February 1st, 2007


Oh mighty DPers, a question....

So I know some of you msut be Japanese speaking twits like me. I am currently in the process of obtaining a job in Japan. I have an offer in and am expecting two more. I need however to know if there is a message board or some resource where I can go to get the dirt the promotional employees do not tell you. Private lessons on the side, housing, comparisons, pitfalls, boons, etc.

any reccomendations would be helpful.

if not, oh well.

Please help and pass this on

This is a call to action, an invitation to make a significant and permanent difference to the performing arts in Portland.

The Tragedies Theatre Company and Third Eye Theatre Company have joined forces and pooled their resources in order to take over the lease on The Village Ballroom, a 4800 square foot structure built in 1909 in NE Portland. The Village Ballroom (formerly the Scarlett Ballroom and the Rose City Ballroom) is an ideal theatre space, boasting a 1600 square foot performance area, a licensed wet bar, three bathrooms, a gorgeously appointed lobby, and a dedicated rehearsal space. Although the Ballroom is currently being used for dance classes and special events, sadly it has lain fallow as a performance space for years. The Tragedies and Third Eye will bring the Ballroom back to its former glory, and restore it as a premiere Portland performance space.

But we need your help! Your tax-deductible contribution will create a new gem in the diadem of the Portland performing arts scene and make a real difference to the local community, by helping The Tragedies and Third Eye to revive a gorgeous, historical Portland landmark, to create a permanent venue for theater and visual arts performances, and to establish a home for a variety of community outreach programs.

Here are only a few of the programs your tax-deductible contribution will make possible:

* A permanent performance space for two of Portland’s most acclaimed new theater companies;

* A performance venue that will be made preferentially available to newly-emerging theater troupes that might otherwise experience difficulty in presenting their art to the community;

* Visual and performing arts classes, including classes in acting, improvisation, life drawing, and dance;

* A two-year conservatory theatre education program for local at-risk youths;

* A venue for special events, including art openings, musical tributes, and screenings of silent and classic films;

* An open community space for outreach events.

Your tax-deductible contribution will be gratefully accepted in any amount. However, giving at the $50 level or higher will entitle you to the following rewards for the 2007 performance season:

$50 level:

· Four theatre tickets good for any performance of either company

$100 level:

· Four theatre tickets good for any performance of either company; and

· Two free admissions to any special event staged by either company

$250 level:

· Two season tickets to all performances by both companies;

· Two free admissions to any special event staged by either company; and

· A commemorative plaque bearing your name on our “patrons of the arts” wall

$500 level:

· Two season tickets to all performances by both companies,

· Five additional guest passes per performance;

· Free admission for two to all special events staged by either company; and

· A commemorative plaque bearing your name on our “patrons of the arts” wall

$1000 level:

· A chair bearing your name and available for your use in the front row of any performance by either company;

· Two season tickets to all performances by both companies,

· Five additional guest passes per performance;

· Free admission for two to all special events staged by either company; and

· A commemorative plaque bearing your name on our “patrons of the arts” wall

To rescue the Village Ballroom and create a new and exciting Portland venue, The Tragedies and Third Eye need to raise $10,000 in only ten days. Please help us make Portland an even better place, and even more hospitable to the arts, by making a tax-deductible contribution today!

Donations should be made out to Third Eye Theatre Company, Inc., and mailed to:

The Tragedies Theatre Company

2027 N. Williams Ave.

Portland OR, 97227

You will receive a letter of response and a receipt for tax purposes.

Your support is deeply appreciated!


Douglas Mitchell

Associate Artistic Director

The Tragedies Theatre Company

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homegrown Mooninites

nevar 4getIn the light of Boston's shitstorm, my coveting of the lighted Mooninites has become too much to bear. Since they are now selling (in working order) for north of $3000 on eBay and it's pretty unlikely that somebody would remove one and sell it to me for $150 (ahem), I must know: where can I get Christmas lights this time of year? Preferably a good selection including ones with the little mini-globe bulbs, not just regular ones.

I want to build my own light-up Mooninites and hang them in my window and thereby commit suicide by cop.
Fatty Goldfish

bbq sauce!

about a year ago, me and my mother discovered this type of bbq sauce, that had coffee grounds in it.

we do not have the label anymore, but i had seen it a few places around beaverton and portland, but cant seem to find it anymore!!!
the consistancy was more like that of A1, but darker, not as tangy, and was EXCELLENT on baked steaks and even potatoes! does anyone know of a brand that carries such a bbq sauce, or anything similar? ive even checked ebay, and alas, i see no sign of our beloved sauce :'(!

Wabbit...any bunny?

Hey DP -

Maybe you heard the news story about the woman arrested for hoarding rabbits in Washington county a few weeks ago? (this is not a joke). Hundreds of rabbits were severely neglected and some died as a result. Due to so many of them being together in inadequate, cramped conditions, many were injured and some were impregnated. They love to breed, what can you do?

