January 14th, 2007



Just thought I'd post here since I see people asking for cheap cellphones because theirs got stolen or damaged or left on the bus/in Powells.

I have this phone which I used for a month in the Summer of 2005. It was my business phone, and I eventually switched to a different LG phone. I've moved around quite a bit and amazingly this phone has hid itself in my moving boxes quite well.

Includes the battery which is still good and the charger. Just throw in your SIM card and you're set. Did I mention I downloaded a bunch of games on it? I think it has Tetris, Splinter Cell and a Hello Kitty game...plus a dozen ringtones. It rings in real music- not that boop be bop be boop sound.

The only drawback I can see is that I am in Seattle for school/work. I can mail it to you, I take paypal...of if you want it really bad I'll drive down to deliver it to you! LoLz. Just kidding. I visit Portland once a month and I'll be down there on the 18th and can bring the phone with me.

It's charging up right now.

$35 and it's yours. I also accept bribery of beer, food, coffee, girl stuff etc.
I'd rather help someone out instead of taking monies.

I'm at livejournal.com if you want to send an email.

<3 <3 <3

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i really dont appreciate whoever posted that craigslist ad with my email and picture.  that is not allowed and its not funny.  just because you dont like my post doesnt give you the right to get me harassed.  if you dont like my post, dont respond.  its very simple.  i expected to get a bit of shit for my post but i also expected that people would realize that it wasnt entirely serious nor did i expect a line of people to appear.  instead people made craigslist posts and posted comments to my post with quotes from my private journal.  you look down on me, but at the same time you act like mean spirited children.

Hotel History

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the history of the building downtown that is now the Days Inn City Center. I know it used to be the Portland Motor Lodge or the Portland Motor Inn (something similar), but a friend of mine said that it was originally built with Gene Autry as a financial backer and I wanted to see if that was true or not. Any help and information is greatly appreciated.

Maybe mitdasein you can see this as a challenge and find me an answer using your Sherlock Holmes skills?

Tattoo Artists

Hiya DPers! I am looking for a tattoo artist or two to give me some tips regarding designing tattoo art. I have been commissioned for a couple of tattoos, but want to know the specifics about fading, ink spreading over time and general guidelines for pricing tattoo art. If you, or someone you know would be willing to have a chat with me about this please e-mail me: thetalena@gmail.com


This is an example of my art:

(C) Talena Shields 2007
Floaty Skirt

For all you chocoholics and those who just like the cocoa...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I know that it can be spendy, but some things aren't up there in $$$. For those of you who don't have that big of a sweet tooth, we also offer different types of loose leaf teas we put in tea bags for you. The coffee (organic) and chocolate drinks (with our signature dark chocolate blend we mix ourselves) are pretty tasty as well. If you haven't seen it yet, our Valentine's collection is out and it's pretty awesome. We do offer free samples of chocolates, and if you're a peanut clusters fan, they're .85 a piece.

If you know others who are chocolate lovers or specifically digging Moonstruck, have them stop by. :)

Thanks so much you guys. You're all awesome. Any extra questions I'll be happy to answer.


so im wondering if anyone can recommend a place to me. hopefully 1br or a studio apartment. ideally something in NW portland because of my job..but no pearl condos. umm..i really like sustainability and being able to have a garden.. i would really just love to run away a live on a farm..but i work in the city and i like it here. but its ok without those things.

currently i live with 3 other people. i think..actually i think one just moved out..but im not sure. (see the lack of communication)..i guess i dont want to live with anyone. and they never take care of their dog and its just a lame situation for me.

i have a cat, but he doesnt have to live with me. um i have furnishings..and can pay up to $700ish. month to month would be nice or at least a 6 month (im kind of a rambler, i never know where this dirty road is taken me). it has to be in city because i only have a bike, and i like to be able to walk home if i need to.

thanks for any help.

Comet viewing?

I have heard rumors that McNaught is visible even during the day...but now, a few minutes after sunset, I can see nothing.

Does anyone know our Comet status? I've also heard that it is no longer visible from the Northern Hemisphere

Oh wise ones...

I seek your advice! I got out of my T-mobile contract and now I need a new plan. Decided to go with Cingular since everyone else I know has it. Since they're switching back to AT&T how much of a mess am I going to be in if I get the new service tomorrow and need to do any modifications to the plan in the future? I heard it was a real headache last time they switched.

Also, any good deals out there for nifty phones? Thanks for the info!
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Renting. Moving.

So, I am moving in with my girlfriend. Wacky, huh? My question to y'all in the know- we can try looking for the 15th of next month, or March 4th. Is there going to be a big difference as far as selection and availability of spaces?
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Portlander opinions please, which do you think is better for internet, Comcast or Qwest? I'm talking JUST internet, no voice or phone capabilities. I have Qwest right now and I'm kinda getting tired of their shitty modem and having to pay two bills at once (one for the line, one for the ISP), but I don't want to switch over to Comcast and find out it's worse...

Prices? Service? Customer Service?

Thanks for your help!
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Good food in PDX

FYI - if anyone is looking for quality food:

SAM's Billiards in Hollywood (http://www.barflymag.com/bar/sams-billiards.html) has some of the most consistently EXCELLENT food I have consumed in this city. Surprisingly good.

Yes... it is a Pool hall... and you go in there thinking "Why would I order food at a pool hall".... but man, their Chefs make a wonderful presentation and cook everything to perfection!!! They seriously take PRIDE in their meals.

Their Burgers are excellent, their salads all use baby greens / romain / green leaf... and their Roasted Bell Pepper soup - Oh my!! Lets not even talk about the WILD-TURKEY sandwich with roasted red pepper and bacon and Fresh Spinach!!!

We tried the Ravioli tonight... and the garlic / pesto sauce was something that beat meals at places that cost 2x as much!

So, I don't know who owns the joint (some lady named SAM I hear...) but they did a most excellent job on choosing their cooks.

Plus they now have a non-smoking pool area upstairs (they built an upstairs). Bonus.

But seriously - their Burgers ROCK... their food rocks --- htey have an awesome industrial music selection on the jukebox... and they are nice people.

I am in no way affiliated with the place - I just like good food.

CD Repair/Resurfacing

I've got several CDs with scratches affecting their play. A few of the albums are extremely difficult to find. Is there someplace in town that does high quality, inexpensive ($1-2 a disc) disc refinishing? If it's situated close to either PSU or Tualatin that be super terrific.

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oh man, i have looked everywhere!

does anyone have any idea where i can find myself some funky handlebar tape for my bike? a friend of mine has panda bears and i am looking for any exciting graphics or really anything that's not solid or splash. or even DIY directions? i'm gettin' desperate!

thank you so much in advance!!
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