February 11th, 2007

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An open letter to Mark, the obsessed Glen Phillips fanboy.

I don't even understand how Glen Phillips acquired an obsessed fanboy, since he's pretty mellow and isn't a super famous pop-singer or a member of a boy band. But, somehow, he has. Said idiot fanboy, whose name is apparently Mark, was camped out at the Aladdin all day Saturday (since 10 in the morning), so he could stalk Glen Phillips into singing a particular song for him and his girlfriend.

Every time I've gone to a Glen Phillips show in Portland, Mark has been there. He's always first in line, he always sits front row center. He bounces, claps, chair-dances, high-fives other fans and generally annoys everyone around him who isn't also insane.

If you are Mark, please understand that your fellow concert goers hate you because you're ruining the show for the rest of us. We can see (and hear) you up there acting like an idiot. If you know Mark, please ask him to settle the fuck down. I don't want to know what Glen Phillips thinks about you, but you can bet it's a damn sight nicer than what I'm thinking about you right now.

I like the music of Glen Phillips just as much as you do, Mark. It means just as much to me, probably more, to see him in concert. You are not impressing me with your "I'm a bigger fan than you" routine. I highly doubt you're impressing Glen Phillips with your hyper-manic antics and obsessive behavior. Take some goddamned ritalin and sit the hell down. Hoe sit down!
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tegan ice cream

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does anyone wanna distract me from writing a paper about a coleridge poem? i'm drinking an energy drink and might be up for a while working on it, but i want someone to talk to! i'm a 20-yr-old chick, open to anyone in my age range. you can check my userinfo for my interests. my aim sn is allfadedgirls. thanks, portlanders!
Shane *Drool*


Call me crazy, but does anyone remember the TV-movie/miniseries of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe that was out in the early/mid-1990s? It was an animated one, I recall, but very beautiful and amazingly detailed. I watched it when I was younger.

Any recollection or idea of where I could find a copy of it would be great. All the internet has lead me to is the 1979 animated version, and the 1988 BBC miniseries version... and of course the 2006 version.

Me and Henry

Gigantic Moving Sale -- Pass It On to Portland Friends!

After an historic 18-year run, during which legends were born, I am moving out of the Hoyt St. house. Yes, it's the end of an era, but don't despair -- you can score multiple mementos if you come by today. There's lots of free stuff on the front porch, and if you come inside you will find:

*baby and boy's clothing
*women's clothing, accessories and shoes (lots of vintage)
*costume jewelry, including lots of vintage and loose beads
*arts and crafts supplies
*stacks and stacks of books and magazines -- all sorts -- lots of kids stuff and art reference titles
*outmoded electronics and media -- tv, dvd players, stereo, speakers, records, videos, random computer crap
*furniture -- a couple great vintage pieces that need to be re-upholstered, two 7-foot bookshelves, lots of chairs, metal stands, magazine racks, lamps, some store fixtures
*miscellaneous housewares, kitchen items, towels, linens, etc.
*ridiculous amounts of toys (mostly new, some vintage)
*vintage educational materials
*lots of artwork, posters, prints and empty frames
*home decor and objets d'art
*and more!

Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm,
Please don't come early!!!

608 NW 19th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209

Swordfighting update

UPDATE: If the weather holds, we'll be in Laurelhurst park today (Sunday) on the tennis courts from about noon-onwards. Feel free to stop by, bring your own gear if you want, etc. or just come watch. We're pretty nice peoples, but there is a lot of cursing when someone gets bopped on the head so.. you know.. don't come if that stuff bugs you. Um, and play is at your own risk, we aren't responsible for any poked-out eyes, etc. Just sayin'. ;)
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Ony a male could link flossing to masterbation!

I told a friend I didn't like the new floss sticks, they make my wrist hurt. He replied with "they don't bother me, because I have a *very* flexible wrist..." as he eagerly made the inaproprate hand motions. *lol*

Oh, to wonder how the male mind works... course, its the female mind that I find confusing and intimidating. Odd? maybe. *smile*
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Amending a tax return...

Anyone done this? I want to amend my 2006 taxes and remove my daughter as a dependent and let her father claim her as a dependent.. My refund wont change at all cause i'll still claim her for Earned income credit just not as a dependent.. but for him to claim her as dependent ill have to amend mine to file his..

I need my tech heads!

Hey all,

I just found a CD with a ton of my old photographs that I want to get on my computer, but i keep getting a "cylindrical error" is there any way to force a transfer of files? even if some are corrupted i'd like to see what i can do with them.

Is Turbotax a rip off?

I just filed my federal and state taxes through Turbotax online. My taxes are very straight forward, I just claim one deduction for interest paid on my student loan. Turbotax charged me $85. Did I just get screwed?
I think next year I'll just get the forms and mail them in.


Oh great and all knowing Damn Portlanders.... please tell me where one may find an establishment that has a proper snooker table. Preferably of the 10 - 12ft variety.
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good god someone has to know this!

when all else fails? reboot. crossed myself, closed my eyes, and took the plunge. saved almost everything and will be done soon. thanks for all the suggestions!

i:m on my laptop< and the shift key appears to be permanently engaged>

i am typing this with the caps lock on< but cannot use any of my punctuation functions with or without caps engaged> for instance< when i type "comma" i get < regardless of whether i"m holding down shift>

this happened in the middle of a microsoft word session< and i am trying to finish a paper that is due in the morning> can you help me fix this?

EDIT: i can"t search this myself< because i am unable to use my period key ">" to type in a url> which means i cant even google! OH THE HUMANITY!