January 26th, 2007

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free wi-fi, and stat.

My boyfriend and I have to come to Portland tomorrow, and he needs to know of somewhere that has free wi-fi so he can have a work meeting. Preferably a place that also serves coffee. Somewhere in downtown, or close in NE or SE is preferred. We have to pick someone up at OHSU first, so if it's on the way to the DMV on 82nd, that would be acceptable also.

Thanks so much!
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Heyyy everyone. I have a quick question for you.

We're currently living in SW Portland (Gabriel Park area) and have been for about a year. But we've found out since that we really need to be around OHSU for work reasons. Or rather, on a bus line that goes DIRECT to OHSU rather than looping into the city and back out again.

So I'm hunting for ideas on safe and 'nice' areas to live in, for one (can be downtown, can be NW, SW, anywhere that's more convenient than where we are currently) and also for hints on where to go for rental listings for houses/townhouses other than Craigslist. We're a three person family (all over 18) with a cat, if that helps at all.

Thanks very much!
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moving sale today and tomorrow - ne skidmore and 14th

Moving sale in NE Portland today and tomorrow.  Everything must go!

various bookcases, storage, tables, chairs, records, plus size clothes, tv/dvd/vcr, stereo components, office supplies, games, comics, books, cookbooks, bar ware, kitchen stuff, general household, art, pottery, knicknacks, and more.

1322 NE Skidmore Street - yellow house.

friday - 9 - 4
sat - 9 - 3

preview pics here ->  http://community.livejournal.com/pdxforsale/160955.html

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Since the tragic end of Rose & Raindrop, I have been looking for good places to go that fulfill the following criteria:
  • nice atmosphere
  • quiet enough that yelling is not required
  • decent food at a decent price
  • non smoking
  • microbrews
ready, set, GOmgz!

BONUS: if it has a back room where groups can meet.
DOUBLE BONUS: if it's in inner southeast.
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Stranded in Salem for the afternoon

Hey people -

I work at the Capitol and my Senator left before I even got here this morning, meaning I have nothing to do. I'm supposed to cover the phones until noon. Well it's almost 1. I was going to take a bus back, but it's full.

My regular carpool leaves at 5:30, but I have nothing to do in the meantime.

Anyone in Salem wanna give me a ride to SW Portland? Just off I-5 once I'm in Trimet's service area will be sufficient!

Any nannies out there?

I am a nanny for four children (almost 3, 4 1/2, 8 and 10). I have worked for their family for the last 6 years and haven't had a raise since their youngest was born. (Can't believe its been that long. Darn time really flies). Mom and dad own a nursery that is doing well. Mom also works as a nurse. They give their employees at the nursery raises on a pretty consistent basis. My job duties have changed so much but my compensation has not. So.. wonderful DP people. I work 12 hour days for them (2-3 days a week) and often work on other days as well. I do their laundry and clean up. The kids have nutritious meals when I am there. I drive them to/from all sorts of events. I always make sure that the house is in a better condition then when they left. How much would you charge? How would you work up to a "I need a raise" speech?

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Ok, so - on NE Broadway, in the block that Walgreens is on, there is a little lighted man on a lamppost! He looks kind of like the Tivo thing, only he has an angry face and is flipping people off.


What the HELL??

Driving past last night, wife said: "You must go and ask DamnPortlanders, they will know."


hey DPers. have looked online for the protocol for obtaining a passport in Multnomah County. looks i need:

* birth certificate from birth county (*not* hospital)


* 2 2"x2" head/shoulder shots in color vs. white background

* form DS-11 (pp 3-4 to be completed AND signed in the presence of an authorized signature witness)

* $67 check or MO to US Dept. of State

* $30 cash, check or MO for Multnomah County

any DPer done this - am i missing something?


I'm just kidding. More like, is there anyone out there who's versed (even kinda, sorta) in Business Law who wouldn't mind critiquing my paper (it's 2 pages, real short)? Someone who perhaps took one or two classes recently?

If you would be so kind as to reply with your email on my personal journal (so no one sees your email addy), an opinion or 12 billion would be much appreciated. I know you guys love flapping your jaws & getting your opinion across so help a poor college student out here.
Howard Jones

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style! (a day late)

1. Experiencing my first Barfly bus excursion ever, in honor of a fellow damnportlander's birthday weekend.

2. Howard Jones performing at The Aladdin Theater this Sunday.

3. Awesome, friendly, and hip nurses at an OHSU clinic (Richmond Family Medicine Clinic).

4. Delectable organic blood oranges from New Seasons Market (I must stock up on oranges this weekend before the possible price increase of oranges)....

5. The announcement that Tri-Met annual and monthly bus pass holders, and Portland Streetcar annual pass holders can ride the Portland Aerial Tram for free.
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This is a super random question, but did anyone recently buy eggs from Trader Joes and find that every single egg in the dozen had a double yolk?

It's kinda freaking me out.