February 8th, 2007


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My foodie friend and I are usually too poor to indulge our expensive tastes, but this Valentine's Day I want to send him a care package with a few expensive goodies. I was going to order from Amazon, but the shipping would cost as much as the items I'm purchasing, so I'm hoping to find them locally. Do any of you know where in Portland I can find truffles of the mushroom varietal? I'm also looking for a good balsamic vinegar and fleur de sel, but I think those things will be easier to find.

Thanks in advance.
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early morning dog drama

So instead of sleeping I'm reading Craigslist and I see this ad:

Found at Farmount school was a Rot, beautiful dog! While he was hanging out there the janitor spent sometime getting to know him, he can sit, lay, shake, and listens really well. We put up signs and posted, and unfortunatley he is still sitting at the pound. His day to be adopted happened two days ago, and still no one has gone to either claim him or rescue him. If you are looking for a great dog, very mellow and loving, he is the dog for you. Please save him!!

The ad also said he was due to be euthanized in 24-48 hours. I want to go get him. He listens really well! Look at his picture, he was trying to listen to the photographer! Oh dog, come live with me! There are just two problems: 1) I'm leaving the country in March and 2) My landlady, who does not permit dogs, is here several days out of the week working on the apartment downstairs. So it would be hard to commit dog subterfuge.

But I still want to go save him. Will the pound really kill a smart, nice dog after only eight days? If I go get him, and then try to take him to a no-kill shelter in Portland, will the no-kill shelter be mad at me for...dog transference? I'd drive down and get him, I just want to know if there's a place to put him. Please advise.

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It's terrible that someone was hurt last night on a bicycle. Does anyone find it ironic that there were two separate posts yesterday about bicyclists not following traffic laws? Perhaps it is the same person. I am glad they are doing okay but apparently a lot of people out there are not properly educated on bicycle laws.
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Would it be weird to call back a place [where you applied for a job] back if they didn't leave a message?

[I missed their call during my morning shower. I googled the number and it was one of the places I applied to]
My beloved Inky the VW Minibus

To the motherfucker...

To the Motherfucker who Hit and Run My Partner in Our Car This Morning around 8:40 at NE 47th and Hancock:

You are an asshole. You are a vile piece of shit who is a shame to the human race. Thank god my partner is fine (so far). Thank god that you did not hit our transmission or some other vital piece of machinery, and that the damage sustained is (so far as he can tell) merely one car door. Thank god my partner was driving and not riding a bike, as he often does on that street as it has BIKE LANES, before you tried to cross without looking, or that there was not someone there who happened to be on a bike. I hope that you having to drive is due to some pressing life circumstances such as poverty, illness and desperation and not because you are too fucking lazy to take the bus or take responsibility for the consequences when you drive. It makes me sick that you could have hurt or potentially killed someone, yet you took off because you were more worried about your own consequences rather than stopping to see if the person you hit with your two ton death machine was OK. It makes me sick that you could have hit a bicyclist and done the same thing. I hope that the police put this shit on the news and that someone sees our paint on your fender and that you get caught by some "good samaritan". I hope you don't get caught because you pull this shit again and someone else gets hurt in the process.

Don't drive without a license, get fucking insurance. Asshole.

Signed, Me

art, drinks, fun.

so i've never done the First Thursday art thing.

so what galleries do i go to? how's it work exactly? just wander around and check out the artists? free drinks? i know some of you are die-hards...so help!

edit: i know first thursday passed already.


Bicyclists suck. Ok so I was driving home last night listening to my Limp Bizkit cd-rs and trying to eat some of this awesome Ciabatta burger I just got from Jack In The Box when some dumbass cyclist was riding on the side of the road. I LITERALLY HAD TO PUT BOTH MY HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL AND DIRECT MY CAR TWO FEET LEFT OF HIM JUST TO AVOID HITTING HIM! What a joke. Is this what this city is coming to? Having to actually pay attention to the road now? Portland is officially going to hell in a handbasket. My girlfriend can't even do her makeup in her car anymore because it's so annoying when these dumb cyclists are riding on the road - UH???? ROADS ARE FOR CARS! People should have to get a license to ride a bike. They do that for drivers, and that basically ensures that all drivers are very smart and responsible. But no, they'll let anyone ride a bike all over my Portland streets. Now I can't even drive home drunk from the bar (it's ONLY 3 blocks away) because some "innocent bicyclist" might be riding home from their job. The only job a cyclist has is staying out of the way of my Hyundai. I hate you cyclists. Especially you female cyclists, with your cute smile aimed back my way as I reluctantly let you change lanes in front of me. Why can't you resemble your counterpart, the female driver? Nothing says sexy like 300 extra lbs, playdough teeth and cheeto breath cruising at 30mph in a compact.

