January 21st, 2007

Any coat drives still going on?

I have some coats to donate and I'd rather give them to a place that will give them to those in need instead of Goodwill which will sell them (cheaply, I know, but stil...). I've been googling but it looks like all the coat drives are over for the season. Does anyone know of any still going on? The closer to Hillsboro the better, but that is probably asking too much.
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For any information leading to the arrest of the complete waste of human life who smashed in the passenger's side window of my car and stole my JVC CD player around NE 61st and Fremont (61st and Milton) sometime yesterday (I think it happened in the evening, sometime before 11). My car is a red '95 Jetta GL, 4 door, parked on the corner of 61st and Milton Street (one block from Fremont). The person who did it is obviously familiar with the neighborhood and the fact that I often leave my car parked there unattended for hours at a time. The CD player was the only thing stolen, despite the fact that there was some money and CDs in the front seat.
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Greyling has been found!

Neighbors had taken her in out of the snow. I went into the yard to to the evening call and she trotted out from their yard and right to me. I'm very glad she comes when called rather than just looking at you in the way of most cats. Four days doesn't seem long...until you're dreading something every moment of them.

Thanks to all of you who offered advice and support!



My boyfriend has finally saved enough money to purchase a new bed! I won't have to sleep on the floor on a crappy futon anymore when I go over to his house!

- Budget- $200 total
- Need to buy it today or tomorrow
- We have a truck
- Must be new, or as good as new (his specifications)

Help! Who knows where I can find this? Anything is better than the floor! Does anyone have one to sell?

a WTF kind of day

So two nights ago someone broke the passenger side window of my boyfriend's car just to leave a note in the glove compartment that read "You are taking up 2 parking spaces. Try to be more considerate next time. Parking is scarce around here!"
He was parked right on the corner of the street, therefore, taking up 1 parking spot.
Either the window-breaker or a passing tweaker then stole 2 bags of clothing, passing up the DVDs and CDs in the car.
This was around Yamhill and 13th in SE. We called the police and reported it, and of course they are doing nothing. Has anyone else had anything similar happen lately? This seems really strange to me...I'd understand if someone just broke into the car to steal, but seriously, they had to break the window to leave the note? Would this be called "parking rage"?

kind of Portland related

If you are in a store and the customer service representative is giving someone wrong information, is it ok to call them out on it. The question stems from an employee at a video game store telling people that they needed to create a new account to play the World of Warcraft expansion (geeky, I know!) and that it wouldn't work for an existing account. Now I know for a fact this is not true, should I have said something or is that just way out of line?