February 12th, 2007

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two dinner recommendation requests!

Happy Monday, DPeeps!

I have two dinner recommendation requests for all you foodies out thurrrrr ...
  1. Favorite place(s) in Cannon Beach?  My sweetie and I will be spending this weekend at the coast, and I'm not too familiar with good dinner places there.  I'd like something on the more romantic side, but of course all suggestions are welcome, seeing as we'll probably be dining out for most of our meals this weekend.
  2. Favorite place(s) for a large group in Portland? I'm trying to plan a get-together for maybe 20 people at a decent dinner place, and a group that size exceeds the capacity of a couple places we've tried (i.e., Nostrana, Fife, Le Pigeon).  I'd like to keep the price decent and the atmosphere non-chaotic enough to encourage everyone to be social, but I'm coming up dry for places to take a group that large.  I don't think I want to do a pub or brewery ... but if that's what it comes down to, then a pub it shall be.
Thanks as always, folks.
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Funky Salem Florist?

Hi gang.

I set aside some Valentine's Day $$ and now I need your help! Do any of you know of a florist that would fit the following criteria?

-Can deliver to Salem, OR.
-Has a unique selection of plants, like bonsai, orchids, etc. Not your usual roses and daisies.

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art writing

For six months, I was a regular contributor to Visual Codec, an online arts magazine covering Vancouver B.C., Seattle, and Portland. Due to insufficient advertising funds, the magazine officially went belly-up this month, and now I find myself with some publishing credits and a great reference, but no writing gig.

I have a degree in art history, and thus extensive experience in academic art writing, but I (and my portfolio) yearn for more experience in professional art & culture writing (criticism, reviews, etc.). So I am putting out an all-call: Can anyone think of a small arts/culture publication that might need or want young writers? Online and print are both ok. Pay is a must, but it can be nominal.

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Vday Dinner

Is PF Changs an okay place for Valentine's Day dinner? I want to kind of dress up and go to a place w/ dim lighting which PF Changs has. But do any of you know of any other nice places to eat in Portland? Or a place w/ good cocnut shrimp. Thanks!

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I'll be going to Eugene for a couple of days in March to visit a good friend and her daughter. It'll be my first "self-guided" stay/look around the town. In the past, I've gone to Eugene to visit her, but haven't really seen any of the rest of the town. If I'm mostly sticking to the downtown area (but am more than happy to travel on the bus), what should I absolutely not miss while I'm there? I'm thinking any sort of interesting shops, vegetarian-friendly restaurants, and the like. I've got a short list, but am looking to add to it.


Where shall I move?

I am living in Vancouver and I hate it. I miss portland!! I want to move in July (right before my lease is up).

Here is what I am looking for:
I want to live on my own.
1-2 bedrooms
Allows 2 cats
has W/D hookups (or storage to store mine away).

I get so many conflicting anwsers on where to/not to live. Does anybody have recomendations to specific locations (ie: parts of portland)? The good, bad, and the ugly? I personally love the hollywood/alameda/loyd center districts...but they seem so expensive....Also - is it going to be impossible to find something under 700$ a month? I would prefer to pay 600-650 a month.

Also - if anybody knows of an appartment/duplex/anything that would have what i am looking for.....let me know!!!!!

You have no idea how much I will appreciate feedback! THANKS
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Come see me naked!

Come to the Flesh Art Show this Sunday, Feb. 18th

I'm going to be a model in the show. It should be really awesome!

And it is a beneit for an awesome cause, M.A.R.C. It stands for "Music and Art Resource Collective". The plan is to open up a warehouse space in North Portland with free and cheap music and art classes. I am one of the collaboraters in this project, so if you have any questions, or would like to help us out, feel free to ask.

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I have tickets for sale! Special DamnPortlanders price! I'll pay $1 of any tickets you buy presale through me. That means $11 for dinner and the show, or $5 for just the show. Tickets will also be on sale at the door at regular prices.

Email me @ RebeccaLavelle @ yahoo .com to make plans to meet up.
Watch for the Willamette Week article about the show this week!

Picture hosting.

Figured I would ask you guys, since at least one of you has to know. :)

Im looking for a picture hosting website that wont take down nude pictures. I know photobucket will, and Im not very familiar with other websites. It must also be free! Thanks for the help and a half!

V-Day Shopping

Hey DPs, I finally got my bf to answer the "what do you want for valentine's day..." question and the answer is a flesh bot? He gave me enough of a description to know what the thing is but I have no idea where to buy one by Wednesday, anybody out there have any ideas?

LOW CALORIE COOKING OILS! A topic more exciting than kinky sex!

While making my nightly stir fry I read the label on my janky Fred Meyers canola oil. I was shocked to see there's 130 calories per table spoon. I probably use 4-5 table spoons every time I make dinner.
What is the most ultimate low calorie cooking oil of all time?
Seriously, if there's any foodies or health nuts, what's the best cooking oil that would work in a stir fry?
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2 tickets to Sparklehorse

Is anyone interested in a couple of tickets to see Sparklehorse tomorrow night (Tuesday)? It's at Wonder Ballroom, and I'm not sure I'll be able to go so I'm planning on not. Openers are Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter. I live close-in downtown, and you can email me at jaysthename@gmail.com if you're interested. Thanks!