February 3rd, 2007

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Hey everyone--

Does anyone have any recommendations on good dermatologists in the area? I have a couple areas on my face that I would like looked at.

Insurance/ability to pay is not an issue, but please no "dermotologists to the stars." I would prefer to see someone in the SW (near Terwilliger) area [close to work] or NW/Forest Heights/Hillsboro area [close to home].

Thanks! Please include name, phone number, and why you think he/she is great.

Thank you for the recommendations! I've made an appointment with a provider.
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Vaentine Cartoons

I am putting together a DVD of Valentine's Day cartoons for a gift.

Does anyone remember Valentine's Day episodes of shows? Is there a good resource to look this up? Any genre, kids or adult cartoons, are okay. If you can remember that a show had an episode, I should be able to find it and download it.

I'll report my findings when I am finished, and maybe even post it as a torrent download.

chinese takeout

where's the best place to get chinese takeout near 82nd and sandy? i know there is a million places, but i've never been to any of them. are there any menus online or anything?

i'm hungry and don't feel like cooking. blah.
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Food cravings

What restaurants in the Portland area (including surrounding towns) have food good enough to cause you to crave them? Tell me all about it. I am dying to find some places around here (I am in Hillsboro but surrounding areas are fine) that are crave worthy.

Also, some specifics that I would love input on:

Best place for a breakfast burrito (and what is in it)

Best place for fish tacos (and what is in it)

Best place for breakfast (what are your favorite things to eat there for breakfast)

But please don't stop with just these...let's talk food...let's talk crave worthy food!!!
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knitting minions

okay, because I get my questions answered so well, I come to you with this:

are there any knitting groups/stitch n' bitch in the SE area that are good for geeks? because I would love to talk knitting (especially socks. because I would never have an obsession with socks), but all the previous stitch and bitch groups I've found were just at bad times (for me) for their locations.


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Hi guys. My friend just moved up to Portland and is without internet!
So I'm here to try and help her out.
Any suggestions on good companies to go through in the area? Prices and what not? Maybe even how to contact them?
We both greatly appreciate it!
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