January 23rd, 2007


Homebuyer's Class / Get Your FICO!

Yes indeed, it's a pimping post - but you'll get something out of it too!

Deb Counts-Tabor of Prudential Northwest Properties and Gary Boyer of Guarantee Mortgage will be holding monthly home-buyer workshops. Those attending will receive information about the Portland real estate market, tips and tricks for finding the perfect home, how to increase credit scores and prepare for buying a home, and access to their FICO score for FREE!

Workshops will be held the 4th Thursday of each month beginning January 25th, from 7:00 – 8:00 pm, at 1730 NE 10th Avenue. Please contact Deb at 503.913.1103 or via email at deb@prunw.com to RSVP.
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First off, thanks to everyone for your input on yesterday's heavy question about your favorite TV shows. I didn't get a chance to reply to every comment, but I made a list of a bunch of stuff to check out. Thanks.

Now to the important bidnizz: I'm borrowing a buddy's guitar to noodle around and see if I want to get serious about taking some lessons. To help me do this, can you recommend:

1) a decent music store in North-ish PDX that can adjust the action on my git and replace the strings?

b) a decent online "Teach Yerself Some Gee-tar!" resource that'll show me some chord fingering and maybe even some tablature for a few songs?

Finally ... a Deep Thought for the day: will Will Smith's recent Oscar nom for "The Fursuit of Happyness" mean that he'll go away now please if he's given the award?

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Taco Del Mar in the Glorious South!

My boyfriend and I went to Taco Del Mar for lunch today...in Vidalia, LA.

Turns out they're expanding, with stores in Jackson, Pensacola, Baton Rouge, and counting. We talked to the owner, who used to live in Coos Bay--we also talked to this other guy, who's from Seattle. So that's exciting! It makes us feel more at home : )


I have my first test tomorrow. I need to study. I usually go to Pharmacy Cafe to study but i'm getting a little worn out. Please recommend a place to go, anywhere in town, that's relaxed, free wifi, and good coffee where I can get my learn on with other people that are getting there learn on. Thank you in advance.

Land Shrimps in NoPo

Does anyone else have shrimp-shaped bugs in their basement or is it just me? They are about 2" long, with a million legs and they look like a... SHRIMP?!

What the hell are those things? Are they from outer space? Everyone I've talked to in town claims they've never seen one. People have suggested it may be a silverfish, but I have seen those guys and believe me, it's no silverfish. A scorpion, maybe?

I wish I had a photo to post, but every time I see a land shrimp, I get all froze up with terror. It's not quite as grody as a jerusalem cricket, but pretty close.

land shrimp dramatization

The closest resemblance I could find is this image. It's about the same size, but gray. Also I found a see-thru one in my bathwater (while I was in the tub, scream). It was masquerading as a fuzzy but when I went to scoop it out, I realized the f*cking thing had EYES! Eeeeewwwwwww.

So please, if you have any idea what this could be - and if it's harmful - I would really appreciate some insight. Thanks guys!
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Fantasy Congress

Does everyone know about Fantasy Congress? It's like fantasy football, only with politics. If you've been waiting and waiting to draft your new team, it's finally active again. There's a Damnportlanders league, even (with only three of us in it, and I'm not sure who the person is who started it, so I hope I'm not stepping on toes by announcing it)! Actually, there's several Oregon-specific leagues. So everyone go draft your team!
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Paleontology books?


Help? My partner is a very big fan of paleontology; his undergrad work was in it. However, his paleontology books are well... about twenty years out of date. I'd like to get him a new one or two that include the more recent discoveries (such as the new information on ancestral whales and etc). He's not big into genetics but has a very solid science background so big words are okay. Cool pictures, essays or articles on different theories would be good, stuff on morphology, new taxonomic systems/structures also good.

I, myself, am not experienced enough to be able to discern a good paleontology book from a bad one. So, I turn to you, wise Portlanders. Recommendations?

Burgess Shale stuff is good too. Tully monsters, anyone?

I'll be going to Powells for this, so bonus if you know it's there. Used or new, I don't care.


So I've got this bicycle that hasn't had a tuneup or anything since I got it a couple years ago. It's beginning to deteriorate, and it needs in-depth attention and probably some new parts (chain, brake cable and pads, wheel bearings might be wearing out, etc, etc).

I'm looking for the following attributes, in this order:

- open Sat-Mon (my weekend)
- good, honest workmanship
- quick turnaround
- located in NE, or along a MAX line
- decent prices

Where should I take it? Alternately, where should I NOT go?


hey guys,
i will be moving to portland from the other portland in late may/early june. i was wondering if anyone could reccomend the following...

a general practitioner
a dentist
a good vet
a good pet store
a good grocery store (organic)
a good gym
a good bookstore
any good local book clubs, girly groups, or other fun activities
good places to hear local music
a good hair salon

and anything else you think might be helpful!

thanks in advance!

My feelings are hurt....

Hey ya'll,
I know I don't live in PDX yet, but I really want to feel a part of it before I get down there, and my heart already lives there. Sometimes I post in threads about stuff from Alaska comparing it to stuff in Portland. Tongue in cheek, you know, making fun of things from an Alaska perspective, but just really putting my soul into getting down there in August... someone just posted something mean about 'what do bears have to do with silverfish?'.... I was just trying to be funny.
I enjoy this group, love hearing about my future home and can't wait to be down there and participate from the real thing. Do you guys want me to shut up about Alaska, does it bug you that much? I can unjoin and join back up when I get down there.
I'm really not used to people being mean spirited about tongue in cheek posts. I have a thick skin and can ignore it but I got to thinking maybe I really was being annoying...
anyhow, back to work. I just got my year evaluation from Providence Alaska Medical Center, 100% perfect, so I guess that will help when I transfer to Prov portland.
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Ant Farms?!

Anyone here ever have a ant farm?
I've always wondered how sustainable and fragile they are.

Could you keep one up and running for years, on an office desk?
(I don't care if you think it's cruel, PETA can suck my schlong)
I kinda want one for my desk. I think it would freak out my DM.