January 15th, 2007


piano movers

Has anyone moved a piano recently? Specifically, we are trying to get a rough idea what a local move for an upright grand might run, without making 10,000 phone calls. What should we be expecting to pay?

Also, since this is a 100+ year old piano, we are looking for someone a little more professional (read:insured) than "Me and my buddy have a truck! We'll do it!" (Though don't et me wrong, I'm a big fan of "Me and my buddy have a truck" endeavors.) 

Thanks so much for any info/experiences/recommendations you have! :)

origami crane

I've been trying to make a single origami crane and have had no luck! I would to find someone who could show me how to do it so I can do the 1001 cranes.

If you'd like to meet me at a cafe and teach me how do properly make a crane a few times - food and drink is on me. Let me know if you are interested!

Thanks in advance!!
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Snow mobiling on Hood

In my other winter playgrounds of Tahoe and in the mountains of Colorado, there are a slew of places that rent snow mobiles. Some of them are big, well-organized, tightly-controlled outtings where everyone sets out single file behind a guide who strictly limits your speed/exploration/fun. Others are more relaxed, where you rent the snow mobile, a jump suit, a trail map and off you go.

Are there outfitters like that on or around Mount Hood? My GoogleFu has revealed a couple of options, but I was wondering if the local HiveMind had tips or suggestions to share. TIA.
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It hurts, but i'm forced to sell. LOST ACTION FIGURES

Hey all, I thought i would post this here, before going on Craigslist. I'm in need of cash and i'm foced to sell my LOST action figures season 1. This is the entire set of regular action figures AND the hatch playset (which includes four mini figures). I checked on Amazon and the regular action figures alone are selling for 149.99 the blast door set is selling for 44.99. I'd be willing to sell the whole thing for 140.00. These have not been removed from their boxes (of course) and are in great condition.

It sucks, but i gotta pay da bills, you know? If your interested please respond with an email to dalewoodruff@gmail.com

thanks all!

Teaching english overseas

I'd like to know if anyone has any information on taking TESL classes in portland. If you've actually used what you learned and taught overseas, I would love to hear what you did and how you went about it and how long it actually took. Sounds to me let some programs could be a scam, but I know that TESL certification can also be extremely effective. Thanks!
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Happy MLK Jr. Day! Let's all jump rope!

What's up with Google's logo today?

The only thing I can figure out is that schools are closed on MLK, Jr. Day, and kids play when they don't have school, and that this was MLK, Jr's dream ... ?

Oh, I get it, the kids are INTERRACIAL. But come on.

For reference, here's Google's '06 MLK, Jr. Day logo:

No '05 MLK, Jr. logo, and here's the first one that was used, in 2004:

box fan

looking for a box fan, preferably in the SE. no luck with home depot, freds, etc.
i know it's 27 degrees out, but this is for white noise, not for cooling. thanks guys.
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Any New-And-Improved-Temporary-bus-mall fun from today? Or will all of that start tomorrow (the first work day OF DOOM)?

ETA: I forgot to say that my transfer downtown in the morning is now *directly* across from Stumptown. Fucking sweet.