January 17th, 2007



Has anyone taken the 15 Portland-bound or 6 Vancouver-bound bus today? How'd it go? I know everything's super delayed but I'd love an estimate.
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Dental Care For the Poor

So I am completely poor, but need a cavity filled- hopefully not more. I tried to call OHSU School of Dentistry, but they have been so rude and it really seems like a rip off to pay 140 dollars for a " very temporary" (as the receptionist put it) filling. So other then him, who can help me? sorry if this is a repeat and I could do a payment plan if anyone knows of a dentist willing.
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Attack of the Temps

If you've had any positive or negative experiences with your local Temporary Employment agency, tell me all about them, Please. The one agency I'm using at the moment just isn't cutting the mustard. Not enough assignments, and some extremely unprofessional waffling late last year regarding one particular assignment. I'm soured on them and need to shop around.

Thank You.

Driving in winter weather

Just a small hint.  Got a 4 wheel drive?  
Do NOT STOP ON THE FREEWAY to tighten your freaking lugs!!!
Especially IN THE FAST LANE!!!
Saw someone in some sort of suv do this.
Whoever you are, you are an IDIOT!
You should have done it before you left home, or at the very least gotten off the freeway or on the side first.
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[BST] Another Day of Tram Preview for Non-OHSU Peeps, and More Tram Info....

Since some peeps were wondering when the General Public (that's you peeps, not the 80s New Wave band!) would be able to experience riding the tram, here's the official blurb. Since I work for OHSU, and we get these work emails, the accuracy of the information is probably high. The Portland Aerial Tram website also has useful information.

The tram will be open to the public beginning Saturday, January 27th. There will be a celebration of sorts. The tram ride will be FREE on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th from 10 a.m. to 5 a.m. (but apparently the rides are completely booked for that weekend. However, it appears that there will be free tram rides from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Saturday in February.

More about the Lift Off! event on 1/27:

"Lift Off!" will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day and feature free public Tram rides [which is mostly booked -ed.]. Since this celebration brings the public to OHSU's new front door, we've engaged a variety of sponsors so we can provide entertainment and educational activities. There will be tents, exhibits, food and sales items. Musicians will entertain throughout the day, along with face painters, jugglers and a child's activity area. The Center for Health & Healing is the main staging area for the event. Riders also will find food and OHSU-related information at the Kohler Pavilion. Information about the grand opening will be available at www.portlandtram.org.

But, if there are those who absolutely cannot wait to ride the tram, just go visit someone who lives up on the Pill Hill. It looks like the tram is going to be temporarily available today to various subsets of the population. Here's the info from work e-mail:

Please share the following information.

Due to the continued inclement weather, the Portland Aerial Tram will again be open today, Wednesday, Jan. 17, to the following groups:

- OHSU ID badge holders
- OHSU patients
- VA Medical Center employees
- VA Medical Center patients
- Shriners' Hospital employees
- Shriners' Hospital patients
- Neighbors residing near OHSU

At this time the Tram is operating on normal weekday hours: 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Tram is a safe and efficient way to reach Marquam Hill during inclement weather. Parking is very limited at the South Waterfront, however, so please use the Portland Streetcar to reach the lower Tram station if you plan to ride the Tram.

For the latest updates on conditions affecting OHSU and road conditions at various OHSU locations, please call the OHSU Alert Line at 503 494-9021.
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Sound recording program for macs?

Does anyone know of a freeware program that lets you record audio for mac?

I'm taking an online Spanish class, and my professor(a) wants me to use PureVoice, which only has support for Mac OS 7-9 for some reason (I have Tiger, 10.4). To do my first assignment, I used GarageBand, saved it as an AAC file and then imported it into iTunes before attaching it to the e-mail that I sent to her--if that works, great, but I'm wondering if there's a simpler way?
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Needed: Toshiba Satellite AC adapter

The AC adapter for my Toshiba Satellite M30-S350 broke. Toshiba is sending me a replacement, but the problem is that I'm leaving on Saturday for Arizona for a week because my mom is having spinal fusion surgery. So, what I'm wondering, my dear damnportlanders, is if anyone has an A/C adapter that would work for my laptop that I could borrow for a week and some change. Or I'd be willing to buy it if you have an extra one that would work that you don't need anymore and could sell it for a reasonable price (it costs over $80 for a brand-new one locally, way more than I can afford). thanks :)
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Xmas Socks

At least we can have our Tillamook cheeseburgers!

