February 4th, 2007

Puppy got out, she's our little girl.. if anyone hears anything..pls let me know :(

Tonight (2/2/07) Our little girl Tegan got out. She is a grey/white/tan mini schnauzer. She has a white patch on her butt and her chest.

She was last spotted around 82nd & Halsey

She means the world to my family and we would really like her home if you have found her.

I can offer a reward.

I have a picture of her as my default LJ picture. She has a purple collar. She is very tiny.

PLEASE email me me ASAP if you were the one who found her, kimberlyrclark@gmail.com
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What's a good breakfast place in NE around Hollywood/Gateway or thereabouts that is good for both the vegetarian and meat eating crowds. Not Elmers/Sherry's because well, ick. I just moved into the area a month ago and I've got some ideas about where to go but I'm sure my mental list is incomplete.
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God Hates LJ-Cut

Dear DamnPortlanders,

I hate lj-cut. I have a whole bunch of complicated reasons and theories as to why lj-cut is, itself, a perfect example of what's worth working against in the world.

That being said, today I come to damnportlanders in search of information from the collective awareness. And to express the weight and gravity of my request, I hereby initiate, the hated, lj-cut.

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help an impoverished portlander

I have a big important job interview this week. My current job is utter hell, and this new opportunity is great, and features three weeks of paid vacation to start - which means Burning Man is fully covered.

Complications: I recently had a (non-contagious) illness that has left me looking unwell. This disease also sapped every spare dime from my bank account - and my current, suck-job offered no sick time for the days I had to be away from work, leaving me extra-broke.

So: does anyone want to do me the greatest favor in the world and trade me something for a haircut? Things I can offer include:

- a Tarot reading for you
- grant-writing assistance/assistance finding funding opportunities (as this is my employment, and while you're at it, check out tribe filthy_lucre for arts grants)
- general writing assistance/support
- something else cool I think of later...

And of course, my gratitude and friendship. I can even pay you with a post-dated check if you promise not to cash out prematurely. Anyone?
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anyone recognize?

So, I have this lighter, which obviously is from China because of a) the made in china disclaimer, b) the Chinese characters, and c) the portrait of Mao on it.

When I open it up, it plays this tune, which I cannot recognize and which my Chinese friends don't know what it is either. Dear DPs, do you have any idea what this tune is??? This is only out of pure curiosity.

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Fatty Goldfish

portland!!! truffles?!!!

portland, do you know where i could find a chocolate shop that will custom make a truffle for me?
specific shape, colour, flavours, frosting, writting, etc. im thinking i would like to get a truffle made to look like a pizza, possibally some others.

is there a store that i could call or go to to custom order a truffle or chocolate? i have checked moonstruck locations, they dont do custom...