Help a puppy?

I don't usually post this sort of stuff.. but I told a friend of mine I would try to help him find a home for this puppy. Him and his wife found a puppy at a rest area in New Mexico during a terrible storm. They brought her back so that she wouldn't freeze to death.. but they already have 4 pets. She needs a home.. pretty please.

Heres's the details.. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/pet/275551584.html

Also, if you are interested, I have been told that the small fee will be waived. :) Just tell him you were referred by Lewanna.
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Jeeze. Portland is grumpy lately. That's what like.. 4 angry motorist posts this week so far?

Ok, here's my contribution:

MAN! I freaking HATE those stupid crumpbly sidewalks. Why you gotta be so stupid and crumbly, sidewalks? Huh? You're always trippin' me up and stuff.

Damned sidewalks. I hope you get covered in moss!

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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Warmer weather that is conducive for long bicycle riding and hiking around the city.

2. Free Friday evening (6-10 p.m.) rides for the public on the Portland Aerial Tram throughout the month (I wonder what the city skyline looks like at night from inside the tram?).

3. Doom Town 4 Rock-n-Roll Fashion Show at Crystal Ballroom on Friday night, featuring performance by Portland greats, The Prids, The Punk Group, and DJ Gregarious.

4. Worst Day of the Year Ride on Sunday, featuring up to 1500 cyclists, starting and ending at the Lucky Labrador Brewpub on SE Hawthorne.

5. Discovering yummy vegetarian dumplings at Stickers Asian Cafe in the Sellwood area.
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Mid-Month Meetup! Unusual time OMG!

Per le poll:

Mid-Month Meetup will be held Saturday, Feb. 10th, at McMenamins Tavern & Pool.

The only complication is, of course, that McMenamins (like many bar-and-restaurant type places) doesn't take reservations on weekends.

So I'm setting the official start time to 6pm in hopes that we can snag at least a couple of our usual long tables sometime in the evening. Yes, that's right, meetup will start at 6pm, so arrive anytime after then.

We'll probably run until...I dunno, 9, 10, whenever we're sick of each other? If you want to check and be sure, you can text me. (I'll repeat this on the day-of reminder).

So! Uh...oh yeah, and meetup faq. (Remember: anything stated in this post automatically trumps the FAQ!)
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Karma after teh drama with cyclists...

Well, I did something that could be either good or evil depending on how you look at it.

I helped someone with a monstrous SUV navigate out of a parking space at my usual parking lot.

Granted, I wanted the space when she left. But I'm wondering - did I do something good because I helped someone out, or did I do something evil because i aided and abetted an SUV driver? :P

Bill Banning iPods In Crosswalks Slated For Albany

(I am so tired of hearing you motorists and bicyclists whining about how unsafe the two are.... When the real problem is people who are walking unsafely! National walking permits might fix this problem, who is behind me? :)

Lou Young

(CBS) NEW YORK First it was cell phones in cars, then trans fats. Now, a new plan is on the table to ban gadget use while crossing city streets.

We all seem to have one -- an iPod, a BlackBerry, a cell phone -- taking up more and more of our time, but can they make us too distracted to walk safely? Some people think so.

If you use them in the crosswalk, your favorite electronic devices could be in the crosshairs.

Legislation will be introduced in Albany on Wednesday to lay a $100 fine on pedestrians succumbing to what State Sen. Carl Kruger calls iPod oblivion.

"We're talking about people walking sort of tuned in and in the process of being tuned in, tuned out," Kruger said. "Tuned out to the world around them. They're walking into speeding cars. They're walking into buses. They're walking into one another and it's creating a number of fatalities that have been documented right here in the city."
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history channel <3

where would be a good website or place online to download/watch full episodes of programs they have on the history channel? i am specifically interested in the ones about greek history, war, and architecture, as well as worldwarII trivia, and i LOVE the ones about the bible, good or bad.

i have tried on youtube to try interesting documentaries, but alas, most are pasted together by other people.

portland, where do you go online to watch history shows :B?

Magic Words

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