Yesterday afternoon I walked to the bank near my house and it was closed, yet the Burgerville next door was open and operating as usual. Later on, my roommate and I went to the bank branch in downtown Vancouver (the other ATM wasn't working at the one by my house). That branch was also closed. But the Burgerville down the street which is a walk up window only? Also open. So bank employees can't make it to work but BV guys can? Weird.
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Oregon City tonight

Any advice on what the easiest/safest route to Oregon City from Portland would be about 4:45PM tonight? I've never driven in the snow before, I have no chains, and I have a mandatory court appearance at 6PM and then I have to drive back [which I may try to find a hotel if conditions worsen]?

Thanks in advance. Sorry for flooding with another snow question.

And remember to be careful out there...

It's not just the people driving on the roads that have to watch out in the snow, but be careful if you're playing out there too. I know that personally I've read about the guy who got stabbed after a snowball hit a passerby's car yesterday, but there have also been a few other accidents. One kid got hurt pretty bad when he slid into a van driving down the road and another girl died yesterday when she was being pulled behind a car on an innertube. I'm sure that there are other similar stories due to the snow/ice. Have fun but be careful!


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Donner, party of three...

With local folks being snow bound for a second day, and a third day not unlikely, I thought I would do everyone a favor by pointing them to some materials that would be entertaining, as well as useful!

Movies about Cannibalism!

Leading the pack is Ravenous!
How can I describe this movie without inviting open mockery? Is it a western set in a cavalry outpost? Well, yeah. That is, until it turns into a drama about cannibalism. Except then it takes another turn and gets really weird! I would say more, but I would only be spoiling it for you. It's dark, creepy, and has a great soundtrack. It stars Guy Pierce, who you might remember from Memento. Highly recommended.

After such a dark piece, cleanse your palate by watching Cannibal the Musical! Written by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of South Park, that credential alone tells you just about everything you need to know. This is a musical retelling of the story of Alfred Packer, a western mountain guide. Good stuff.

Back to the darker material, I feel obliged to mention Hannibal. Anthony Hopkins reprises his role from Silence of the Lambs. Watch to the end, just to get a full view of the scene where our "hero" has an FBI agent for dinner, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Yum!

And let's move to lighter fare again. Hunt in the foreign films section to find Caro and Jeunet's Delicatessen. A black comedy, set in an apartment building in a post-apocolypse world. If you've never seen a Caro/Jeunet film before, I envy the delights still ahead of you. Dig in and then go back for seconds!

I keep trying to be done with this post, and then I keep thinking of more. By all means, watch The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover. Peter Greenaway films are an acquired taste, but then, so is the main course of the film.

Bon appetit!
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Water lillies


Hey all! I am in need of some help because I apparently don't know how to "search". :) Can anyone recommend a good vet that works with reptiles (specifically snakes)? I have a ball python who needs a checkup and who just won't shed the skin on his head (he's shed everything else, and we've been keeping his habitat humid and heated well)...

Oui Oui September 2013
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Portland Recruiters

Hello my fellow DP'ers

I am currently in Washington D.C. for work however as I was leaving my hotel to go to my office I received a call from a recruiting agency in Portland.
So, my question to you is:
Do any of you have any experience with Apex Systems Inc?

I have no intention of leaving my current job, however I think it is in my best interest to have my resume and information on file with a local recruiting agency because being prepared is a good thing so I wanted to know if this company works hard to get a great job/salary for you? Do they do mostly contract work or permanant hire?
If any of you have experience with this company good or bad, please share.

...and enjoy the snow...there is no snow out here and when I landed over the weekend it was almost 70 degrees...very odd.
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Beleaguered parents anonymous.

Just kill me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Portland Sch. Dist.
Emergency Messages

Two hour delay and snow routes for PPS schools on Thursday. We will continue to evaluate weather conditions and will update in the early a.m. if conditions degrade. UPDATE - Posted: Wed. 17th, 08:24 PM
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American Idol Does Seattle

I know that American Idol is crap tv, but... I usually watch it anyways. Did anyone else watch tonight's show? It's the beginning of the season, so they're still showing the auditions, and tonight's episode took place in Seattle. It seemed like the quirkiness of the Pacific Northwest really showed through, which made the show pretty entertaining to watch. Something else I noticed - the people who were rejected by the judges were so much more civil upon receiving the disappointing news. No *really* extreme freak outs like I've seen on some episodes; most people remained calm and took the answer for what it was. I think this speaks volumes for the quality of our character up here in our weird little corner of the country. :)