February 6th, 2007



Did anyone else feel an earthquake around 1AM? It lasted for about 30 seconds, and was a low, steady rumble...probably less than a 2 on the Richter scale. Anyone?


I remember hearing of a peircing place somewhere in Northwest that was peircing exclusive. Anyone remember the name? Or know of a place where I can have my nose done for less then 40 bucks. That just seems ridicuous.

Thanks for all the advice. I have had it done before at Black Hole and felt like I was just another face to put a hole in. I am going to check out Robot's and Straight to the Point.

Thanks again DP. You never let me down.
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This is the last time I am going to pimp the pdx4rent community here. I don't want to be a jerk! If you are a renter or a rentee, come join! The community is great for discussion of rental issues, or if you are looking for a place or trying to rent a place out. Maybe you are already happy with your current place but you never know when you might want to consult the pdx4rent community! Come and tell your friends about it!
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I'm posting this for a dear friend of mine, helloradio, who just moved to Portland and doesn't have an Internet connection yet.

Missing Kitty- "Fender"

More pictures of Fender

Fender was accidentally let out from an apartment at NE 61st and Burnside streets sometime between yesterday and today. We're not entirely sure when.

Fender is a female (not spayed) cat. She has coarse gray fur with some beige flecks and a few beige stripes at the tip of her tail. She has light green eyes and a gray nose. I like to call her "Fenderleezza Rice" because of a perpetually angry look on her face. She does not have a collar or a microchip. She is exclusively an indoor cat, which is why we are so worried about her. She may be very freaked out being outside.

Please help us find helloradio's most important companion during this difficult time of readjustment in a new city.

If you see Fender, or think you saw her, or have a friend who thinks they saw her, or you have any tips, PLEASE:

-Reply to this post
-Email me at hildo (dot) tm (at) gmail (dot) com
-Call nine-one-six-five-four-nine-seven-six-six-seven (my number) or
-Call five-one-oh-five-one-seven-three-eight-two-one (helloradio's number)

Thank you.
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Tax Time

Has anyone ever used Clarity Tax Services in SE? I got an ad for them and at this point I am kind of looking for anyone who is willing to take me on...

Or recommendations for someone who needs help with a sole proprietorship that didn't make any moey last year?


From kgw.com:

Extras needed for new film in Portland
Crews shooting new Hollywood movie that starts filming this month in Portland were looking for extras.

Producers for the Lakeshore Entertainment feature “Untraceable” said they needed people of all ages for paid extras.

No experience was necessary.

The thriller about FBI agents tracking down an online predator will star Diane Lane, Billy Burke, and Colin Hanks.

A casting call will be held Saturday Feb. 10 at the Convention Plaza Office Building at NE 3rd Avenue from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

For more information email filmextras@yahoo.com

Another article on the film content can be read here.
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HDR imaging

Hey kids! So, here's a question for you!

I want to learn how to do this HDR imaging thing.

A few google searches (and a wikipedia search) give me that I need to be able to do tone-mapping, and need a higher-level of photoshop.

I have Photoshop 5.5 (and I do love it, since it's all I can afford) and have issues with d/l a different version of photoshop.

Anyone have bits of advice for me? If so, thanks in advance! :D

(beyond, "Get a better version of photoshop!" I will throw a pie at you, if you say this.)
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So long

Hey DP'ers!

just wanted to say a fond farewell to the group. During my "sabbatical" away from the group, I had time to prioritize and think things through. I'd like to say thanks to the folks who did always help me out with random queries and in general. I have no hard feelings about what transpired, but I have found I no longer need the help of this group like I did before. I have a pretty busy schedule, and I realized I was getting too caught up in the online thing. The time off did me good. I felt I don't have to put up with certain people/cretins if I don't want to, and nonsensical banter is not worth losing my head over. I have taken a couple of suggestions about opting out of the group seriously and I have decided to follow through with that.

Before I check out, I'd just like to say I appreciate all the comments, information and snark meted out. I understand it was all in good humor and now can have a good laugh over the silliness of it all. But it's time to bid adieu. I have too much going on currently. Leaving you with the classic quotes from Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to each other"....and "PARTY ON, DUDES!!"
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munly and harlots


There are not one, but two awesome concerts coming up. And both involve Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots. And guess what! You can see both shows for $7. Neat, huh?

Now Munly and the Harlots are around the lines of Gothic Americana. You know, real American Goth music, without those /wrists and eyeliner.


Tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the Towne Lounge (714 SW 20th Place, Portland). Cost is $7. The last time I saw them there, show started at around 8pm for openers, and around 10pm for Munly and the Harlots. 21+

Mr. Munly.

Lovely Harlots.

Second show is THIS Friday night at Lewis and Clark College, In the basement of Copeland Residence Hall. ALL AGES. And to make the math add up, this show is FREE. Show starts at 7:30pm.

0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road, Portland (the number 39 bus goes there, fyi)

Music samples found here.
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Don't Forget Poll-land!

In an attempt to minimize the number of "what poll!?" comments when I post the official meetup info...

There is a poll to determine the date and location of the next meetup! It is here.

And if you go to meetup, you may smack me for that really awful pun in the subject line.

As you were!
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A lot of 'moving to Portland' questions

Hey everyone. I found this community by searching LJ and it seems like the kind of community who wouldn't rip my face off for asking questions. :P Thanks so much in advance, and I'm sorry if this is a lot. I've read a few books and websites and LJ memories and whatnot on Portland, but I'd love some firsthand experiences. :)

Collapse )

Now, as for my questions..

-How's the music scene? Are there lots of local venues/shows and whatnot? Does the scene mostly lean towards one type of music, or can you find anything?
-Any 24/7/365 diners anywhere? We have one in AK that we love, and would most definitely need one to replace it.
-We'd be mainly be using public transportation and biking everywhere. I know the public transportation system is awesome already, but as for biking: is everything super spread out? Will you die trying to get from one area to another?
-What area do you think would be good for people like us to live in? I hear Southeast is pretty awesome. Any neighborhoods in particular?
-Would it be easy for us to find, at the very least, minimum wage jobs? Any good temp agencies?
-How's renting in Portland? Is it easy to find a place? Also, are pet-friendly apartments easy to find? We definitely want cats. :)
-How is the gay scene? Are there any gay clubs? Really, are there any good clubs in general? Not necessarily bars, but 18+ kind of things.

Thank you so much!

Wanna review my crappy website?

Hey all.

So i'm building a website for my artistic endeavors and I was hoping i could get a little feedback. I'm a rank amature so anything you got for me will be helpful... and while your at it, feel free to make snarky comments :) i dont mind.


There's an OUT HOUSE in front of my living room window!!!

The other day I woke up and thought "what a beautiful day" ...
walked into the living room and pulled the blinds open to enjoy the sun rays, when instead of releasing a nice "aaaaah!" I was rudely awakened by a "what the fuck?!" There is a Porta' Potty directly in front of my window!!!

They couldn't have put it inbetween the windows, no... they had to put it right in front of the window. I guess at least they didn't put the door facing my apartment, that would be just wrong.

Some guys crack me up.... I was walking to my apartment the other day and one of the construction workers actually came on to me RIGHT BEFORE he entered the out house. GROSS! lol Nice etiquette.
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