January 24th, 2007

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Odd request

I'm getting married in June. Unfortunately, I have *never* been to a wedding. I'd like to actually see a wedding (not a romanticized TV version).

Is anyone getting married soon? If you invite me, I'll bring gifts, I'll be polite, and I promise not to fall in the cake. ;)

sad news

some of you already know this, it may have been posted here, but i just learned of it this last sunday.

the Virginia Cafe in downtown PDX has about 9 months to live. i heard it directly from two bartenders there - a developer has purchased the entire block and plans to raze it flat and build a skyscraper. i don't know any more details than that.

i have been going to the VC since i moved here years ago, and has been the host of many great memorable times. if you have loved that bar, go and say goodbye before you can't anymore.


Off-Season Painting Crew Needed

Hey Portland,

I'm doing a little winter fix up, and the south side of my house has taken a beating over the last year or so. I'm working on scraping the flaking paint off, so I can put down a new coat of primer and paint this weekend.
Unfortunately, the scraping it proving more difficult than I'd anticipated. The wall is large (two stories) and I'm a little awkward on a ladder. Plus, I haven't really got the best tools for the job.

I'm curious if anyone has any experience with a local painting company that could come over in the next day or two and scrape all that old paint off for $150 bucks or so.


So, I've heard some good, some bad things about stream. Thus I turn to you damnedportlanders. Whom of you have worked there? Was it a typical call center? Was it worth your time? Oh yeah, and how accessable is it by bus?
I will admit that I am getting pretty damned desperate for employment, so I might just apply and take my chances.
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Help me, fair librarian.

I'm looking for a book. And I can't find it. I go through this every two months. Help me out. Here's what I'm looking for:
  • in Spanish (doesn't matter from what country)
  • NOT magical realism
  • set in modern day

In case you don't have any book ideas, then...ummm...solve this equation:

(12x + 3)(x - 5) = 7

Jobs for a Chemical Engineer

My ever so nerdy boyfriend is finishing up school for his Chemical Engineering degree come June and I want to move far, far away from the NE so I am wondering: is there work in the Portland area for a Chemical Engineer? He's looking for Pharmaceutical Companies (research and development). Company names would be awesome so he can check them out.

Thank you in advance.
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