February 14th, 2007


Valentine's Inquisition... (answer as many or few as you like)

Poll #926934 Valentine's inquisition

Have you ever had a secret admirer?

Have you ever *been* a secret admirer?

Have you ever went on a blind-date? Good experience or bad? (do tell)

Have you ever played a prank on Valentine's day? (details, details)

Have you ever sent a stranger anything for Valentine's? What and why?

What's your worst (or best) Valentine memory?

Craziest or funnest thing you've done on Valentine's?

Ever been in love? (lust doesn't count DP's) *shgrin*

Is Valentine's a positive, negative, or "neither" day for you?

Name as many aphrodisiacs as you can think of!!

What are you doing on Valentine's? (besides reading this) *wink*

anything you want to add?

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hankerin' to lend a hand

i have a hankerin' to go to NOLA and help out. gut/rebuild houses, schools, libraries, etc. anyone here done this? i understand it is difficult for individuals to go there and do this, but what organizations (local or otherwise) do you DPers have experience with that i can hook up with to go for a few weeks or a month and half and lend a hand? if these orgs are *not* militantly hippy or christian my interest shall be exponential.

"Public apology to Bluejayway..."

I feel that a public apology is owed to bluejayway for the grammatical errors that tormented his (her) soul. *wink*


BTW: I had a head injury several years ago, so THERE WILL be more in the future... that's a promise. *smile*

Happy Valentine's day!
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please don't flame me... regarding Shabbat

Hey DPers,

Do you know of any liberal rabbis who would perfom a wedding on a Saturday before sundown?

This is not for me, it is for a friend! I am aware of the inherent problems with this request, but because this is what the couple wants, I thought I would ask the Mighty Mind o'DP.

What's more is that it is a mixed wedding and they would like the rabbi to co-preside with a Catholic officiant. I know, I know...

I am thinking this is totally impossible but I wanted to hear if anyone had ever heard of something like this happening.

I apologize in advance for offending anyone, just trying to help a buddy out.

Thank you!
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dun dun... dun dun....

Of copyrights and third-party printing policies

So, being that I have yet to acquire a printer of my very own, I am forced to go down to Kinkos. For some time now, their online printing service has given me nothing but trouble and I've merely attached the print jobs to an email. Recently, this has become less of an option (upgraded spam filters strip them), though I am most perplexed by something else entirely. Just this afternoon, I spoke with one of the copy-monkeys and he refused to print my documents on the grounds of copyright infringement.... They've been printing whatever my heart desired for several months, so why change now?
To point, the documents in question are covered under the Open Game License, owned by me in Acrobat format for the express purpose of printing off required pages (for personal use only), and Kinkos is well aware of said issues.
Or so I thought.
The clerk's explanation was that he was unable to print any copyrighted material because they'd make a profit from doing so, and therefor I would have to come down and print it from a self-serve computer terminal. I see that as a poorly-veiled policy for price-gouging, seeing as how the difference in price is nearly $.30/page, and I said as much.

Oh, all-knowing DPers, how can I print OGL material for personal use with both b&w and color options?
Optimally, I'd also be able to use cardstock, but that's not entirely necessary right now.
Go through a smaller print company?
The local library doesn't do color, though I'll try that for the b&w documents as a last resort.
Our trusty university computer labs, perhaps? (would I need a username?)

Clue me, pretty please! Time is of the essence!


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Hot yoga?

Soooo where do *you* go for hot, intensive yoga? I've been frequenting a few studios, but the schedules are not ideal for my complicated life right now.

I know about all the "official" Bikram studios, and also Root in NE. Any other good ones? Looking for hot yoga only.

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equine // striving
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(no subject)

Hey again! Sorry to be a pain, but when you're new you have to ask questions, right? ^^;

So I'm trying to hunt down two places. A place that does good eyebrow waxing for not too expensive ($15 max) and a hairdresser that's also not too wallet-crippling (I was looking at Blades Hair Studio and London Underground by reputation but I think they're both slightly out of my price range; I have a specific cut and colour in mind and photos) so if anyone can give me some recommendations and price ranges, I would really appreciate it! I'm coming from SW Portland but I'm not too fussy about where it is. The closer the better, obviously.

Thanks very much!
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Possibly making the switch


Just wondering if the two slower speeds that Qwest offers for DSL are comparable to Comcast --in terms of page loading time.

Thinking about making the switch, so I'm curious about other people's experience with Qwest.

All advice and suggestions are appreciated. Thankyou!
Shane *Drool*

Valentine's Day in PDX


 kindly provide suggestions for a 19-year old queer chick to do on Valentine's Day in Portland... preferably in Portland, close in, and preferably inexpensive.  Serious suggestions please, though I know this is open to interpretation...

Magna Me!
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Looking for things to do

I just moved to Portland from San Francisco and I was looking for things to do in this town. While job-hunting and making sure every thing's aligned for school, I'm looking for things to occupy my time. I've been over to Hawthorne, (which was fun for food but nothing else,) and explored Foster street, (and found Guapo comics THANK GOD,) but I haven't found anything else to do. What is there for a queer, 20 year old, gamer, geek, artist type person that likes varied activities during the day?
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(no subject)

Dear, dear Damnportlanders,

1. yet another "where can I" ...buy flower bulbs, particularly stargazer lilies.  If they'll chat with me about gardening in the pac NW that would be awesome.  Preference for relatively inexpensive, and for SE.

2. Wednesdays at that unfortunate hour of 5:30pm I have to make my way from NE 122nd/San Rafael to SE 7th/Morrison.  Mapquest shuttles me North to I believe Fremont, to 84W to exit 1...Last direction is to turn left off Sandy onto 7th.
Sometimes traffic's a bear, sometimes it isn't.  Is 84 the way to go regardless, or is there a through-the-city way that might be worth trying?  Is there a simple way to avoid the left off Sandy which seems a little tricky, since there isn't really a turn lane there?  Alternately, what's a good local radio station that broadcasts traffic updates relatively regularly around that time?

Thank you, that is all for now.

indian or thai place open late?

Where is a good thai or indian restaurant that is open late (at least 11) tonight on this side of the river (preferably se) my significant other gets off at nine and i want to take them out. i tried searching but am having a hard time finding hours.