February 5th, 2007

Where can I get my hair dyed?

So where's a good place for a girl to go to get her hair dyed? I'm currently a brunette with blonde highlights, but I'm looking to chop all my hair off and go all out white-blonde. I'm nervous about doing it myself and I'm willing to cough up the money to hire a pro (as long as it's not too expensive, as in more than $60-80). Sorry if this question is redundant; I'm new here, and basically utterly ignorant about everything. Thanks!

Found in SE

an orange and gray backpack
various rap cds
a chicken run DVD and other DVDs
1 fleece glove

if this sounds like your stuff i'll go rescue it from the trailer that hangs out in the parking lot of where i work and hold on to it until you come and get it. i don't know that it's stolen or if one of the 'locals' just left it behind.
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Graphic/Web Design Training

A question for you ladies and men:

My boyfriend has been thinking about taking a few classes for graphic/web design. He's been thinking about enrolling in one of the local colleges or universities for just these classes in particular (He already has a degree, so he doesn't want to go back full-time).

So, what would be the best place for him to go to get this kind of training? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
bob ross

Here I go again...

Sorry to post again on the topic of digital cameras, but has anyone here had any experience with ExpressCameras.com?
Their prices are outrageously low so I'm wondering if there's a catch of some sort...[like promising them your first born if you buy a Canon 5D kit for $1200 while at other stores you'd pay close to $4000 for just the 5d body]

Thanks for the info guys & gals.
These guys won't be getting my $$$.
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Cheap place for the ones with horrible eyes

So, it occurred to me yesterday that I'm need to get new lenses for my glasses soon. I'd also contacts again.
My old prescription was at Wal-Mart in Vancouver, through my Dad, but I'd rather get it on my own this time.

So what I'm looking for: a cheap, but reliable place to get an eye exam done, glasses lenses and contacts. I'm in SW, but anywhere in Portland is fine.

GO, speedracer damnportlanders, go!

Thank you!
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Mid-Month Meetup Poll

This is pretty self-explanatory. Keep in mind that all of these places are bar-and-restaurant type places, so they may be busy on weekends.

Theoretically we may be able to reserve the banquet room at the East Bank Saloon, but because I didn't plan early enough (yes, I know, I suck), it may be taken.

Poll will close around this time Wednesday, so vote early vote often, or something!

I could attend meetup...

the evening of Friday, Feb. 9th
the afternoon of Saturday, Feb. 10th
the evening of Saturday, Feb. 10th
the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 11th
the evening of Sunday, Feb. 11th

Location-wise, I'm cool with...

just going to McMenamins Tavern & Pool
trying out the East Bank Saloon across from the old Rose and Raindrop location
trying out the East Bank Saloon, but only if we can reserve the banquet room
going to the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne
none of the above! Those locales suck!
Xmas Socks

Supercross '08 - A great/easy way to donate a few bucks!

So if you're looking for a great cause to donate a few bucks to, you should check out Supercross '08! I've known one of the guys since middle school and I really admire what he and his friend are doing. They are currently US Peace Corps volunteers whose term ends this year. They've been thinking about what their next project should be.

Basically, they're trying to get at least $2 from everyone that they know in order to fund an international journey to work with underprivileged children. Their goal is to raise $30,002 to support their trip for one year through 30 countries. If they don't make their goal, then they are going to donate the money they DID raise to the "Save the Children" campaign.

So do me a favor and check out their Myspace and website. Two bucks is less than a coffee at Starbucks, less than a third of a movie ticket, and about 20 minutes of your time if you're making minimum wage. I'm sure you can find that amount of change in your couch cushions/underneath your car seats.




Supercross '08

"A couple of gorgeous guys trying to spread peace and happiness!" (Their words, not mine!)
Ruby smile OUAT

knitting charities?

because i knit with most of my free time, i have ended up with an abundance of hats & scarves.
i was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to donate them. right now i have quite a few baby sized hats, as well as scarf sets for adults.
most of the clothing distributers i know of only accept new clothing, mine are new, but obviously not storebought...
any ideas?
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moby nose
  • gravie


  • Know of any good places to get a salad in the Portland State/Pioneer Square area? A salad bar, a deli, or even a mexican grill type place? I have this horrible tendency to get lost, so I'm up for anything as long as it's not too far away from Pioneer Square. (Plus, I can only walk so fast. ;])

  • Also, does anyone know of any good local healthy bakeries (ie: for healthy bran muffins)? I live in Beaverton, so that'd be great, but I'm downtown at PSU, so I'm up for either Beaverton or Portland locations!

  • Finally: pet supply stores in the PSU/Pioneer Square area? More curious for time-killing purposes than anything.

    Merci beaucoup!

    (cross-posted to pdx_edu, sorry)
  • mr humphries

    dead fridge

    does anyone know of a way to get rid of a dead fridge?  my husband seems to remember there is a place where, for about $15, they will come and haul away your dead fridge for recycling/trashing.  does anyone know of this place or one like it?  we have one fridge taking up room in the garage and would like it gone.

    or, if you would like an old, dead, fridge with no hope of it ever working again and a sorta nasty interior (it's been in the damp for a while and smells funky) let me know and i'd be glad to give it to you.

    thanks, all.  have a great night.


    sedation dentist that takes MetLife insurance

    I am looking for a dentist that offers sedation and/or anesthesia.
    They must take Met Life Insurance.

    The one that my former dentist referred me to doesn't take it, and I've searched the MetLife preferred dentists, but they don't seem to know anything about them. Is there a better resource to be searching for a dentist?

    "financial advisors"

    I'm full of posts today. (The combination of having a good paycheck after being broke for so long has inspired me.)

    For my birthday this year my Grandmother gave me some stocks. She uses EdwardJones, but tells me that I can go anywhere.

    Would anyone be able to recommend a "financial advisor" company that I can go to.
    -Someplace that is local or maybe something that has a good online interface.
    -Friendly. I know nothing.
    -I want to start to set up retirement type accounts. Roth, Ira, 401k, etc. I have no idea what these questions mean.
    -The stocks are "Capital Income Builder" stocks, if that means anything to anyone.

    any suggestions? EdwardJones is my default.