January 20th, 2007


I really, really want some of this gold tooth paint...the sooner the better!


Can anyone tell me where in portland I can find gold tooth paint in Portland? Walgreens? Costume shop? I need some temporary bling. Training wheels before I get my grill.
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Introducing: Watershed

After several false starts, delays, and other artifacts of the process, we seem to be crossing the threshold on actually leasing a large building for industrial arts production in Portland, OR. The landlord has approved our proposal and is drawing up a lease. Upon signature of that lease, expect to be invited to a Aphelion, a FREE GALA AFFAIR on March 3rd, 2007, in Portland.


Watershed has as its primary goal the sustainable maintenance of a production facility for artists, contractors and craftsmen. Watershed is committed to social engineering through the provision of physical infrastructure and support services.

Watershed has found a home (we hope!) at 5040 SE Milwaukie, along the river above Oaks Bottom park. The 17 turns left just north ofn Holgate, the 70 comes right in front. Cars can drive down MLK to the Milwaukie ramp and find us directly in front of them as they turn south to the Goodwill Bins. Reed, PSU, and PCC students can work on fabrication - PCC uses Franklin High School's shop for its classes!

Watershed hosts three entities - Tool Shed, and Burn Shed, oregon non-profits, and tenants. Tenants are metal, wood or other industrial usages looking for high-quality, low-rent fabrication space. 110 and 220, street-level access, good light, and space to work outdoors will bring industrial tenants to help pay the rent. As these tenants cycle out, they can be slowly replaced with community projects, spawned from Tool Shed. Tool Shed is the corporate shell for a series of member-operated shops. Burn Shed is the rubric under which the building interfaces with temporary, or itinerant, art projects.

Watershed is a building, a community center, a tool library, a public service agency, and an industrial arts factory... as well as a lot of fun.

Tool Shed - an Oregon non-profit.

Tool Shed is a non-profit dedicated to spawning single-serving corporations to house projects by teams of five or more people. This corporation performs management services for the following internal sections:

  • Tool Shed F-1
  • Tool Shed A-3
  • Tool Shed B

Tool Shed F-1

If the project is industrial, physical production in nature, it is classified as "F-1 occupancy". This includes member shops and projects in:

  • metal shop, a shared welder
  • wood shop, shared saws, planers, etc
  • potter, a shared kiln, wheels
  • audio/video, a shared editing studio
  • photography, a shared darkroom

Tool Shed is committed to helping the workers own the means of production. This means that each project is working to own the central infrastructure, so that we can then seed other projects with tools/equipment/technology.

Tool Shed B

B-occupancy refers to office uses. In the office component of the building, Tool Shed B barters office space for services to members, including

  • legal counsel
  • CPA services
  • meeting and desk space for members and projects
  • sustainability and ecological consulting
  • web/network consulting

This brain trust helps us begin the life of each project.

Tool Shed A-3

A-3 is a workshop, rehearsal, and venue space, operating as a LLC. This space will be able to legally host OLCC permitted parties, take tickets at the door, operate as a banquet hall or a club. The use of the space for fundraising events is limited to members - members are encouraged to use the space to host free and per-fee workshops, with some caveats about how the public is allowed onto the premises.

For open-to-the-public, door-charge events, members of Tool Shed projects are not only admitted, they are crew. It is expected that a certain minimum number of crew need to have signed up for an event for it to be enacted. The number of these events is expected to be limited to probably two per month, with estimated max occupancy of 470 people.

Burn Shed, an Oregon non-profit

For one-day, one-week, one-month and ongoing intermittent relationships with groups, projects and individuals, Burn Shed negotiates barter, value-storage and value-exchange for groups. Need a place to work on your project for a month outside? The metal shop needs new racks! Burn Shed works with you to find out what you can offer, and how that can match up with the needs of pods within the community and with professional service individuals within and without the Watershed building.

Burn Shed also carries a mandate to assist in the implementation of any grant-funded projects within the Watershed umbrella by the provision of free labor, videography and services.


Dead Letter: Every Time Mail Gets Delivered, A Hippie-Raver Loses Her Wings...

Dental Disaster!

Hi there,

Are there ANY dentists open in SE PDX on Saturdays? My boyfriend has finally decided that after a week of horrid dental pain he should see a dentist. Please send me a name before I knock his tooth out with a brick.

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Poll #910672 Time Wasting!

What game should I waste time on?

World of Warcraft
Other (Please Specify)

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Note: Please no 'Oblivion.' That game has too many pieces parts it seems to be fun. I don't like spending extra money on add-ons for this, that, and the other thing.
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one of those house-seeking posts

So, one of my roommates and I started talking about our house. It turns out neither of us likes it as much as we thought we did. She mentioned that she had been looking at another place she might move to, and I coincidentally had just done the same thing. A few days later, she decided she didn't want to move to the new place, and I have no idea whether or not I'm going to be moving to the place I looked at. In the meantime, we had a lot of time to daydream about the possibility of not living with one another, and it turns out, we both really liked the idea. Since she has lived here longer, it's obvious that I should be the one to move.

I don't want to live so far north anyway (Alberta) or with someone who is a clean-freak. I want to live in a place where people are considerate enough to do their dishes on a regular basis, but don't feel it is necessary to mop a clean floor just because the chore calendar says so.

Here begins my housing search. I've started browsing craigslist, but nothing looks good so far. If anybody knows of anybody who needs a roommate, let me know.

About me: I'm 27, a full time student at PSU, very active. I would prefer to live as close to PSU as possible.
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A bit out of place, but...

I'm willing to do just about anything at this point. A friend of mine suggested I post here regarding a very, very dear kitten that's gone missing. Fluffy and sentimental, yes, but as I mentioned, I'll do anything. And we all know that kittens are just plain cute.

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Whew, ok, I'm done. But seriously, it will be nice when I only have to drive 20 minutes.

What do YOU all think?