January 18th, 2007

Senator Smith and his about face on the war

So, if everyone doesn't mind me bringing up politics here, instead of snow, I think that Gordon Smith's new policy on the war should be talked about.

The basic story is this: Gordon Smith was a 100% (okay, maybe 95%) supporter of the war, from early 2003 up until a few weeks ago. And then he decided that the war is terrible, maybe even criminal.


Which is good that he realized this now, but where has he been for the last four years?

Either up until this point, he didn't know that the war was going to end up badly (something that means he is not particularly intelligent, didn't bother to do his research, was too arrogant to listen to anyone who said otherwise, and wasn't thinking long term), or he didn't care how things were going to end up (meaning that as long as he could wave the flag and ride Bush's coattails, he didn't actually care what was happening). Either one doesn't speak well for someone who is supposed to be a Senator.

So, yeah, I guess I should be glad that he is seeing reality...but I might like him better if he actually stuck with the war, and actually had beliefs. It seems now that is he is just trying to weasel away. He supported a war because he was either too lazy to think about it, or didn't care about it until it affected his chances for reelection.
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Can anyone recommend an amazing dentist in Portland? I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't been to a dentist in a few years due to some AWFUL experiences with my previous dentists and orthodontists, so I'm now looking for a truly talented dentist to correct the mistakes they made. Has anyone here actually visited the top rated dental offices on Citysearch (Green Apple Dental, Nortec Dental, or Rafia Dental)? I'd especially like to hear suggestions from people who have had major cosmetic procedures done. Thanks in advance.
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Important Announcement: The Snow Crisis of 2007 is over. The roads are safe for driving. The temperatures are above the freezing level and expected to stay that way. Next topic, please.

car help

I own a 2001 Hyundai Accent. I bought it used, so I don't have a warranty for it, and it just impressively failed the DEQ test.
Can anyone recommend a good mechanic? I have had a few horrible experiences, so I'm leery of just picking a place at random.

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So I have a question...

How many of you all live out Beaverton/Hillsboro way take the max to work in downtown Portland everyday?

I was just wondering this as I take the max into Portland there, and it seems like there is never any parking at Sunset transit center...

just curious

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A couple of weeks ago there was a post in here where someone was asking about places that gave loans to people with bad credit. There was a link to a website that I can't for the life of me find and a friend of mine has been bugging me about it. I checked the archives but obviously I'm not finding it.. does anyone remember the post and can provide the link?

Thanks much.
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Found: Male red husky, very skinny and no tags in upper Milwaukie, near Johnson Creek and 42nd. If you or anyone you know may own this dog, please contact me. He is very friendly and very hungry!

Fatty Goldfish

diet pill, and weight loss.

this is an odd and somewhat obscure question, along with being kinda gross, but..

has anyone else seen that diet pill advertisment on latenight tv?

the one where they talk about bowl movments alot, and talk about how everyone is carrying like 5 pounds of waste in their intestines and all that joy?

ive seen it once or twice, but can NOT for the LIFE of me remember what it was called; and am having trouble locating it on google.

was anyone else interested yet disturbed by this peculiar diet suggestion?

update: have any of you had any luck whatsoever on any other weight loss pills or suppliments?
i work out regularly, refrain from fatty foods, and try and do regular cardio workouts to get the blood flowing, as well as toning excersizes, but i seem to have belly fat i can NOT get rid of :-\...