January 12th, 2007

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Donating old clothes?

Anyone know any good charities that take clothing donations? I've got 4 full trash bags of clothes that I'm looking to get rid of, nearly all of it is plus size womens clothes from size 14/16 and up. I figure I'd take some of the less nice stuff to Goodwill, but I've got lots of items that are hardly worn and very nice. I took them to Savvy Plus to try and consign them, but the lady didn't want them because she's anal and picky as fuck or some of it was "the wrong season". I figure, they could do some good going to a battered woman's shelter or something. Google gives me a whole lot of goobledeegook.
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I wanna go snowboarding on monday/MLK holiday, and I want to go to Skibowl because I'm cheap like that. Is anybody else going up and interested in taking along an extra new friend?


Hot sauce?

Where in Portland can I find a huge selection of hot sauce? I'm looking for places other than World Market/Whole Foods. While these places have a decent amount (about 10 different ones) that is nothing for a chili head like myself. I'm thinking at least an aisle full. Shipping on hot sauce is ridiculously expensive or I would just buy online.

Any direction? or is this find hopeless?
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don't hate

is anyone here going to see stephen malkmus at the crystal ballroom next week? would anyone be interested in having a new friend tag along or want to meet up and go?

(by the way, i'm new here. HI! just moved from MS to portland. 25, queer jew, music freak, yadda yadda. howdy.)

Quizzy is fun!

Every Thursday Quizzy, a FREE team trivia contest, is held at Billy Ray's Neighborhood Dive. It starts around 7. It's hosted by Roy, who is lovable for his detailed knowledge of Philly, his eclectic taste in music (played between grading breaks), and his acerbic wit. Teams are limited to six members, tipping the bartender and Quizzy is appreciated. 4 rounds, 10 questions each, with a theme round and weekly doubles.

I am posting this because I have been going for a while and attendance is down - brings more peeps!

Quizzy @ Billy Ray's
Thursdays at around 7
2216 NE M L King Blvd
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 287-7254
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PDX Pop Now! 2007 compilation

Hey there Portland band person!

PDX Pop Now! (best known for the free, three-day, all-ages Portland music festival that happens in the summer) is now accepting submissions for the 2007 compilation!  You can find out the specifics at http://www.pdxpopnow.com/, but I think the most important thing to emphasize that even though there's "pop" in the title, PDX Pop Now! wants all kinds of music that is representative of what Portland has to offer, whether that be pop, metal, country, classical, electronic, etc.

Go do now yeah!  You have until 03/05/07.

About the organization:  PDX Pop Now! is dedicated to stimulating and expanding participation in Portland music.  As an all-volunteer organization committed to being accessible, current, and local, we provide and support live performances and recorded materials.  We aspire to advance a sustainable community which values inclusivity and a high caliber of artistry to enable a creative dialogue between artist and audience.

Classic limo services

We are getting married in March and want to rent a classic car or limo for transportation. Does anyone know of a reliable service in Portland? Since we have started looking all we have found are horror stories... and no such luck in the classic car part.

So what we are looking for is a good limo service... or a classic car rental with driver. Thank you!
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The Worse Service Ever

Okay maybe not for ever, but for us it set a new low.

We took our kids to the local dive, known around here as Shari's. It has been a while and we used to go there regularly, back when we were kidless and didn't care too much about what we ate or about good food.

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rentals don't say CL

Looking for a new place to call home. Must fit two people. Two people who are used to no privacy and being joint at the hip but would appreicate something private and with space so we can be close but far, ya dig?

I have been looking at craigslist, other stuff. Tommorow we are going out to check out places.

My last apt I didn't find on CL and it was the best. I was irresponsible and got evicted. So basically this place will be in the boyfriends name and his mom will be paying for it, especially since no one knows how long I can truely stick around so even he takes that into account when looking for a new place, you know the whole my girlfriend could ditch me and skip state any day but I'd still love to live with her kind of guy really rocks.

Anyways. We would love a basement because he is in school for music, and practices often. A apt complex where you can call your neighbor instead of the complex if it gets to loud kind of place owuld be cool too. That's how my last place was. I'd have him move back into my old Apt but they raised the rent yet again after I left AND I got evicted from there so they might like notice me or something.

Oh yeah. Just so I can put in the specifics although this stuff is optional. I'd like to be close to PCC Sylvania. Anything that is totally boring with no character is out. I live in Portland now I want some weird character to my place.

Any leads? Maybe a place you used to live? A place a friend lives? A good apartment management company that has a good website.

Oh I like downtown too like SW downtown, I like inner. NO 'BUrbs.... well I'd go with Tigard if it absoultly had to be out of Portland.
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Start Making A Reader Today

If anyone has an hour a week to spare, please look into volunteering for SMART http://www.getsmartoregon.org/ I am a volunteer and it's a lot of fun! But a lot of people have been leaving, so there are a lot of kids that need to be read to and aren't getting the help they need. I volunteer at Arleta Elementary in SE Portland, but there are a lot of other schools, too. If you are interested in volunteering at Arleta, please contact me. And if you're interested in volunteering at a different school, please visit the website. So do a good thing and help a kid learn to read! It's only once a week for an hour!
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