January 13th, 2007


Oral Surgeon?

I know this has been asked before, and I am sorry for the repetition, but does anyone have a reccomendation for a really fantastic oral surgeon? My parents are picking up the tab and I don't have insurance, but it doesn't matter if it's expensive, I just want someone who knows what he or she is doing!

Thanks dp

A short history of Spam

So, this morning I got a phishing e-Mail in my inbox.

And it surprised me a little because I haven't got a phishing e-Mail in a while. They kind of slowly went away. Time was, though, that I could expect a couple of phishing e-Mails every day. Nowadays, most of my spam falls into the "penny stock" category. There are not even many pharmaceuticals offered to me these days. Is this just my isp (aracnet) and their spam blocking software, or is this just the trend of the spam industry, such as it were?

And does anyone have a brief history of spam? Back when I first started getting lots of it, about eight years ago, most of it seemed to be pornographic. Only later did we have the era of mortgages, replica Rolex, the drugs, and phishing. And now we seem to be in the penny stock era. But that could just be me.
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honest transmission work?

so last night i had the fine portland experience of being stalled on I-5 southbound for about 40 minutes. AAA saved the day, a wonderful towtruck operator named Dustin (thanks Dustin!) got me home safe and sound. now my car is sitting in my driveway and i'm told that AAA will tow it somewhere else for me, for free! how great.

i'm pretty sure it's something with the clutch and/or transmission, so it needs to go somewhere where they can deal with that. close in would be nice.
i'm a college girl, my girlfriend is a college girl, and we don't have dad's around to go in and be a guy presence, so where can we go where we won't get ripped off?
thank you in advance wise and nobel damnportlanders.
and for any of you on I-5 last night, thanks for not running me over!

Go Saints!

Fun to have a good game on while I've been weeding down books. Two minutes to go...

Remember when I said I was going to do more online garage sale-ing? This is where the geeky computer books I promised ended up, but you'll have to dig through the whole list. There's a Linux something, and some programming things, and a whole lot of 1940s romances which were a legacy from my great-aunt.

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oh, and...

Software (in box):
Visual Studio .net (Academic)
SuSE Linux 7.2 (Professional)

help me, i'm poor

Has anyone ever gotten out of paying the high cost of breaking a lease? I dont want to sublet to someone I dont know and I have to move out of my apartment, which apparently will cost me $1300.
Helpful suggestions would be great, as I am young, naive, and poor.

And the kitten's name is Butters, as someone will inevitably comment on his cuteness.
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happy feet

Do any of you lovely portlanders know anything about \ have opinions regarding Good Feet?  It's a store that specializes in arch supports and they're currently trying to sell one of my housemates a 500 dollar "system".   She's very gullible about some things and what they're selling her sounds too good to be true.  If they're scam artists, I'd like to know.   If they rocked your world, that'd be good to know too.  Thanks.
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Anya sell children

mm. mattress.

ok, so I have a back that feels as if it has taken on a life of its own and is slowly trying to kill me, plus I have fibromyalgia. basically, I don't sleep well and I HURT. I want a mattress that gives more support, such as a Tempurpedic. sadly Tempurpedic wants too much money and I plan on upgrading to a bigger bed size within a few years. so spending thousands on a mattress makes no sense right now. does anyone know of a place in Portland to purchase mattresses (or mattress toppers) similar to a Tempurpedic or that are specifically for back/body pain?

it is a hoax.

everybody - The Recyclery is not giving away free bicycles. somebody is scamming them, basically. they have an idea who but that is beside the point.

in any case, it is a wonderful store and worth your time. if you are in need of a bicycle or have bicycle-related needs, I encourage you to head down to The Recyclery.

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never underestimate what a cute girl can get someone to do...

so im finding myself lacking in minions lately.

im looking for people who have nothing better to do then help me get things done.  specifically i need people that will do dishes, carry my laundry downstairs, and occassionally lift heavy boxes or something.  also looking for people with a car that want to drive me places like the store and help me carry groceries.

you will be rewarded with food and are welcome to sit around and watch movies with me too. 

i know this sounds insane, yet ive had people doing this stuff for me for years.  im just low on willing participants right now.

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FYI, the shins are going to be the musical guests on Saturday night live, and Viva Voce's Anita Robinson will be singing female vocals on one of the songs. Thought I mentioned this, cause both the Shins and Viva Voce call our fair city home and what not. And Phantom limb is an absolutely amazing song.

Fitted Ipod Earbuds

Does anyone know of an Audiologist, or anyone else, in Portland Proper that can make me a fantastic pair of custom fit earbud headphones for my Ipod? I remember reading something a few years ago in the WWeek or P. Mercury holiday gift guide, but I can't find those articles now.

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I'm 21 and still living at home. I was kind of thinking that it'd be great to move into an apartment with some people. But then I thought, I'm weird, do I really want people to find this out for themselves? No not really.

I'm curious though to find out your guys' opinions of living alone, or with roommates, let me know, the bad, the good, and the ugly! This will help me out a lot! :)
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Looking for a bed frame?

Hey - you... people of portlandia

Need a bed frame for Cali-King size bed ??

I just replaced the frame with a platform bed... and if anyone else needs one, I'm willing to part with it.

I'll give it away for FREE... but it'd be cool to at least have a conversation or get a drink out of it.

It is a sturdy frame... has the nifty plastic rollers that don't ruin your floor etc.

Uhm... it is a lovely shade of brown/black and if you get it cold enough - you can make your tongue stick to it.