Well, if you've ever wanted a bunny, you can adopt one now. A friend of mine is working with the rabbit rescue and has some available for adoption. I am fostering one currently, but my cats are none to thrilled. I will keep him until I know he has a good home. (As the picture attests, they are easily litter box trained.) If you or someone you know would like a rabbit or rabbits and more importantly: give it a GOOD and loving home, please contact me.



Does anyone know of any place with an available parking spot in the Pearl? Besides street parking? Yes I have checked the Smart Park and called a few other apartments about their garages. They are all full. Thanks.
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HAY! Clinton St. Theater!

Please, turn up the heat! I want to watch the movie, not see my breath inside. Also, the clickety clack of the projector is LOUD and makes it hard to hear the dialogue.

You play good movies. I want to see these movies. I come see these good movies (so long as you don't play a DVD I can watch at home anymore, and I think it's been a while since that's happened so that's not an issue now). I ain't asking for fancy seats like at a regal cinemas or anything like that, but come on. Invest in better sound so that quiet dialogue doesn't sound like mud or maybe give us some hot tea before walking in the ice box. Other indie theaters in town are MUCH more comfortable and sound better. This isn't punk rock, it's just plain lame.
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is there a wash and fold place somewhere on the east side?

also look for a once a week housecleaning type deal...

any recommendations?

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Clothing Alterations

I recently got these really cheap pants that are super-cute but tooo long. Does can anyone suggest an alteration shop or something? I've never had anything altered professionally, so I don't really know if it's expensive or not. If it's too spendy, I'm just going to take the pants back though.

Thanks in advance!!


I really should know this by now...

Can one of you awesome people explain how to get non-LJ blogs to show up on my LJ friends page? I know it has something to do with rss feeds, but the LJ help page just baffled me. Portlanders are smart folk, and so I turn to your techie prowess.

And the score is...

Kiera: 0
Internet: 1
Rio Elegant

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Breathtakingl sight of Mt. Hood as seen from inside the Portland Aerial Tram--thank goodness for clear sky days!

2. Free Portland Aerial Tram rides to the public this Saturday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)--the free Saturdays run through this month.

3. The recent opening of another Daily Cafe location in the South Waterfront (in OHSU's Center for Health & Healing). Their grilled panini sandwiches rock!

4. The recent discovery of Maya Kaimal Indian sauces (all four kinds!) at New Seasons Market!

5. The Oregon Seafood and Wine Festival at the Oregon Convention Center this Friday and Saturday--even if seafood isn't one's cup of tea, the number of wineries who are appearing is quite amazing.
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Does anyone go to the fire jam that happens under the Marquam bridge? I think there is supposed to be one this sunday. Are there many people there during this time of year? I'm fairly new to firespinning and I've never actually lit up, but I'd like to start working on it again since the rainy season seems to be taking a break.


I read such an awesome introduction this morning on bart, I had to share it. It's taken from "Drinking Smoking and Screwing", a collection of essays and short stories by some well know renegade writers/livers. It's absolutely charming and I think provides a particularly eloquent argument in favor of living.... I guess "free"

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Boston shall be spanked with moon rocks

Spaceship come in! Glue gun turn on!

I am ready to commence construction of my own light-up Mooninites, having been pointed to a good lighting supply store by another DPer. From what the guy told me on the phone, they should have enough of a variety of miniature xmas bulb types that I'll be able to build a reasonably good facsimile for now.

Tonight my mission is to get craft materials: stiff paperboard (preferably in black), yardstick, hot glue gun and glue, suction cups, string and some pencils and junk for grid plotting. Where can I find a store that sells that kind of stuff either near PSU, convenient to PSU by bus, or near the streetcar line? I'm going somewhere on the streetcar later anyway so maybe I can kill 2 birds with one stone.
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Laptop shopping!

So, I get to buy a laptop and I want a really good one! I know I want a PC and I think I want a Sony Vaio - does anyone have one and are they good? Any recommendations as to what laptops are good? I've been saving up for a long time, so price isn't much of an issue right now. Let me know what you think and thanks in advance!


Tomorrow I am moving from the barren, inhospitable wastes of 74th and Fremont into downtown. I was considering ditching my current internet service and just using Metrofi. Does anyone have experience with using it as their primarily link to the interweb? Is it fairly speedy, or will downloading torrents be an agonizing ordeal? (For comparison, I am currently using the 1.5 meg bps service from Qwest). How reliable is the connection? Is it stable, or does the signal cut out a lot?

stupid question

I'm trying to figure out the "financial situation" of the student body at Portland State. My google-fu pretty much f-ing sucks.
Anyone want to try their hand at it?

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