January 27th, 2007


All Zone for Sale

I have a February 2007 Adult All Zone trimet pass for sale.

I am asking $60 for it.

I would like to sell it today and I am willing to travel to meet you half way. Please leave me a comment or e-mail lasardth@livejournal.com if you are interested and we can explore more options if necessary.

SOLD! Thanks.
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Meetup! And furniture!

Let's just pretend that this is the week-before warning, shall we? Our regular meetup is being held Tuesday, January 30th, at 7pm at McMenamins Tavern and Pool.

Minors are welcome until 10pm, and the meetup faq is here.

So if you want to yell at me for not being heavy-handed enough or something, here's your chance! ;)

ALSO: Unrelatedly, where's a good place to go for cheap furniture? I'm seeking a dresser and not having much luck on craigslist, and I don't want to drive to Seattle for Ikea. And the Ikea by the airport isn't open yet. So...where else is there? Other than trekking to a hundred goodwills and garage sales, that is.

Danke! :D
Aerial Tram

Aerial Tram Photo

I'm searching for a good photo of the Tram against the skyline, roughly as seen when approaching on I-5 northbound.

Does anyone know of any good pics online, at high enough res to print about 5-6 inches? Or anyone with a good camera who'd be willing to take such a picture (for a few bucks) on a sunny day?
Xmas Socks

Airport Parking Lot Lights?

I don't go to the airport all that often but I had to pick up my sister yesterday. I never noticed that there were these helpful parking lights in the parking garage. It only seemed like one aisle's lights were actually in use, but the other aisles had them. A simple red light if there was a car in the spot, and a green light if the spot was open. Looking down the aisle, you could quickly tell if a spot was available. Anyone know how long this has been there? I thought that it was kinda nifty.

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Question about Lebanese food...in Portland

I need the help of all my fantastic DamnPortlanders!
Okay, a friend has invited us to join her at Ya Hala tonight with some of her friends. She has never been, but says she loves Lebanese cuisine. My problem: I am allergic to onions, chives, shallots, scallions and all powdered and dried versions of said produce. On the topic of Lebanese food, specifically regarding Ya Halla, would I be risking my life in sampling it? For those who cook or eat a whole bunch of Lebanese food: what, if any, recipes are generally going to be onion free?
I have until 7 to decide if it is worth the danger, as I hardly ever eat out because of my allergy.
Peace, love, and fruitloops,
PB, no J

[UPDATE: Having called Ya Halla we have been informed that it is a restaurant with a small kitchen and all the vegitables are cross contaminated. As such they have advised us not to eat any of their dishes. Thank you for all of your help.
Hulk sad!]
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I don't know the laws, but could Bill Clinton run as VP to Hillary's Presidential ticket?

Just curious if a Clinton/Clinton ballot was possible. I don't know if the two term limit only applied to the Presidency, or because of the chance of having to take over if something should happen to Hillary, he'd be able to serve a third term technically.

But he sure was popular. Any thoughts?