January 30th, 2007

It's me. Again

Sorry I keep harassing you guys. I'm trying to get all this damned school/financial aid crap figured out. I wish I had a genius robot to do it for me.

Anyway, I turned my FAFSA in today and it says my EFC (expected fam. contribution) is 9432. I'm a single, independent so it was calculated off my earnings from last year (which were NOT that much). Does that seem accurate from anyone else's experience? I'm not going to be working much while I'm back in school so I'm kind of freaked out by that number. Which makes me think maybe I filled something out wrong. Or maybe that's what I'm expected to contribute for the total including living expenses or something.

So. confused.
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Staffing Services?

Have any of you guys worked w/ staffing services or can you recommend decent ones? The couple I've had experiences w/ have lied to me just to get me to meet w/ an interviewer (talk about a bad first impression). I'd prefer a place that actually offers you positions that match up with your skill set.



I'm looking for restaurant suggestions to surprise someone with a nice dinner. We both really like Clark Lewis, but I want to try something new. I'm looking for something in the same price range (around $75-$150 for dinner & wine for two), with a classy/romantic ambience and interesting food, in any urban Portland neighborhood. Bonus points for a restaurant that offers a chef's menu in the style of Clark Lewis (order the chef's menu and get several pre-set courses, in a meal designed each night by the chef - yay for letting them tell you what's good together that night).


I remember someone asking about egg donation on here a few weeks ago. There is a very good article in this months Elle Magazine written from the perspective of the egg purchasers (donees?? :) that might be helpful.
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Need a room?

I'm looking to rent out one or two rooms in my house but I don't really know how to go about doing it. I've never asked for roommates before and I don't really know how much I'm supposed to charge for rent... or where to look. I have a small bedroom with hardwood flooring and a larger room in the basement with concrete flooring. I have cable tv and wireless internet. I have three kitties. I could care less if the roommate is social or locks themselves up in their room all day. I work an awful lot so I'm never home. No cigarette smoke indoors, no hard drugs AT ALL... Nearest cross streets are 82nd and SE Stark. If you're looking for a room or have any suggestions, let me know. Thanks.

Stone Workshop


Explore beyond what meets the eye.







Second Thursday of each month


7:30 pm ~ $5 donation




February 8



"Getting high off crystals: Rocks and their healing potential"

Everything in creation is vibration.  Join Martin Murphy, L.Ac. for a fun class on minerals, gemstones, their power to resonate with people, and how this experience of energy or qi ties into acupuncture.                  





RoseSprings Center for the Healing Arts

5215 NE Elam Young Parkway West, Suite A

(located 1 ½ blocks North of Hawthorn Farms Max Station)

Hillsboro, OR  97124




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metrofi wireless "ruckus" hardware

hello all!

like everyone else, i'd like to be able to use the free wifi offered by metrofi.com. i am right near a node, and i can see the network, but i can't connect.

in this case, metrofi reccomends getting a high power/high gain wireless modem. the one they specifically reccomend is by ruckus.

has anyone out there actually bought this hardware? did it work for you? did you pay for the professional install or did you do it yourself?

they also reccomend a couple other modems by hawking and buffalo, has anyone tried those?

any stories or info related to this would help me make an informed decision.


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Adopt a computer

Hey there is this awesome resource for anyone needing a computer and can't afford to buy one.

It is called Free Geek, and you basically volunteer your time for 24 hours and they give you a computer. I ran across it because we are donating a bunch of our old monitors and towers to them because they are cluttering up our office.

Anyway just thought somone out there might find it useful. :)
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i mis you, stumptown! i even miss your stupid fucking hipsters!

there's a possibility of me moving back in 6 months and this time i'll be out on my own.
its GOT to be possible for someone on minimum wage to exist decently (meaning eating cheese, bread and 3 buck chuck and having money for a show when someone good comes around) in a studio way out in the southeast part of town, right? i like it out there and it's cheaper than living in the hip areas.