January 19th, 2007

  • plumosa

super nintendo?

My SNES is broken :( Does anyone have a super nintendo they're willing to sell?

I'm also looking for super mario all-stars, mario cart, yoshi's safari...

oh and maybe a game genie.


PS-I know, I know craigslist and ebay....I just thought I'd ask here first!
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(no subject)

So I have a question that could probably be answered in the search for the Holy Google Grail, but it's far more fun reading DP.

In a nutshell, for years I sorted all my recycling. You know: cardboard, glass, cans and plastic all in separate bins. Then I noticed that absolutely no-one was doing it, including all my roommates, so I figured (wrongly?) that perhaps we don't need to sort them anymore, because (whatever the vagrants leave behind) all gets lopped together in some fantastic Dr. Seuss machine where it gets separated or made into roofing tiles, or whatever.

However, to my embarrassment, this is not the case, and my neighbor lady from up the street has taken it upon herself to sort MY recycling. At first we thought we had a gnome infestation. Then she confessed to me about it, and confided it was one of her pet peeves to see unseperated plastic, etc anywhere on her street, so she dons her "Refuse Woman" costume at night and goes a-sorting

While I remain firm that my neighbor has too much time on her hands (and may be slightly OCD), of course I'd gladly go back to sorting again if this is the norm - but I was wondering if anyone else has had any related experiences or can shed any light on the "Sort-or-not-to-Sort" question?

Animation Show!

Third annual animation show is coming to Portland.




Hollywood Theatre, January 19-21, 2007
4122 NE Sandy Blvd Portland, OR

Times: (19th, 20th) 7:00 & 9:30 PM, (21st) 3:00, 5:30 & 8:00PM
Ticket Price: $10.00

Be there or be square!

Ad in the Mercury said Mike Judge would be appearing for the shows on the 19th and 20th.

I've been to the first two, and they've all been amazing.
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3 Events coming up!

Here are some goth/industrial events coming up soon! the short version!

01/20/07 - Shadowplay: Weekend Edition - With Djs Horrid & Carrion(Main Room) & Djs Apocalypse & Cityrocker(Downstairs) - 21+ - 10pm - $5 - The Fez Ballroom - 316 SW 11th Ave

01/23/07 - CRUXSHADOWS - Ayria - Ego Likeness @ The Fez Ballroom
21+ - adv tix @ Corrosion Records & Ticketswest -$15.00 @ The Door - 9pm

01/24/07 - CRUXSHADOWS - AYRIA - EGO LIKENESS meet & greet @ The Black Market - 128 NW 23rd Ave
4:00pm-6:00pm - All Ages

questions? Corrosionrecords@yahoo.com
little blue dog


Peeps, I'm looking for some good pranks to play on a buddy of mine, involving the paranormal. More specifically, I want to haunt his workplace. Trouble is, he's a smart guy, and would spot such giveaways as fishing lines or tripwires or whatever. Ideally, I'd like to be able to set up these pranks to be automatically triggered, so he doesn't associate their occurrence with me.

Not sure where to look. Googled around, but most of what I find is pretty rudimentary. Any ideas?

On another note, anyone notice the change to the userinfo? "This community is often home to potentially offensive thoughts, words, and images." WHAT? US?!

Thanks peepz.

ODOT/DMV type question

edited to include pix. (sorry lighting is bad.) I'm willing to let this go CHEAP. Yes it'll be on CL later.

Hey DP -

So I got myself in a bit of a pickle. I bought a scooter off of Craigslist last year from a private dealer. I need to sell it now as I'm in dire financial straits. BUT I can't find the title. Here's the tricky part: I went to register it at the DMV and they mailed me plates, but its registered as title only, and they revoked the plates and said its not street legal until I do some DEQ test because its a Chinese scooter (looks like a Vespa), and therefore not recognized, blah blah blah.

Point is, I can't find the title. I don't think I gave it to the DMV when I "registered" it. But I don't know. How can I sell this vehicle without the physical document of the title? Is there anyway to get another copy? The dealer is a total jerk and will not help me in anyway, and the scooter is not considered legal in ODOT's eyes. So I don't know if anyone would buy it anyway. But the title issue is my main concern. Anyone? Thoughts?


CACOPHONY: An evening spotlighting those revisionist musical forms often referred to as “experimental”, curated by Mr. Ogo Eion. Noise, ambient, drone, neo-classical, glitch, power electronics, improvisation, etc.





Red Orchestra

Technicolor Yawn

Kitty Midwife

with video by

Carl Diehl



be there or be....well i guess you can tune in to the live streaming webcast of the show if you are underage or a shut-in.

  • kengwen

Tonight 1/19

Okay, short notice, sorry.  But come see my roommate tonight 1/17 at the 9 muses, 8:45pm.  He plays the ukelele, has a couple albums out.  Here (http://musicandlyrics.talentload.tv/video/334/) is a song he wrote & recorded a music video for (it's for a contest related to an upcoming drew barrymore movie).  And seriously, how often do you get to hear the ukelele?  Right.

Edit: um, duh, today (Friday) is 1/19, not 1/17.  8:45, 9 muses. 

(no subject)

is there such a thing as the Honky Tonk bar, somewhere in "inner SE" or is my coworker just trying to send me to some ghetto alley so she can steal my 'goin out drinking' shoes?

miscommunication. APPARENTLY..."honky tonk" is a verb, not a place. moreso something that happens at a place, a place called American Cowgirls. never go there. ever.
Dr. Killinger.  Dr. Henry Killinger.

custom tees

I rented "Idiocracy," and I want a Carl's Junior shirt like the characters wear in the movie (with the star with the rounded-off points and a frowny face). Problem is, I can't find any anywhere.

What is the best place in Portland to get a custom shirt silk-screened? And has anyone had any good experiences customizing their own shirt?
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Because I was thinking about it, and then somebody posted about it

I used to be sympathetic toward panhandlers, but this city has hardened my heart. I mostly encounter people hanging out on MAX platforms saying they need change for bus fare. I don't know them from Adam, and the first words out of their mouth upon meeting me are a goddamn lie. Fuck them.

Seriously, what is up with all the homeless people around here? I grew up in a relatively small Midwest city (pop. c. 250,000), but I've also lived in Atlanta, GA (metro pop. c. 5,000,000) and various other places. I've never seen so many people begging for change, and certainly not so many people sleeping in parks. The prevalence of homelessness and the city's apparent apathy toward it is a huge discredit to the progressivism I came out here to be a part of.