February 10th, 2007

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I am looking for Final Fantasies 7-9 for playstation 1.

Where (in portland) can I find them? I dont know of any game stores besides EB types, and they don't carry ps1.

help me out portland


Vancouver, B.C.!!

One of my best friends and I are visiting Vancouver, B.C. for the first time next weekend. I know some of you Damn Portlanders must have been before, given the close proximity. My friend is vegan, I'm omni, I'm gay, he's in the early stages of transgender, but not obvious. We both like anything counterculture, but are well past our 20s and not looking for super young scenes. Can anyone recommend restaurants, nightlife, places to go! Thanks in advance!!
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Rental issues

Does anyone know where I can get some information concerning the validity of an original rental agreement and rent increases?

My building was bought by a new owner several years ago, and since then, the land lord has tried on numerous occasions to get me to sign a NEW rental agreement, I suspect so they can drastically raise my rent, and now they've thrown a new twist at me and I'd like to research the renters rights before I get suckered.

Links would be helpful, I don't know where to look or what it might be called in this area

Veal Cutlets?

So I recently discovered that my boyfriend's favorite food his mom used to make him was breaded veal cutlets. Well his birthday is coming up and I wanted to get/make him some or go out to a great restaurant that has some yummy breaded veal cutlets. The first place that comes to mind is the Rheinlander, but he almost always takes me there for my birthday. Any ideas?

And while I'm here - do any of you have a valentine's day birthday? My boyfriend does and so it's always his birthday at our house rather than being Valentine's day. I'm trying to think of some clever way to do both holidays at once, without taking away from it being his bday. Any good gift ideas or otherwise?

Thanks in advance guys!

*edit* Thanks so much for the responses guys! I really appreciate it (and I'm sure my boyfriend will too).
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Meetup at 6pm!

Meetup is TONIGHT, at 6pm, at McMenamins Tavern & Pool! I will bring cookies!

If you're coming late and want to check in and see if we're still at it, you can use LiveJournal to send me a text message. Just be sure to leave me an e-mail or cell phone number so I can reply to you and let you know.

I'm not sure where exactly we'll be, since we can't reserve our usual tables on weekends-- hopefully we'll get them anyway. If not, ask one of the waitstaff; I'll make sure they know where to send you.

The meetup faq is here, but of course, any information in this post trumps anything said in the FAQ =P

See ya there!
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for car repair

would you generally recommend any reason not to use an insurance company's services for estimate and repairwork, besides or in addition to but already thought of "the local factor," but I'm wondering if there are any other?
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the search for hot dogs

Hi all,

A friend of mine has a craving for hot dogs.  We were going to go to Good Dog Bad Dog, but they have closed the downtown location.  Do you know of any other place downtown that serves good hot dogs?

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Alright. I figured this would be the BEST place to ask...

What would be the best place to hang out (bars, NO CLUBS, etc) for a 21 year old girl and 25 year old boy? We are both fairly new to the city -- but somewhat socially retarded. We're fairly open-minded on places to hangout, but not too cool with sportsbar like places. We're in the NE -- but it doesn't really matter where the place is located.

Also, what is Mardi Gras like in this city? I was in Portland last year for Mardi Gras, but didn't bother to see what was going on. I've already assumed that it will be shitty. But! Maybe one of you kids can change my mind -- any special places to go on that Tuesday? It's the 23rd, I believe.


Rainy Day Park?

Hi gang,

We're looking for a park to use tomorrow (close-in, east or west), one that has a large, covered area to hide from the rain and do some shinai swordfighting.

Know of a place? Preferably one that doesn't require pushing around lots of picnic benches. Usually we use the tennis courts at Laurelhurst park, but if it's crappy and rainy they turn into a giant slip-and-slide.

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