February 2nd, 2007

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What are some places of interest on the coast between Tillamook and Astoria to take someone from out of town this weekend? Besides Ecola Park and the cheese factory, which are already on the list.

Favorite Newport dining spot?

Gooood morning! 

I'm running away to the beach and spending the weekend of the 24th in Newport.  So is everyone else and maybe even everyone else's uncle; apparently that's the annual Wine and Seafood festival weekend.  Ooops. 

We want to do a nice dinner at least one night, and since the festival appears to draw some significant crowds, I want to make reservations now.  I'm curious - do you have a favorite restaurant in Newport?  We're open to any and all cuisines.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations! 

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Question for all..

have you gone through an "identity" crisis [not to be confused with identity theft, unless it was your best friend or little brother/sister trying to copy everything you do] in your early/mid 20s? [this may or may not include trying to figure out your goals in life, figure out what you want/don't want...etc..]
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Fatty Goldfish

riiide D: pleeeease!!!

is ANYONE and i mean ANYONE heading from EUGENE to PORTLAND tonight, at any time? please please call me!!! afriend needs a ride tonight, his mom just finished chemo, and he needs to see her :o!!!

update: there are no more greyhound busses leaving eugene tonight, and there arnt any more amtraks leaving tonight either!!!

there is also the offer of gas money if you would be willing to take someone with you!

CALL: 503-330-9678


Where can I go to get really good pie late on a friday night? Driving isn't an issue and I live in NW so something central would be awesome but not necessary. Shari's does not count as really good pie.

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Pimpin' time!

Some of you may remember the Wellness Blog that I co-wrote with fellow damnportlander sistermaryeris. It died about a year ago (the blog, not The Eris), the victim of too much real life.

Well, it's back, and on LJ, and I'd like to cordially invite all of you to come take a look. For now, I've transferred all of the posts from the old blog. We'll start feeding original content in there in the next few days.

You can find it at wellness_blog. Friend it, read it, LIVE IT. :)

Thanks. We now return you to your normal steady diet of tattoo shops, roller derby tickets, and pissed off cyclists.
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Rental information

Does anyone know of any roommate rights information online?

I thought I had the ability to kick a bad roommate out as the head tenant (there is no timed lease, just a rental agreement), but she's claiming that she talked to the landlady and that I'm not allowed to do that (even though the landlady had sorta been urging me to), and I'd kinda like to know if she's blowing smoke in an attempt to get me to back down or not.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Nevermind, I realize now that I'm screwed. There is no head tenant, the landlady just told me I was...for what reason, I don't know. Maybe that was just her label for the person that was there the longest, or the person who paid the bills or something. Whatever.
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