January 28th, 2007



Anyone know of any Mexican restaurants that have Mariachis perform sometimes? Where I'm from there's a shit ton of restaurants that have mariachis every friday/saturday/sunday night. Anything like that here? I crave some mariachi loco... quiere bailar. Doo-doo-doo.

I'd never make it on Survivor...

I have this wood-burning stove in my house. I've never had such a thing before. I've been eyeing it warily since I moved in here in August. How does one use such a thing? Why would you want to? Well, I got my answer to the second question when my last month's gas bill of over $200 came. Now I'm wondering how to make a fire in it.

I know what you're thinking. This girl's an idiot! Well, maybe. But my excuse is I grew up in southern Arizona. I know how to get away from heat, not create it. I bought some firewood at Home Depot yesterday. Could someone give me some advice on what to do now? I've heard of things like "kindling," but it means very little to me. Help? I can't really afford such crazy heat bills, and I'm still working on the not being cold when it's below 70 degrees thing. I hated living in the desert, but it formed me. Sadly.

dear [you]

dear [you]:

you had a rendezvous with my car saturday morning on salmon street near the vera katz espalande. you might recall? older red subaru station wagon piled with the miscellany of my life. i, unfortunately, was not available to be present at the time of this secretive liason, as i was out training for portland to coast with some friends.

guess what? when you removed that 40 gig seagate external hard drive from my backpack, you effectively stole all the art i have produced within the last two years. hard knocks, you might say, and you might recommend that i back up my work, or put it in a more secure location. more fool me for not listening to my inner voice -- the one that said "leave your stuff at home, n, and pick it up later." more fool me for trusting in the inherent goodness of other people.

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Acer 20" flatscreen (widescreen)computer monitor, no dead pixles, GREAT condition 200$

Lost series 1 Todd McFarlane figures (six in collection) + LOST hatch playset 120$ (75$ off retail!) all still in box

um...96 minutes to get from Old Town to NE? I want my buses back! :(

  1. Walk west from 625 NW Everett St to NW Everett & Broadway (Stop ID 1606)
  2. 11:56 a.m. Board 17 NW 21st Ave to Portland
  3. 12:02 p.m. Get off at SW 3rd & Alder (Stop ID 12783)
  4. 12:06 p.m. Board 4 Division to Gresham TC
  5. 12:56 p.m. Get off at Gresham Transit Center
  6. Go to Gresham Transit Center (Stop ID 10858)
  7. 1:06 p.m. Board 20 Burnside-Stark to Beaverton TC
  8. 1:18 p.m. Get off at SE Stark & 238th
  9. Walk 0.4 mile south to 1115 NE 26th St

Travel time: 96 minutes (including 14 minutes walking and 14 minutes waiting)

Look for a shorter waiting time.

Fares: Adult All Zone ($2.00), Youth/Student ($1.35) or Honored Citizen ($0.85) Where to buy

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Wii hunters out there

My boyfriend and I used this site to keep an eye out for shipments. I'm not sure how far in advanced everyone else knew but we got our Wii last weekend at Best Buy. We also had planned that trip for 2 weeks via this site.

Apparently last weekend was the unofficial "re-release" of the Wii and apparently stores are supposed to be getting bigger shipments more frequently now. Good luck to those still looking.


Two gorgeous kittens (8-9 months) up for adoption.

They are sisters, and haven't lived apart, so the ideal situation would be for a family to take both.

*Indoor kitties
*Good with kids (at least my rambunctious 5 year old son)
*Not declawed

One is short haired, dark grey with white paws. Her sister is lighter grey, with white tummy and paws, and has longer hair.

They love to play, purr, and be loved on.

They are on the Banfield plan, so shots, etc are covered (with a discount for meds) for the year, at $40 per month until about October of this year. I am willing to pay three more months of their plan, at which time the new owners must agree to pick up the plan.

My son and I are loathe to give them up, but we are not home as much as we need to be in order to give them the attention they crave, and my son is developing some allergies unfortunately. :(

If you are interested, please comment here. I'll be happy to snap some camera-phone pics if you'd like to see them.