January 25th, 2007


Group health insurance through Kaiser?

My employer recently decided to discontinue health coverage through Kaiser, but my wife and I would like to continue our baby's coverage for at least the next 9-12 months. I've scouted out some of the individual plans offered on the web site, but none seem to be anywhere near as comprehensive as the plan that my employer used to offer.

Has anyone had experience with a Private Health Partnership that offers the benefits of a group plan to individuals, esp. ones that use Kaiser? I'm looking for some now, but my Google-Fu seems to be failing me.
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Need a ride- can pay

Hey all!

I'm flying in to Portland on Monday, my flight lands at 10am. I need a ride from the airport out to The Dalles, and back. I know it's long haul, but I will compensate you for gas and time. I've got a big job interview out there, and I need to be there at 1pm, and if there's time I'd like to drive about the area a little to get a feel for it. My interview is done at 3:30, and I need to head on back to PDX.

Your gas and meals are covered, and cash for wasting your day.

If anyone has any tips about credit-cardless car rental in the area, or public transit that would rock.


E.T.A. I believe that transportation has been ararnged. Thank you all!


So, I moved to California for a job in November. I'm going to be done here and possibly coming back to Ptown (woo!) in September to start school at PSU. I've lived in Oregon all my life and will have lived in Cali for less than a year when I return. So what is the deal with PSU telling me I might be a non-resident?? All the guy would say is "you have to live in Oregon for 12 consecutive months". I have lived in Oregon for 25 consecutive years! Is there any way around this that you guys know of??

what's a young brash professional to do?

Hey gang, I thought maybe you could help me out on this.

I've been job hunting in the Portland/vancouver area now for about two months. I have a strong back ground in customer service team management and corporate training, but despite this I can't seem to land a job. While I think that I'd probably be best suited for a call center, since I'm most familiar with that kind of environment i'm open to different types of career fields. I've been watching HotJobs, Craigslist, and such and sending out resume after resume, but to no avail.

One of the challenges I face is that I dont know a lot of folks in this area, so I have nobody to "network" with. Do you know of any professional organizations in the area or even online groups that might be able to facilitate this need?

Any other suggestions are welcome, and of course I wouldn't have posted this here without expecting some good jabs from my fellow damn portlanders :)

Thanks- let the discussion begin.

Rush hour commute?

Can anyone give me an idea of what the commute is like from SW Portland near Terwilliger/Multnomah Village to Clackamas about 3 miles down 224 via Sellwood and back at prime time (8-5)? Much appreciated!


Since when is it acceptable to delete comments in this community? I feel like it's a) namby-pamby, b) hypocritical and c) completely undesirable and are curious how the rest of you feel. I am also curious why this is *allowed* in the community--is there a way to turn off that option in the user settings or do you simply have to trust others to not bow down to censorship because they have a Napoleon complex*?

Does this really only bother me? Or is said Napoleon* the only offender? I realize people delete comments that have spelling/grammatical errors but they quickly repost with the same, edited comment so this does not apply to those cases. Only to the ones that are direct acts of censorship.

I don't care if I get flamed for this. I'm really only interested in posting this for means of discussion, so feel free to agree/disagree with me.

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kitty questions...

This may not be all that portland related, but people in portland seem to love their pets very dearly, so this may apply...
A little over a year ago, my kitty had a crystal in his urethra, which backed the toxins in his body up into his kidneys. I rushed him to the kitty er and he ended up having to spend 2 weeks recovering at the vets office. He made it through like a little trouper and hasn't had an issue with it again (knock on wood).
Willy now has to eat special wet and dry food and take a pill every day, which he is very good about. The only problem is that he, as well as the other cat he lives with, hate the dry food and rarely touch it.
This is a common problem in male cats so I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if you have had to deal with a picky eater. What kind of food do you feed your kitty?

Pet Bird

Does anyone want a pet parrot that's really loud, like hurts your ears loud, but is tame enough to pet and cuddle with? I think a deaf person that has no roommates, is home a lot, and doesn't have neighbors sharing walls would be the ideal owner.
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FYI, I have temporarily banned manfrommumbai from DP for one week on the grounds that he broke the rule about not deleting other peoples' comments.

I will unban him one week from today, at which time he can stick around as long as he follows the rules.

This rule is one of the few that we have, and it's probably the biggest. This is a community, and it is for communicating. Deleting the comments of those who say things you don't like is preventing that communication, and is therefore not allowed. If you can't handle the fact that people may make fun of you or disagree with you, this is probably not the community for you to be in.

A couple of questions came up, so allow me to clarify: you may not delete anyone else's comments to your post. If you think there is SERIOUS harassment going on (e.g. someone bringing private matters, or being the kind of douche who posts tubgirl or goatse repeatedly, or something along those lines-- NOT just someone who calls you names), please e-mail me. You may delete your own
posts and your own comments, however.

As long as I'm in mod-mode, let me also note that rathanylakan demodded herself a little while ago, so at the moment it's just me. (No, I'm not asking for volunteers.)

...Alrighty, move along.