February 7th, 2007

deer in forest


Just wondering - has anyone else in SE (I'm near Milwaukie and Powell) noticed ALOT of birds flying around all crazed the last few days? There's got to be hundreds outside of my house right now and there were hundreds yesterday, too. My cats love it, and I love birds, it's just a lil'... weird.
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Bad bicyclists in Portland? You don't say!

Dear bicyclist in the silver helmet and black sweatshirt who I almost hit at the corner of 10th and SW Jefferson approximately 11:30 this morning:

Cars have a blind spot, and if you stay in the blind spot, you may get hit by a car turning right. You saw my turn signal and heard me honk, so don't get all pissy and self-righteous when I honk at you.

You might be "saving the planet," but you're not doing a good job at saving yourself.
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dear cyclist

are you really that dumb or do you have a death wish?


far right right turn lane, burnside and grand, turning right


in my blind spot (which i always check, thankfully) and riding illegally through the crosswalk

did you not see the cars all turning right, or do you just not care? share the road, i do! not only did you narrowly avoid being hit by me, but you narrowly avoided being hit by the other car turning right in the left-most right turn lane.


(and for the record, i ride too, but i obey the traffic laws and have never almost been hit by a car).
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Heathman Hotel donation

I thought I would share this official press release/announcement. I am an employee at the Heathman, which is contributing $10,000, and this made me feel pretty proud today.


"Chris Erickson, General Manager of the Heathman Hotel along with Jeff Miller, President of the Portland Oregon Visitors Association are among the many residents and businesses that have stepped forward to financially assist Pastor A. Wayne Johnson on the recent total loss of Morning Star Church which was consumed by fire a few days ago.

Initial checks will be presented to Pastor Johnson, today (Feb. 7, 2007) at the Tea Room of the Heathman Hotel at 4PM

Roy Jay, President of the African American Chamber of Commerce and Oregon Convention & Visitor Services Network says that it is a time like this makes Portland, Oregon a real unified community. Jay says that the African American Chamber is also a financial contributor and that a special fund has been established at Wells Fargo under the name of Morning Star Church Reconstruction Fund. Individuals and businesses may make their contributions direct at any branch."

I'm running out of ideas.

Does anyone know anywhere in portland, the areas surrounding portland or online, anywhere- that I can find miniature generic pirate figurines?

I've found nothing but pirates of the Caribbean, and I'm looking for something a little more generic than that, also, something more 'cartoonish'.  But if all I could find was Pirates of the Caribbean, I'd buy them if they were small enough. Like, 2-3 inches tall, max. 

help? Ideas? Please? I've googled, I've searched, I've found nothing online thats an actual figure, just pirate skulls and flags and eye patches. I did find a sort of piratey figure, but they only ship to england, and, well.. I'm not in england. 

Thank you for any leads you can give me!
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Lost = Not in Portland

Don't know how many of you are "Lost" fans, but tonight's episode was called "Not in Portland", based on one character's flashback of a job interview with a biotech company based outside of Portland. The person conducting the interview talks about how Portland is "awesome for hiking and outdoors activities and such." He shows a picture of the company campus which clearly shows people with dogs going into the office.

I love this town. Leaving it is kind of like being imprisoned by "the others".
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Chickens! Eggs! Portland!

Hi everyone,

I'm wondering where I can find (valid) information regarding the rules/regulations/laws etc. related to raising chickens in Portland. I live in SE Portland a bit beyond the Woodstock neighborhood into the sketchier end but I have a BIG fenced-in back yard. I've heard that you can only have 3 (?) and no rooster- is this true? Are there any land restrictions? Does anyone in this community raise their own chickens?

Thanks for your help!