January 31st, 2007


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The absolutely gorgeous weather we have been having recently has been making me itchy to be outside, so what are some of your favorite hiking trails around these here parts? I am trying to keep it to about a 30 min. drive from downtown maximum.

Swing dancing!

Ok ok so its an event in Vancouver but I figured I would post in DamnPortlanders just incase any of you are interested. I have been to some of the dances before (I'm DEFINITELY a beginner) and they are pretty fun. I haven't been to one with live music yet though. Anyone who is interested in coming along feel free. The more the merrier :)

Live band TONIGHT at the Hazel Dell grange! Come join us for dancing, great music, swing karaoke, and even some prizes.

Hazel Dell Grange
7509 NE Hazel Dell Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98665
7:30 PM Beginning Swing Lesson
8:00 PM - 10:30 PM - DJ'd Swing Dance
$15 for adults, $8 for students.

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Save the date, you heretics and heathens!

Feats of fire and fetish await you at the Blasphemy Ball on Saturday, March 10th!
Website | MySpace | Tribe
Toast your toes at Dante's inferno - SW 3rd & Burnside
Dress yourself in perversion of faith!
$8 with costume, $10 without!
Doors @ 9pm

We've booked PURE Cirkus - http://www.purecirkus.com who will be providing us with a 45 minute show full of fire spinning, sending up sparks with their grinder suits and creeping us out in the most delightful ways with suspension piercing!

Join the email list for updates -

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Guillermo Gomez-Pena

Is performing tonight at Lewis & Clark College in the Agnes Flanagan Chapel. He's an amazing performance artist and I'm very excited to see him and I wanted to just spread the word in case anyone was interested. It's free as far as I know. Starts at 7. Hope to see you there.

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общежитие, Корваллис
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Tell me, oh wise portlanders who know everything: is there a good sauna in town?
I am looking for a place where I can rent a steam room and maybe a small pool or spa for two hours and have the owners abstain from offering me erotic massage, escort services, or chemical substances as a part of a package.

Ideally, they should not mind the fact that Russians find it acceptable to bring a mixed-gender company into the sauna, pour herbal teas on the hot rocks, and ... yes, the rumor is true ... beat each other with tree branches.
A gift for Lady Squid

If you or someone you know has ever used the good (bad) drugs, please help me earn my degree

Hey, I'm doing a survey for a graduate-requirement research course regarding drug use. Please, your help would be greatly appreciated, as I need 150 respondents by February 9th.

Our sampling frame consists of individuals who have ever used or currently use an illegal drug besides marijuana. Whether or not you have used marijuana is included in the questions, but is not the focus of this project, so if the only illicit drug you've ever used is marijuana, don't worry about it.

If you or anyone you know has ever used an illegal drug, please click here to participate in our survey, or send your friend to this link:


It's short, your responses are completely anonymous, and data will not be shared with anyone except for our team members and instructor.

Thank you!

Classical announcer opening at All Classical 89.9 KBPS

I’m posting this on the part of my father. Please contact him if you’re interested!


One of the things that prevents people from getting deeper into classical music on the radio is the attitude of the DJs. Ask someone to imitate a classical DJ and what do they do? They lift their nose in the air and talk like a broomstick is positioned just so. Portland’s public classical station is trying to break that stereotype and present the best classical music from across the ages in a totally down to earth manner. Real people talking to real people, no tuxedo required. More like a corduroy shirt and a good cup of coffee.

If you love classical music and you can communicate that love to others, an opportunity has just opened up that you should know about. We’re looking for something and someone different. A new concept. Different. A 21st Century classical DJ. We’re paying particular attention to females because we currently have none on the air, and that’s out of balance. I’m the Program Director, John Dodge, and if this message has poked a stick in your imagination, please contact me at johndodge@allclassical.org.

"We like the cars, the cars that go boom..."

OK, my fellow Portlanders, I need some recommendations.
One of the speakers in my car is completely blown. Given the fact that I spend nearly two hours in my car every day for my commute, this really can't go on.The way it stands now, even Corey Flintoff's voice has too much bass for my sound system to handle.
What are your recommendations for a good, reasonable, and reliable place to get my speakers replaced (and, possibly, a new car stereo while I'm at it)? I don't need anything super-fancy, just something functional.
Thanks so much!
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I know it goes against the system we have in place, but I think if the voters say "NO" to something, and vote it down, that there should be a period after the vote where someone cannot re-introduce the same damn thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER until it passes.

Sheez, I mean ya this one mentions lowering Oregon's PIT from 9% to 6%, but that's not going to solve the issue here.

If this comes to vote, let me be the first to say, "VOTE NO ON (insert measure # here)!!"