discovering (via my cool boss at work) a potentially interesting chocolate shop, Cacao, to visit and peruse in the near future.

3. Trying out the yummy Scottish Holiday Ale at the Lucky Lab.

4. Being served hot, delicious DragonFly Chai during the Worst Day of the Year bike ride last weekend....yum!

5. Awesome damnportlander friends who provide recipe inspiration and ideas (thank you yoopie!)
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Hair Coloring

Okay gang, anyone know where I can find some temporary hair coloring/dye? By temporary, I mean the kind you can put in your hair and wash out in the same evening. And I'm looking for bright red or blue. I've been looking all over today and have even called a couple beauty supply stores and can't find it. Anyone know where I can find it??
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Siouxsie Toss

Early notice! Well ok, not so early, it's the weekend after next!

This will be a kick-ass event at a great space!
Both nights will feature local acts from the industrial, goth and electro noise scene. If you haven't seen any of these bands these are some of the best homegrown acts to be found.

And $10 for 2 days is a BARGAIN for the bands you'll see! They are all awesome!
You can find most of these bands on myspace as well for a listen.
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